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Mike Hammer (1958)

(a Titles & Air Dates Guide)
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This was the first successful TV adaptation of Mickey Spillane's detective stories about the iconic hard-boiled, two-fisted private eye.
Show Details:
Start date: Jan 1958
End date: Sep 1959
Status: cancelled/ended
Network(s): syndicated (US)
Run time: 30 min
Episodes: 78 eps
Genre(s): Crime/Mystery, Drama
Episode list & details from:  TVmaze •  TV.com
Episode # Prod Code Original
Air Date
Season 1
1.1- 1 7 Jan 58The High Cost of Dying
2.1- 21402A14 Jan 58Just Around the Coroner
3.1- 31403A21 Jan 58Hot Hands, Cold Dice
4.1- 41404A28 Jan 58Death Gets a Diploma
5.1- 51405A11 Feb 58So That's Who It Was
6.1- 618 Feb 58Dead Men Don't Dream
7.1- 71407A25 Feb 58Letter Edged in Blackmail
8.1- 81408A 7 Mar 58Death Takes an Encore
9.1- 91409A14 Mar 58Lead Ache
10.1-101410A21 Mar 58Overdose of Lead
11.1-111411A28 Mar 58A Grave Undertaking
12.1-121412A 4 Apr 58A Shot in the Arm
13.1-131413A11 Apr 58Stay Out of Town
14.1-141414A18 Apr 58Beautiful, Blue and Deadly
15.1-151415A25 Apr 58Skinned Deep
16.1-161416A 2 May 58Peace Bond
17.1-171417A 9 May 58Play Belles' Toll
18.1-181418A16 May 58For Sale: Deathbed--Used
19.1-191419A23 May 58Music to Die By
20.1-201420A30 May 58My Fair Deadly
21.1-211421A 7 Jun 58The New Look
22.1-221422A14 Jun 58The Broken Frame
23.1-231423A21 Jun 58Look at the Old Man Go
24.1-241424A28 Jun 58The Paper Shroud
25.1-251425A 5 Jul 58My Son and Heir
26.1-261426A12 Jul 58Final Curtain
27.1-271427A19 Jul 58A Detective Tail
28.1-281428A26 Jul 58It's an Art
29.1-291429A 2 Aug 58Four Blind Mice
30.1-301430A12 Oct 58Scar and Garter
31.1-311431A 9 Aug 58No Pockets in a Shroud
32.1-321432A16 Aug 58The Living Dead
33.1-331433A23 Aug 58Old Folks at Home Blues
34.1-341434A30 Aug 58No Business Like-----
35.1-351435A 7 Sep 58Crepe for Suzette
36.1-361436A14 Sep 58Letter of the Weak
37.1-371437A21 Sep 58That School Girl Complex
38.1-381438A28 Sep 58To Bury a Friend
39.1-391439A 5 Oct 58Mere Maid
Season 2
40.2- 1 9 Jan 59Accentuate the Negative
41.2- 21441A15 Jan 59Requiem for a Sucker
42.2- 31442A 7 Feb 59I Ain't Talkin'
45.2- 61445A 2 Jan 59Baubles, Bangles and Blood
46.2- 71446A28 Feb 59Husbands Are Bad Luck
46.2- 71443A14 Feb 59The Big Drop
47.2- 81447A30 Jan 59Jury of One
47.2- 81444A21 Feb 59Aces and Eights
48.2- 91448A 2 Apr 59Park the Body
49.2-10 9 Apr 59Tattoo Brute
50.2-11 6 Mar 59Coney Island Baby
51.2-1223 Jan 59According to Luke
52.2-1320 Mar 59Save Me in San Salvador
53.2-1430 Apr 59The Last Aloha
54.2-1523 Apr 59Swing Low, Sweet Harriet
55.2-1623 Apr 59Another Man's Poisson
56.2-1723 Apr 59A Haze on the Lake
57.2-1823 Apr 59When I Am Dead, My Darling
58.2-19 7 Aug 59Stocks and Blondes
59.2-20 8 May 59Evidence on the Record
60.2-21 1 May 59Shoot Before You Look
61.2-2228 May 59The Commodore
62.2-23 4 Jun 59See No Evil
63.2-24 4 Jun 59Curtains for an Angel
64.2-25 4 Jun 59Dixie Is Dead
65.2-26 4 Jun 59M Is for Mother
66.2-27 7 Jul 59Pen Pals
67.2-28 7 Jul 59Now Die in It
68.2-29 7 Jul 59Slay Upon Delivery
69.2-30 7 Jul 59Groomed to Kill
70.2-31 7 Jul 59Doll Trouble
71.2-32 7 Jul 59I Remember Sally
72.2-33 7 Jul 59Wedding Mourning
73.2-34 7 Jul 59Merchant of Menace
74.2-35 3 Oct 59Bride and Doom
75.2-36 3 Oct 59Slab-Happy
76.2-37 3 Oct 59A Mugging Evening
77.2-3818 Sep 59Siamese Twinge
78.2-3918 Sep 59Goodbye, Al
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