6th Season 1997

  1. "Brand New Day"
    gs: Peter Savard [ Baker ]

    rc: Chelsea, Eric, Kate

    Sydney and Reilly die in the accident. Samantha does not face any criminal charges, but Craig vows revenge. Jennifer tries to provide Craig with emotional support. Amanda goes to New York and turns down the job she had begged her former boss, Eric Baines, to create for her. Peter and Taylor plan to get married, but Peter instead uses the ceremony to humiliate her and stress the fact that he knows she is not pregnant. Peter threatens Michael, who is unable to use his hands due to the attack. Michael's recommendation helps Matt get a job at an AIDS clinic. Matt and Chelsea move to San Francisco. Dr. Brett Cooper visits Kimberly's grave and promises to get even with Michael. He takes a job at Wilshire Memorial and moves into Matt's old apartment.

    b: 8 Sep 97 pc: 2397158 w: Frank South d: Frank South

    NOTE: This is Doug Savant's final episode. Alyssa Milano becomes an official cast member, and Linden Ashby joins the cast as Dr. Brett Cooper. In early 1998, Savant married Laura Leighton.
  2. "Trojan Stork"
    gs: Dennis J. Lau [ Anesthesiologist ]

    musical guest: Abraham Laboriel

    rc: Nurse Amy

    After Kyle overhears Taylor and Peter arguing about her "pregnancy," Taylor tells Kyle that the baby is his. Michael agrees to arrange a sperm donation. Megan forces Michael and Peter to agree to a truce. Jennifer sleeps with Craig. He later rejects her and says that he only slept with her out of loneliness. Billy asks Amanda to help overthrow Craig and start her own agency. Craig lays in wait outside the building and plans to run over Samantha, but is unable to go through with it.

    b: 15 Sep 97 pc: 2397159 w: Charles Pratt Jr. d: Charles Correll
  3. "No Time for Sperm Banks"
    gs: Roxanna Brusso [ Melanie ], Dan Fischer [ Peter's Accountant ], James Ingersoll [ Contractor ]

    rc: Eric, Dr. Visconti

    Peter is outraged when Michael makes Brett (Coop) a partner without consulting him. Peter and Brett later bond as they discuss ex-wives. Michael and Megan attend counseling, and are told to go 48 hours without lying. Taylor forces Michael to become her "donor" when she cannot gain access to a sperm bank. Megan learns that Brett may be connected to Kimberly. Craig tries to make peace with Billy, then discovers that Billy is trying to destroy his agency. Amanda refuses Peter's help, but receives financing from Eric.

    b: 22 Sep 97 pc: 2397160 w: Carol Mendelsohn d: Jefferson Kibbee
  4. "The Doctor Is In…Deep"
    gs: Francois Chau [ Unknown ], Larry Braman [ Hotel Bartender ], Steve Traitt [ Bellman ], Billy Casper [ Delivery Man ], Karen Ann Welch [ Hotel Clerk ]

    rc: Eric, Mrs. Shaw

    Craig's ad agency collapses after Eric pressures his investors. Kyle accuses Amanda of being insensitive to Craig's situation. She offers Craig a job, which he rejects. Billy nearly proposes to Samantha, but backs off. When Sam says that she wants to marry him, he declares that he is not ready for marriage. She leaves him. Kyle is annoyed when Eric decides to move to Los Angeles. Michael accompanies Peter to a medical conference in Santa Barbara to escape Taylor's demands that he "service" her. He is left completely exhausted when both Taylor and a suddenly conciliatory Megan show up at his hotel. Brett's ex-wife, Lexi, comes to town to discuss their financial arrangement. She and Peter are instantly drawn to each other. Taylor is certain that Michael has gotten her pregnant. Mrs. Shaw warns Brett to stay away from Michael, but Brett says that he is developing a plan to ruin him.

    b: 29 Sep 97 pc: 2397161 w: James Kahn d: Anson Williams

    NOTE: Jamie Luner joins the cast as Lexi Sterling.
  5. "Desperately Seeking Samantha"
    gs: John Wesley [ Ernie ]

    rc: Eric, Kate, Mr. Andrews

    Megan catches Michael and Taylor together. Kyle demands a paternity test. Amanda confronts Eric about his intentions toward her. Eric comes to Megan's defense when Michael accosts her at the restaurant. Sydney's father comes to visit Craig, only to find a half-naked Jennifer in his apartment. Jennifer arranges a reconciliation between the two. Mr. Andrews gives all of Syd's life insurance money to Craig, who decides to live a life of leisure. Billy shows up in Sam's Maryland hometown and tries to convince her to come home with him. Her mother threatens him with a shotgun when he refuses to leave Sam alone.

    b: 20 Oct 97 pc: 2397162 w: Neil Landau d: Chip Chalmers
  6. "The Light at the End of the Tumble"

    rc: Eric, Kate

    Michael is jealous when Eric begins pursuing Megan. Kyle and Taylor lose the lease on their Boston restaurant. Taylor learns that she is not pregnant. She slips and falls down the stairs at the jazz club during an argument with Amanda. Michael tells Kyle that Taylor lost the baby. A guilt-ridden Amanda urges Kyle to spend time with Taylor. Michael steals an idea for a cauterizing glove from Brett. Michael and Jennifer stop Craig from leaving on a cruise, and convince him to finance the project. Lexi tells Peter that Brett fell in love with Kimberly while she was in a coma, and later had an affair with her. Peter snoops through Brett's files to help Lexi's case in the divorce. Samantha follows Billy back to Los Angeles. He gives her a job at Amanda's agency, and she and Billy get engaged.

    b: 27 Oct 97 pc: 2397163 w: Cynthia J. Cohen d: Charles Correll
  7. "Secrets and Wives"
    gs: Willie Garson [ Dr. Mosley ], Linda Biseti [ Lexi's Lawyer ], Stephen James Carver [ Coop's Lawyer ], Tom Simmons [ Mr. Pierson ], Chuck Sloan [ Mr. Bender ], Paul Morgan Stetler [ Executive Volunteer ], Charles Walker [ Judge Purdy ]

    rc: Eric, Mrs. Shaw

    Kyle and Taylor learn that the same company that took their Boston restaurant has bought the building that houses Kyle's and the jazz club. They investigate, but are unable to prove that Eric is responsible. Eric agrees to serve as Megan's mentor, but states that he holds no romantic interest in her. Amanda goads Eric into admitting his feelings for her, then tells him that she doesn't feel the same way. He vows to destroy her. Michael's partnership with Craig falls through. Jen sabotages the cauterizer so that all of Michael's other investors will lose interest. Brett believes that Michael is to blame when Lexi's lawyers get a hold of his financial records. Mrs. Shaw pays Brett a surprise visit. Peter is distraught to learn that Lexi plans to return to Ohio. He professes his love in the courtyard, much to Brett's surprise.

    b: 3 Nov 97 pc: 2397164 w: Antoinette Stella d: Jefferson Kibbee
  8. "A Shot in the Dark"
    gs: Monica Allison [ Dr. Dee Johnson ], Arminne Austen [ Dress Shop Saleswoman ], Bill Ferrell [ County Jail Guard ], Steve Ireland [ Doctor #2 ], Curtis Peek [ Doctor #1 ]

    musical guest: Diana Krall

    rc: Eric, Mrs. Shaw

    Eric agrees to cease his takeover of the restaurant and jazz club if Amanda sleeps with him. Megan quits her job after learning of the offer. She shares the news with Taylor, who tries to blackmail Amanda into going through with it. Someone torments Michael by planting items that belonged to Kimberly around his home and office. Peter and Lexi tell him about Brett's relationship with Kimberly. Michael confronts Brett, who is arrested for punching him. Michael's stalker fires shots at him at the beach house. Craig gives Jennifer a car as a reward for her success in promoting the cauterizer at a medical supplies convention. Lexi hides a pill addiction from Peter. Sam demands an expensive wedding dress.

    b: 10 Nov 97 pc: 2397165 w: Frank South d: Anson Williams
  9. "Attack of the Scalpel Woman"
    gs: Claudette Wells [ Dr. Hayden ], Hope Allen [ Ms. Lindstrom ], Betsy Monroe [ Stripper ]

    rc: Eric, Connie, Mrs. Shaw, Nurse Amy, Nurse Lynn

    Brett learns that Mrs. Shaw tried to shoot Michael. He threatens to turn her in unless she returns to Cleveland and checks into a sanitarium. Michael and Megan catch them at the airport, but Michael agrees to Brett's plan. Mrs. Shaw escapes during a stopover and returns to Los Angeles. She slips into an operating room and tries to attack Michael with a scalpel. Megan tackles her and is slashed in the stomach. She has complications during surgery and lapses into a coma. Brett holds a bedside vigil. Eric decides to seize control of Amanda's agency. She finally gives in and agrees to sleep with him. Taylor tells Kyle, who breaks into the hotel room and throws Eric through a glass door. He will only keep him from falling off the balcony if he says that he didn't sleep with Amanda. Lexi falls apart when she runs out of pills. Brett agrees to refill her prescription. Craig and Billy bond on a bowling date with Sam and Jennifer. Billy asks Craig to be his best man. Craig loses Jennifer by sleeping with the assistant hotel manager after Billy's bachelor party. Samantha's best friend Connie arrives to be her maid of honor, but seems to have a chip on her shoulder.

    b: 17 Nov 97 pc: 2397166 w: Charles Pratt Jr. d: Chip Chalmers
  10. "My Little Coma Girl"
    gs: Shane Imburgia [ Richie ], Robert Standley [ Dr. Edward Newman ], Joe Tab [ Tailor ], Victor Tomasino [ Wedding Guest ]

    rc: Eric, Connie, Mrs. Campbell, Dr. Shulman

    Kyle finally saves Eric after he admits that he didn't sleep with Amanda. Kyle rejects Amanda's reconciliation attempt, as he feels he can no longer trust her. Eric returns all of the businesses so that Kyle will believe that he slept with Amanda after all. Kyle punches out Eric before he can leave town, then gets drunk and sleeps with Taylor. Michael interrupts Brett's vigil for Megan, and takes the credit when she recovers. Craig pines for Jennifer. Samantha gets into an argument with Billy's mother before the wedding. Billy and Sam patch things up after exchanging vows. Brett tips off Peter about Lexi's pill addiction.

    b: 24 Nov 97 pc: 2397167 w: Carol Mendelsohn d: Charles Correll
  11. "Everybody Comes to Kyle's"
    gs: Steve Bernie [ Ray ]

    rc: Connie

    Taylor tricks Amanda into surrendering her share of the jazz club. Megan learns that Brett cared for her during the coma, while Michael focused on his career. Lexi decides to enter the interior decorating business. She is distraught when her first job (at Field/Mancini) goes by the wayside when Brett sues Michael for stealing his invention. Lexi hits something with her car while under the influence of pills. Peter discovers blood on the bumper. Craig refuses to make a commitment to Jennifer, but she decides to accept a casual relationship. Connie takes a temporary job at Amanda Woodward Advertising. Sam is called away from her honeymoon to take a business trip, and Connie tries to create friction between Billy and her.

    b: 1 Dec 97 pc: 2397168 w: James Kahn d: Jefferson Kibbee
  12. "A Bump in the Night"
    gs: Michael Francis Clarke [ Ryan ], Steve Eastin [ Smith ], Ben Lemon [ Unknown ], David A. Brooks [ Baker ], Renee Altieri [ Photographer ]

    rc: Connie, Bob

    Peter learns that Lexi's car struck a homeless man named Bob Matthews. Peter arranges for Bob to receive free treatment, and ships him off to a rehab hospital. Lexi discovers Peter's cover-up. She wishes to turn herself in, but Peter dissuades her. Jennifer overhears their conversation. Megan invites Brett to dinner to thank him for nursing her back to health. Brett provides Craig with proof that Michael stole his invention. Michael convinces Jennifer that Brett's sketches are forgeries, and persuades her to steal them. Taylor becomes concerned by Kyle's drinking problem. Connie is hired as Sam's new assistant. Billy is irritated by her behavior, although Samantha claims she is harmless.

    b: 15 Dec 97 pc: 2397169 w: Cynthia J. Cohen d: Charles Correll
  13. "A Tree Talks in Melrose"
    gs: Myles Abrey [ Process Server ], Daniel Guzman [ Limo Driver ], Eamonn Hunt [ Mr. Miller ], Chad Weatherford [ Delivery Man ], Roger Nehls [ Young Guy ]

    musical guest: Jon Secada

    rc: Connie

    Michael pulls out all the stops in an attempt to win back Megan. Brett fears that his plan is succeeding when Megan decides not to serve Michael with divorce papers until after Christmas. He arranges for the papers to be delivered on Christmas Eve. Jennifer blackmails Lexi into freeing Brett of his alimony obligations, then gets him to hand over his "forged" sketches of the cauterizer. A panicked Lexi overdoses. Jennifer severs her ties with Michael after learning that he did steal the idea for the invention. Taylor convinces longtime friend Jon Secada to perform a Christmas Eve concert to help make a balloon payment. After Kyle passes out drunk with the evening's proceeds beside him, Taylor hides the cash. She pretends that it was stolen, then talks Kyle into coming to Las Vegas with her to win back the money. Billy is forced to decorate with Connie when Sam has to work late. Connie constantly tries to undermine him, and makes a pass at him. Sam takes Connie's side when Billy orders her to leave.

    b: 22 Dec 97 pc: 2397170 w: Antoinette Stella d: Thomas Calabro
  14. "To Kill a Whirlybird"
    gs: Joe Lala [ Unknown ], Julie Lauren [ Charlie ], Julie Araskog [ Alice Jenkins ], Keith Barber [ Vince ], Mary Major [ TV Reporter ], George C. Simms [ Lawyer ], James R. Sweeney [ Chairman of the Board ]

    rc: Connie, Bob, Dr. Shulman

    Michael is forced to turn over his share of the cauterizing glove company to Brett. He threatens to use his clout as chief-of-staff to have the company blackballed. Brett sends Michael notes on Dr. Shulman's stationery so that he will make unwanted romantic advances toward her. Peter goes along with the plan, and Michael is stripped of his title. Megan's relationship with Brett escalates after he assures her that he is not using her to get back at Michael. Taylor pulls out the $25,000 and convinces Kyle that she won it at the casino. They sleep together. A drunken Billy kisses Connie, who immediately phones the out-of-town Sam. A woman named Charlie stops by the apartments and tells Billy that Connie is her ex-girlfriend. She explains that Connie is scheming to win Samantha away from Billy. Amanda and Sam are involved in a helicopter crash. They are left stranded in the wilderness, as Amanda struggles to survive. Bob re-surfaces at Peter and Lexi's house. Lexi insists on easing her guilt by giving him a job and a place to stay.

    b: 5 Jan 98 pc: 2397171 w: Frank South d: Charles Correll
  15. "Amanda's Back"
    gs: Paul Terrell Clayton [ Gas Station Mechanic ], David Permenter [ Paramedic ], Celeste Varnall [ Mrs. Huntington ], Jim Beaver [ Unknown ], Scott Getlin [ Unknown ]

    rc: Connie, Bob, Amber

    Kyle and Billy accompany the rescue team into the woods and find Amanda and Samantha. Amanda has suffered a broken back. She reconciles with Kyle. Billy convinces Connie to tell Sam that she is in love with her. Connie apologizes for her actions, and Sam asks her to keep in touch. Peter and Megan lash out at Brett when he suggests that Michael be ousted from the practice. Michael falls for a stripper, Amber. Bob develops a crush on Lexi. He later realizes that she is the person who hit him with her car. Jennifer is disgusted that Craig thinks of her as his "emotional leftovers."

    b: 12 Jan 98 pc: 2397172 w: James Kahn d: Charles Correll
  16. "Kyle of the Desert"

    rc: Nick, Bob, Amber, Christine, Sterling, Nurse Lynn

    Kyle experiences nightmares about Christine, a lover who died in the Gulf War. Taylor snoops through Kyle's foot locker after Amanda asks her about Christine. Peter warns Kyle that Amanda is trying to have herself transferred to a rehab hospital. Kyle and Amanda get engaged. Taylor calls Nick in search of information about Christine, but he refuses to help. Bob threatens to go to the police unless Peter breaks up with Lexi. Peter pretends that he still has a thing for Amanda, and Lexi slaps him. Lexi manipulates Bob into clearing her of all charges, then reveals that she and Peter had only pretended to break up. They pay off Bob. Lexi's father arrives, and instantly dislikes Peter. Megan and Jen are wary of Michael's relationship with Amber. Amber breaks up with Michael after he insults her, but later agrees to move in with him.

    b: 19 Jan 98 pc: 2397173 w: Charles Pratt Jr. d: Charles Pratt Jr.

    NOTE: David Charvet does not appear in this episode. Susan Walters (Christine) is married to Linden Ashby.
  17. "Coop de Grace"
    gs: Willie Garson [ Dr. Mosley ], Wayne Wilderson [ Unknown ]

    musical guest: Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

    rc: Nick, Mario, Amber, Christine, Sterling, Jeff

    Taylor visits Nick in Dallas. Even after they sleep together, he is unwilling to tell her anything about Christine. She convinces him to help her break up Kyle and Amanda by telling him about the jazz club (which Nick had always dreamed of opening with Kyle), and how pathetic Kyle has become. Nick says that Christine didn't immediately die of her injuries, but convinced him to tell Kyle she was dead so that he would move on. Michael is ousted from the practice after Amber gets drunk and embarrasses him at a company function. Megan breaks up with Brett, who had provided Amber with the liquor. Michael throws Amber out, and she responds by cleaning out his house. Lexi's father continues to put down Peter and compare him to Brett. He gives Lexi a job managing one of his companies. Billy and Samantha try to convince a hot baseball prospect named Jeff Baylor to become a spokesman for one of their clients. Jennifer learns that Craig has instituted potentially deadly cost-cutting moves at the cauterizer company. Brett fires Craig, who attacks Jennifer. Billy helps her chase him away. Craig steals Jennifer's car at gunpoint and drives to the desert. He declares that he couldn't live without Sydney, and commits suicide.

    b: 26 Jan 98 pc: 2397174 w: Chip Hayes d: Chip Hayes

    NOTE: This is David Charvet's final episode.

    The AWA client reports that every major league team is looking to sign Jeff Baylor after his contract runs out. However, most minor league baseball teams are affiliates of the major league clubs, so Jeff would probably already be under contract with one of them. There are rare exceptions of a hot prospect playing for an independent team, such as when Florida State standout J.D. Drew refused to sign with Philadelphia and played for the independent St. Paul Saints for a season before re-entering the amateur draft and signing with St. Louis.

  18. "Mama Mia"
    gs: James Biberi [ Detective Hillman ], Scott Kloes [ Police Officer ], Joe Ochman [ Jeff's Lawyer ], Anna Marraro [ Stripper ], Charley Rossman [ Strip Club Manager ]

    musical guest: Don Grusin

    rc: Tiffany, Sterling, Jeff, Mia

    Jennifer warns Michael that their mother, Mia, is coming for a visit. Jen has given her the impression that she is engaged to Craig. Michael is arrested for causing a scene at the strip club while searching for Amber. Jennifer is forced to turn to Mia for bail money. Mia mistakenly believes that Billy is Craig, but he refuses to play along. The police inform Jennifer that Craig has killed himself. Billy becomes depressed by the connection between Samantha and Jeff. He gets drunk, and agrees to pose as Craig. Jeff kisses Samantha, and Billy and Jen lock lips after he gets a little too caught up in the charade. Taylor tells Kyle that Christine is alive, and gives him a letter that Christine had supposedly written to him back in Boston. Amanda convinces Kyle to visit Christine in New Mexico, and he asks her to tag along. Sterling makes Lexi and Brett business partners.

    b: 2 Feb 98 pc: 2397175 w: Carol Mendelsohn d: Thomas Calabro
  19. "Last Train to Baghdad (1)"
    gs: Zale Kessler [ Andy ], Gregory White [ Patron #2 ], Richard Voights [ Patron #1 ], Sandra Bush [ Hostess ]

    musical guest: Tuck & Patti

    rc: Tiffany, Sterling, Jeff, Mia, Spider, Nurse Dena

    Christine tells Kyle to move on with his life. She declines Amanda's wedding invitation, but later has a change of heart and comes to Los Angeles. Peter shows up in Sterling's hotel room with a tape recorder in the hopes of proving that Sterling is to blame for their rift. Lexi's father collapses during the argument and later dies. Megan is jealous when Brett comforts Lexi. A gunshot victim named Spider convinces Michael that he can get rich by starting a clinic in the man's neighborhood. Michael persuades his family to invest money in the venture. Billy continues to pose as Craig, but Jennifer is forced to tell Mia the "truth" after she catches Billy with Samantha.

    b: 9 Feb 98 pc: 2397176A w: James Kahn and Frank South d: Anson Williams
  20. "Last Train to Baghdad (2)"
    gs: Cristos [ Thug #2 ], Tom McComas [ Thug #1 ], Elizabeth Low [ Ashley ]

    rc: Nick, Tiffany, Jeff, Mia, Spider, Nurse Amy, Nurse Lynn

    Kyle does not show for the wedding after discovering a suicide note from Christine. He finds her car parked on the railroad tracks, and pulls her to safety. Amanda postpones the ceremony until Kyle has resolved the situation. Christine receives a special visit from Nick in the hospital. Lexi refuses to speak to Peter after hearing the recording of his argument with her father. Spider agrees to provide Michael with "protection" if he treats his injured friends without reporting them to the authorities. Jennifer offers Billy a sympathetic ear, and advises Sam to escalate her flirtation with Jeff.

    b: 9 Feb 98 pc: 2397176B w: James Kahn and Frank South d: Anson Williams
  21. "A Swing and a Mrs."
    gs: Jean St. James [ Dance Instructor ], Jeff Fischer [ Gus ]

    musical guest: Lisa Fischer

    rc: Nick, Tiffany, Jeff, Spider, Jordan

    Christine tries to back out of Nick's scam because she doesn't feel Kyle deserves such treatment. Taylor threatens her when she tries to leave town. Peter proves that he is not responsible for the death of Lexi's father, as Sterling had a pre-existing medical condition. Lexi still refuses to take him back. Brett fears that he is losing Megan to Michael. He asks Megan to move in with him. Brett learns he will inherit ten million dollars from Sterling if he remarries Lexi within a year. Billy works on a campaign for a dance studio. He tries to shake Jennifer of her romantic notions about ballroom dancing by taking her to a lesson. Samantha agonizes over the fact that Jeff is about to leave for spring training. She follows Jennifer's advice by sleeping with him. Billy dances with Jennifer after the dance studio's photo shoot, and they end up kissing.

    b: 16 Feb 98 pc: 2397177 w: Antoinette Stella and Cynthia J. Cohen d: Jefferson Kibbee
  22. "Blunt Drama"
    gs: Sal Lopez [ Father Maldonado ], Brendan McKane [ Minister ], Kenneth White [ Detective ]

    musical guest: Earl Klugh

    rc: Nick, Tiffany, Jeff, Spider, Nurse Dena

    Taylor and Nick order Christine to display signs of suicidal behavior so that Peter will check her into the hospital. However, Peter suggests that Kyle stay away from Christine, and orders him to marry Amanda. Taylor forces Christine to write a letter claiming that she slept with Kyle. Amanda realizes that Christine is lying, and dares her to kill herself. Nick and Taylor bust Christine out of the hospital in the hopes of breaking up the wedding. Christine escapes from the duo, and says that she will tell Kyle and Amanda that she is an impostor. Nick accidentally trips her. She hits her head on the bumper of Kyle's car and is killed instantly. Jeff refuses to report to spring training after Sam rejects him. When he suffers a serious knee injury and comes home, a guilt-ridden Samantha returns to him. The attraction between Billy and Jennifer continues to grow. Spider is killed in a shootout, and leaves Michael a key to a locker filled with cash. Megan talks Michael into donating the money to a church.

    b: 23 Feb 98 pc: 2397178 w: Charles Pratt Jr. d: Harvey Frost
  23. "A Christine Runs Through It"
    gs: Hugh Ross [ Bellman ], Alan Woolf [ Motel Manager ], Dena Burton [ Hotel Clerk ], Frank DiPaola [ Detective ]

    rc: Nick, Tiffany, Jeff

    Nick and a panicked Taylor send Amanda a note at the hotel where she and Kyle are honeymooning and lead her to believe that Christine is going to commit suicide. They leave "Christine"'s body on the train tracks, and Kyle and Amanda arrive in time to see her hit by the train. Amanda is wracked with guilt, and pushes Kyle away. Nick tells Taylor that the Christine impostor was Tiffany Hart, a former lover who had been injured in a car accident with a drunken Nick behind the wheel. Nick fears that Taylor is going to turn herself in, so he tries to kill her. He is interrupted by Michael, who treats Taylor at his clinic. He convinces Nick that Taylor has died. Samantha asks Jennifer to accompany Billy to an awards dinner so that she can have a getaway with Jeff. Jennifer and Billy sleep together after the dinner. Brett tells Peter about the inheritance, and suggests that Peter help eliminate temptation by reuniting with Lexi. Lexi admits that she misses Peter and takes him back.

    b: 2 Mar 98 pc: 2397179 w: Carol Mendelsohn d: Charles Correll
  24. "Too Romantic for Words"

    musical guest: Tom Scott

    rc: Mario, Jeff

    Billy dedicates himself to making his marriage work, although he is still drawn to Jennifer. Sam is shocked by Jeff's impromptu marriage proposal. Taylor hides out at the beach house until Michael ensures that Nick has left town. Nick sends Kyle a note apologizing for Taylor's death. She laughs it off. Kyle (with Jen's help) discovers that "Christine" was in contact with Nick. Amanda refuses to have anything to do with Kyle. She seeks Peter's advice and creates a rift between Peter and Lexi, who have just moved into a new condo. Peter bails on a dinner with Amanda and returns home to apologize to Lexi. Brett suggests that he and Megan get away from their ex-spouses and make a fresh start. He reveals that he is in the running for a position at a research hospital in Philadelphia.

    b: 9 Mar 98 pc: 2397180 w: Frank South d: Chip Chalmers
  25. "Four Affairs and a Pregnancy"
    gs: Sal Lopez [ Father Maldonado ], Scott Trost [ Doug Baylor ], Kent Burnham [ Stable Boy ], Mimi Cozzens [ Mrs. Baylor ], Annie LaRussa [ Landlady ], Thom McFadden [ Hotel Manager ], David Novak [ Maitre D' ]

    musical guest: Jim Brickman

    rc: Jeff, Rory, Dr. Larner

    Sam is put off when Billy begins smothering her with attention. She attends a family reunion with Jeff, and is furious to learn that his family believes they are engaged. Samantha returns home and spies Jennifer and Billy kissing. She promptly seduces Billy. Kyle is outraged when Amanda begins dating Lexi's sleazy friend Rory Blake. Taylor learns that she is pregnant. Kyle romances Taylor in the hopes of pumping her for information about Christine's return. Michael plans to torch his failing clinic for the insurance money, but Megan persuades the priest who received Michael's donation to purchase the facility. Michael is annoyed when Jennifer ensures that all investors receive their money back. Megan says that she is willing to move to Philadelphia with Brett. Michael tries to sabotage Brett's chances by telling the doctor who is interviewing him half-truths about his past. He claims that Megan is still a hooker.

    b: 16 Mar 98 pc: 2397181 w: James Kahn d: Jefferson Kibbee
  26. "M.P. Confidential"
    gs: Kelly Ann McCarthy [ Nurse Gail ]

    rc: Jeff, Rory, Dr. Visconti, Dr. Larner

    Jennifer tries to help Jeff win back Samantha. Sam rejects him, but is jealous when she sees Jen having dinner with Jeff. She confronts Jennifer in the bathroom. Billy tells Jennifer that he wants to be with her, and no longer trusts Samantha. Jennifer discovers that Taylor is pregnant. Kyle pays Michael to give him the results of the paternity test. Michael is the father, but he tells Taylor that it is Nick. Amanda invests money with Rory and later sleeps with him. Michael sues the practice. Peter doesn't want to face the suit alone, so Lexi tries to goad Brett into staying. Peter submits to counseling after attacking Michael. Brett and Megan fly to Philadelphia for his interview. Dr. Larner, the man in charge of the interview, tells Megan that he will only recommend Brett for the job if she sleeps with him.

    b: 30 Mar 98 pc: 2397182 w: Charles Pratt Jr. d: Robert J. Metoyer
  27. "The Nasty Minded Professor"
    gs: Rebecca Balding [ Nora Larner ], Steve Nevil [ Dr. Miller ]

    rc: Jeff, Rory, Julie, Dr. Larner

    Samantha takes back Jeff after learning that his knee injury has ended his career. Amanda catches Billy and Jennifer making out at the jazz club, and drops hints about Sam's affair. Billy shows up at a little league game where Jeff is coaching, and sees Sam kiss him. He punches Jeff, and Sam is knocked unconscious during the scuffle. She lets Billy take her home from the hospital, but he refuses to talk to her. Taylor tells Kyle that he is the father of her baby. Amanda learns about the pregnancy, and Michael claims that Kyle is the father. Amanda goads Kyle into signing divorce papers, as she plans to get a quickie divorce in the Dominican Republic. Rory asks Amanda to marry him. Megan and Brett get engaged. Dr. Larner attacks Megan, but Brett comes to the rescue. Larner's wife tells Megan that her husband is influential, and that Brett is being asked to choose between the job and Megan. Megan tries to leave Philadelphia, but Brett stops her and says he rejected the job. Lexi becomes fed up with Peter. Peter goes to an isolated cabin to clear his head, but Michael follows him. They are left stranded in the woods. Peter suffers a knee injury, and is forced to let Michael back into the practice when he leads him to safety.

    b: 30 Mar 98 pc: 2397183 w: Chip Hayes d: Charles Correll

    NOTE: The remaining seven episodes of this season were held off until summer. Fox passed them off as part of the seventh season, even though they had been produced for season six.

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