In search of answers, a teenager temporarily assumes the life of her separated-at-birth identical twin, but then must continue the charade when her sister goes missing. Based on the books by Sara Shepard.

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  Episode #     Prod #      Air Date   Titles
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• Season 1

1      1-01      286018    15/Aug/11   Pilot  [Trailer]
2      1-02      2M5751    22/Aug/11   Being Sutton 
3      1-03      2M5752    29/Aug/11   Double Dibs 
4      1-04                05/Sep/11   Twinsense and Sensibility  [Trailer]
5      1-05      2M5754    12/Sep/11   Over Exposed 
6      1-06      2M5755    19/Sep/11   Bad Boys Break Hearts  [Trailer]
7      1-07      2M5756    26/Sep/11   Escape From Sutton Island  [Trailer]
8      1-08      2M5757    03/Oct/11   Never Have I Ever  [Trailer]
9      1-09      2M5758    10/Oct/11   Sex, Lies and Hard Knocks High  [Trailer]
10     1-10                17/Oct/11   East of Emma  [Trailer]
11     1-11                02/Jan/12   O Twin, Where Art Thou?  [Trailer]
12     1-12                09/Jan/12   When We Dead Awaken 
13     1-13                16/Jan/12   Pleased to Meet Me  [Trailer]
14     1-14                23/Jan/12   Black And White And Green All Over  [Trailer]
15     1-15                30/Jan/12   Dead Man Talking  [Trailer]
16     1-16                06/Feb/12   Reservation for Two  [Trailer]
17     1-17                13/Feb/12   No Country For Young Love  [Trailer]
18     1-18                20/Feb/12   Not Guilty As Charged  [Trailer]
19     1-19                27/Feb/12   Weekend Of Living Dangerously  [Trailer]
20     1-20                05/Mar/12   Unholy Matrimony  [Trailer]

• Season 2

21     2-01                08/Jan/13   The Revengers 
22     2-02                15/Jan/13   Cheat, Play, Love  [Trailer]
23     2-03                22/Jan/13   Advantage Sutton  [Trailer]
24     2-04                29/Jan/13   A Kiss Before Lying 
25     2-05                05/Feb/13   Much Ado About Everything 
26     2-06                12/Feb/13   Catch Her In The Lie 
27     2-07                19/Feb/13   Regrets Only 
28     2-08                26/Feb/13   Bride and Go Seek 
29     2-09                05/Mar/13   The Grave Truth 
30     2-10                12/Mar/13   To Lie For  [Recap]

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