6th Season 1985

  1. _"Blues in the Night"
    gs: Yaphet Kotto [ Calvin Matthias ], Eric Pierpoint [ Tom Hopper ], Anne Ramsay [ Unknown ], Billy Green Bush [ Bobby Angel ], Debi Richter [ Daryl Ann ], Dan Lauria [ Jim ], Rita Taggart [ Rosie ], Sue Giosa [ Unknown ], Lawrence Tierney [ Sgt. Jenkins ], Lynn Tufeld [ Unknown ], Alan Blumenfeld [ Unknown ], Joe Higgins [ Unknown ]

    Bates gets to know an art teacher; Coffey, Renko, LaRue and Washington bet on who can drive to work the fastest; Renko has to bust his favorite singer for cocaine possession; Goldblume is taken hostage by a militant on the edge of sanity bombarding his neighbors with a high decibel barrage of words.

    b: 26 Sep 85 pc: 5407 w: David Milch, Walon Green, Jacob Epstein s: Steven Bochco, David Milch, Barry Jay Kaplan d: Ben Bolt
  2. _"Hacked to Pieces"
    gs: Stuart Margolin [ Andy Sedita ], Rosalind Cash [ Leona Cleveland ], Stan Shaw [ Louis Russ ], Hilly Hicks [ Lee Cleveland ], Soon-Teck Oh [ Pak ], Charles Bouvier [ Unknown ], Norm Alden [ Art Eastland ], J.A. Preston [ Ozzie Cleveland ], Lee Garlington [ Unknown ]

    Belker goes undercover as a cabbie in a very volatile cab territory war; Hill and Renko try to cool down the resentment between a Korean grocer and his black neighbors; Mayor Cleveland's son is busted for drug possession; and Garibaldi is offered a deal to clear his mounting gambling debts.

    b: 3 Oct 85 pc: 5401 w: David Milch s: Jeffrey Lewis, David Milch d: Rick Wallace
  3. _"Seoul on Ice"
    gs: Stuart Margolin [ Andy Sedita ], Greg Mullavey [ Jerry McDonoghue ], J.A. Preston [ Ozzie Cleveland ], Mimi Kuzyk [ Patsy Mayo ], Joe Dorsey [ Anthony Garibaldi ], Marc Alaimo [ Gene Scapizzi ], Hilly Hicks [ Lee Cleveland ], Lee Garlington [ Unknown ]

    A runner trying to raise money for cancer research is victimized; Daniels asks Furillo to head up an internal investigation of corruption arising out of Keenan's death; Garibaldi's death shakes the station house; Lee Cleveland comes to the end of his rope; and Howard gets a shock from his latest love.

    b: 17 Oct 85 pc: 5402 w: Jeffrey Lewis, David Milch d: John Patterson
  4. _"In the Belly of the Bus"
    gs: Soon-Teck Oh [ Pak ], Stan Shaw [ Louis Russ ], Lee Garlington [ Unknown ], Marc Alaimo [ Gene Scapizzi ], Joe Dorsey [ Anthony Garibaldi ], Joan Sweeney [ Maureen Dolan ]

    Belker takes an unexpected bus ride to Springfield; Sid turns Louis Russ over to Buntz, which begins the unravelling of Keenan and Garibaldi's deaths; Jablonski tries to deal with an incompetent khaki officer; and Hunter makes a canine investment.

    b: 24 Oct 85 pc: 5403 w: Jeffrey Lewis, David Milch, Walon Green, Jacob Epstein s: Jeffrey Lewis, David Milch, Walon Green d: Alexander Singer
  5. _"Somewhere Over the Rambo"
    gs: Frank McCarthy [ Off. David Bauer ], Martin Ferrero [ Alan Bradford ], Elizabeth Huddle [ Prunella Ashton-Wilkes ], Shirley Jo Finney [ Lynnetta ], Larry D. Mann [ Judge Lee Oberman ], Arthur Taxier [ IAD Shipman ], Joan Sweeney [ Maureen Dolan ], Judith Hansen [ Celeste Patterson ], Marco Rodriguez [ Rico ], Todd Hollowell [ Derrick Yarborough ], Robert Riesel [ Fred Pearson ]

    Furillo's corruption commission delivers its findings and antagonizes Daniels, who is willing to sacrifice a night shift cop involved in an off duty shooting that has incited public opinion; Alan Branford returns as Rambo; and Buntz explores his duties as personnel officer.

    b: 31 Oct 85 pc: 5410 w: Jacob Epstein, Walon Green, Dick Wolf d: Stan Lathan
  6. _"Oh, You Kid"
    gs: Felton Perry [ Bobby Castro ], Alex MacArthur [ Brent ], Shirley Jo Finney [ Lynnetta ], Paul Drake [ Wendell Morrison ], Basil Hoffman [ Ed Greenglass ], Peter Van Norden [ Unknown ], Larry D. Mann [ Judge Lee Oberman ], Tegan West [ Teddy ], Ken Letner [ Unknown ]

    Buntz catches a mugger only to lose him when the victim won't press charges; a sculptor refuses to let anyone remove his obscene work of art; Lynnetta pushes Neal about commitment to her and her son with tragic results; Belker goes undercover to learn why so many vagrants have fallen from high buildings recently.

    b: 7 Nov 85 pc: 5408 w: Robert Ward d: John Hancock
  7. _"An Oy For an Oy"
    gs: Michael Lerner [ Meyer Rabinowitz ], Alex Henteloff [ Israel Rabinowitz ], Jeffrey Alan Chandler [ Toby ], Judith Hansen [ Celeste Patterson ], Michael Richards [ Special Agent Dupre ], Shirley Jo Finney [ Lynnetta ], Matthew Faison [ Whitsun ], Elizabeth Huddle [ Prunella Ashton-Wilkes ], Jack Andreozzi [ Sal ], Duke Stroud [ Earl Garrity ]

    Sgt. Jablonski risks his own money to catch a pair of confidence men; Sgt. Belker acts as a courier for a pair of devious Hasidic jewelry merchants; and Captain Calletano reacts badly when Buntz accuses a lazy Polk Avenue officer of dumping vagrants in Hill Street precinct.

    b: 14 Nov 85 pc: 5405 w: Jacob Epstein s: Elia Katz d: Ben Bolt
  8. _"Fathers and Huns"
    gs: James McEachin [ Reggie Hill ], Michael Alldredge [ Edsel ], Ray Reinhardt [ Unknown ], Richard Kuss [ Glen ], Andy Romano [ Warren Briscoe ], Larry Gelman [ Corso ], Robert Pastorelli [ Bobby Stellin ], David Froman [ O'Dwyer ], Peter Maclean [ Unknown ], Judith Hansen [ Celeste Patterson ]

    Belker's undercover at a bookie joint gets him involved in a protest against Nazis parading through the precinct; Furillo angers the chief and many others with his hard line pursuit of a senile drug king on trial for a relatively minor sale; Hill's father drifts into town claiming to be dying; and Jablonski tries to mediate between a priest and a scrap metal dealer.

    b: 21 Nov 85 pc: 5406 w: Walon Green d: Stan Lathan
  9. _"What Are Friends For?"
    gs: James Whitmore Jr. [ Tony Catina ], Will Nye [ Tommy Joe Page ], Steve Eastin [ Harry Steel ], Del Zamora [ Rodriguez ], Elizabeth Huddle [ Prunella Ashton-Wilkes ], Ernie Sabella [ Pauli ], Judith Hansen [ Celeste Patterson ], Richard Reicheg [ Martin Sallow ], Paul Sylvan [ Charlie Hecksher ], Tom Tarpey [ Ralph Eeley ]

    Belker goes to the dogs working undercover at the pound; Furillo chases down the reason he's been denied mortgage insurance; LaRue and Washington bust a former baseball star for drunken driving; and Buntz is held hostage by a vicious parolee.

    b: 5 Dec 85 pc: 5422 w: Dick Wolf d: John Patterson
  10. _"The Virgin and the Turkey"
    gs: Daniel Faraldo [ Pinzon ], Penny Santon [ Barbara Furillo ], Michael Durrell [ Joseph Furillo ], Richard Bull [ ?? Furillo ], Eric Pierpoint [ Tom Hopper ], Sal Bisoglia [ Landlord ], Trinidad Silva [ Jesus Martinez ], Mickey Morton [ Leonard ], Judith Hansen [ Celeste Patterson ], Renny Roker [ Attorney Brown ], Catherine Paolone [ Sophie Furillo ], Eloy Casados [ Unknown ]

    Coffey tries to mediate between an irate landlord and a tenant who insists an image on his water stained wall is that of the Virgin Mary; the Furillos tries to renew a family relationship with his parents; Buntz uses "Officer Giblet" to make a drug bust; and the guys compete in a benefit tug of war competition.

    b: 12 Dec 85 pc: 5413 w: David Milch, Walon Green, Robert Ward s: Jeffrey Lewis, Walon Green, Robert Ward d: John Hancock
  11. _"Two Easy Pieces"
    gs: Mykel T. Williamson [ Garfield ], Sandy Ward [ Jack Steger ], Miguel Fernandez [ Philip ], Victor Mohica [ Theodore Chato ], Louis Giambalvo [ Rob Nelson ], Beverly Hope Atkinson [ Vivian DeWitt ], Arthur Taxier [ IAD Shipman ], Patti Johns [ Off. Wiley ], Judith Hansen [ Celeste Patterson ], Justin Lord [ Gomez ], Val de Varga [ Suarez ]

    Hill, Renko and Buntz look like heroes when they retrieve a stolen heart needed for a transplant; rookie officer Ron Garfield finds himself in trouble again when a second gun shows up at an officer involved shooting; and Belker misses his wedding ceremony when his undercover as a cocaine cooker heats up.

    b: 9 Jan 86 pc: 5417 w: Jacob Epstein, Dick Wolf, Robert Ward s: Jeffrey Lewis, Walon Green, David Milch d: Gabrielle Beaumont
  12. _"Say It as It Plays"
    gs: Mykel T. Williamson [ Garfield ], Sandy Ward [ Jack Steger ], Miguel Fernandez [ Philip ], Victor Mohica [ Theodore Chato ], Arthur Taxier [ IAD Shipman ], John Lehne [ Captain Barry Gleason ], Eric Pierpoint [ Tom Hopper ], Pat Corley [ Wally Nydorf ], Val de Varga [ Suarez ], James McEachin [ Reggie Hill ], Patti Johns [ Wiley ], Zero Hubbard [ Fabian DeWitt ]

    IAD continues investigating the Garfield shooting; Hill gets a nasty surprise when he and Renko draw duty delivering corpses to the morgue; and Belker is kidnapped on the eve of his second scheduled wedding.

    b: 16 Jan 86 pc: 5418 w: Walon Green, Dick Wolf, Walon Green, Robert Ward s: Jeffrey Lewis, Dick Wolf, David Milch d: Stan Lathan
  13. _"Das Blues"
    gs: Billy Green Bush [ Bobby Angel ], Grace Zabriskie [ Terry Sylvestri ], Mykel T. Williamson [ Garfield ], Granville Van Dusen [ Graham Wells ], Anthony Holland [ Tommy ], Debi Richter [ Daryl Ann ], Carl Franklin [ Unknown ], Jack Andreozzi [ Sal Binachi ], Beah Richards [ Aunt Feeney ], Zero Hubbard [ Fabian DeWitt ], Judith Hansen [ Celeste Patterson ], Alan Jordan [ Ned Parsons ]

    Hunter hallucinates he's aboard a Russian submarine; Belker finally gets married; Renko busts his favorite country singer again; Furillo meets with a political power broker about the Chief's job; Hill takes his daddy home to St. Louis for his burial; Buntz' old partner comes asking for help with a loan shark; and LaRue and Washington use a lady tattoo artist to help them find a killer.

    b: 23 Jan 86 pc: 5423 w: Jeffrey Lewis, David Milch, Jacob Epstein, Dick Wolf s: Jeffrey Lewis, David Milch, Robert Ward d: Scott Brazil
  14. _"Scales of Justice"
    gs: Fay Hauser [ Renee Bethel ], Billy Drago [ Leo ], Beverly Hope Atkinson [ Vivian DeWitt ], Mykel T. Williamson [ Garfield ], Byron Stewart [ Otis Foster ], Grace Zabriskie [ Terry Sylvestri ], Zero Hubbard [ Fabian DeWitt ], Beah Richards [ Aunt Feeney ], Judith Hansen [ Celeste Patterson ], Patricia Huston [ Unknown ]

    LaRue and Washington continue to stake out the tattoo parlor for a killer; Bates has a tough decision to make about Fabian; Jablonski tries to enforce a city ban on smoking in the station house; Hill meets someone special at his father's funeral; Chief Daniels surprises Furillo by offering to endorse him as his successor; and Buntz cuts some corners to get a dealer selling killer synthetic heroin off the streets.

    b: 30 Jan 86 pc: 5425 w: David Milch, Jacob Epstein, Dick Wolf, Robert Ward s: Jeffrey Lewis, David Milch d: Christian I. Nyby II
  15. _"I Want My Hill Street Blues"
    gs: Hal Williams [ Ken Edwards ], Joseph Mascolo [ Melvin Jardino ], Richard Bright [ Stubby ], Mark Withers [ Roger ], Liz Sheridan [ Dorothy Miskin ], Beverly Hope Atkinson [ Vivian DeWitt ], Zero Hubbard [ Fabian DeWitt ], Ellen Maxted [ Tamara ], Troy Curvey [ Dudley Hicks ]

    Belker goes undercover to expose a corrupt parole officer; Goldblume clashes with Furillo over the demolition of some low rent housing in his new neighborhood; Bates makes a deal with Vivian DeWitt; and Jablonski tries to cope with a crew making a music video in the station house.

    b: 6 Feb 86 pc: 5424 w: John Mankiewicz, Russ Woody s: John Mankiewicz d: Gabrielle Beaumont
  16. _"Remembrance of Hits Past"
    gs: Kenneth Tigar [ Randolph Scripps ], Scott Stevenson [ Evan ], Michael P. Keenan [ Dr. Mendelsohn ], Stanley Brock [ Unknown ], Al Israel [ Al Biomonte ], Marc Alaimo [ Gene Scapizzi ]

    Joyce reflects on her past relationship with Furillo as she waits for him to come out of surgery after he's shot on the courthouse steps just prior to testifying against a recaptured gangster.

    b: 13 Feb 86 pc: 5420 w: Walon Green s: Jeffrey Lewis, David Milch, Walon Green d: Ben Bolt
  17. _"Larry of Arabia"
    gs: Frances Bay [ Elizabeth Mies ], Madison Arnold [ Larry ], Tom Bower [ Unknown ], Michael Pasternak [ Lester Scherholtz ], Beverly Hope Atkinson [ Vivian DeWitt ], Mark Lonow [ Floor Manager ], Ian Patrick Williams [ William Hasselbach ], Babette Props [ Naomi Schipp ], Stanley Grover [ Jerry ], Brent Jennings [ Gupta ], Jack Andreozzi [ Sal ]

    Coffey persuades Bates to file guardianship papers for Fabian; Furillo considers returning to work as Daniels asks him for help getting the consultancy job he wants; Buntz appears on a TV small claims court; an impatient old woman messes up Belker's undercover at a pawn shop; and Hill, Renko, LaRue, Washington and Goldblume stumble on a courier for an international arms purchaser and deal themselves into his action.

    b: 27 Feb 86 pc: 5412 w: Jeffrey lewis, David Milch, Jacob Epstein, John William Sel s: Jeffrey Lewis, David Milch, Jerry Patrick Brown d: Christian I. Nyby II
  18. _"Iced Coffey"
    gs: Michael Strasser [ Security Guard ], Jeff Doucette [ Chick Turner ], Ian Patrick Williams [ William Hasselbach ], Trinidad Silva [ Jesus Martinez ], Renny Roker [ Attorney Harold Brown ], Zero Hubbard [ Fabian DeWitt ]

    Bates agonizes over identifying Coffey's killer; Hunter uncovers an unexpected thief in the station; a prostitute sells out Jesus and Attorney Brown in a bribery scandal; and Belker's harassed by an overzealous security guard.

    b: 6 Mar 86 pc: 5426 w: Dick Wolf, Robert Ward, Robert Schlitt, Duncan Smith s: Jeffrey Lewis, David Milch, Duncan Smith d: Georg Stanford Brown
  19. _"Jagga the Hunk"
    gs: Lindsay Crouse [ Kathryn McBride ], Manu Tupou [ Jagawala ], Michael Delano [ Vito Binachi ], David L. Crowley [ Tommy Donahue ], Trinidad Silva [ Jesus Martinez ], Elizabeth Huddle [ Prunella Ashton-Wilkes ], Charles A. Watson, Jr. [ Lionel Styles ], Jack O'Leary [ Vince Delaberti ], Joan Sweeney [ Maureen Dolan ], Zero Hubbard [ Fabian DeWitt ], Andrew Masset [ Healy ], Nora Heflin [ Mary Franken ]

    Jesus, scared of being pinned with Attorney Brown's murder, agrees to go undercover against a crooked judge; Hunter loses Prunella to a large Samoan; Belker poses as a loan shark in a roach coach; and Buntz' former partner asks another favor.

    b: 13 Mar 86 pc: 5411 w: David Milch, Walon Green, Dick Wolf, Jacob Epstein s: Jeffrey Lewis, David Milch, Dick Wolf d: Gabrielle Beaumont
  20. _"Look Homeward, Ninja"
    gs: Lindsay Crouse [ Kate McBride ], Christopher Noth [ Ron Lipsky ], Granville Van Dusen [ Graham Wells ], Brian McNamara [ Off. Michael Galva ], Larry Fishburne [ Maurice Haynes ], Ren Woods [ Jackie Lowrie ], Nora Heflin [ Mary Franken ], David L. Crowley [ Tommy Donahue ], J.C. Quinn [ Unknown ], Richard Romanus [ Robert Ajanian ]

    A prostitute anxious to shield her pimp lodges a complaint of sexual harassment against officer Kate McBride; Goldblume takes his frustrations out on a rookie who lost a jumper; Ballantine freaks out again; and Buntz confronts Donahue about the murder of Dellaberti.

    b: 20 Mar 86 pc: 5427 w: Jeffrey Lewis, David Milch, Walon Green d: John Patterson
  21. _"Slum Enchanted Evening"
    gs: Lindsay Crouse [ Kate McBride ], Christopher Noth [ Off. Ron Lipsky ], Granville Van Dusen [ Graham Wells ], Lawrence Tierney [ Sgt. Jenkins ], Charles Levin [ Eddie Gregg ], Nora Heflin [ Mary Franken ], Richard Romanus [ Captain Bob Ajanian ], Arthur Taxier [ IAD Shipman ], Ted Gehring [ Sgt. Lou Martino ], Hank Rolike [ Unknown ], H. Richard Greene [ Robert Dunlaw ], Tony Frank [ Sgt. Joe Hawkins ]

    Wachtel sentences a slumlord to time in one of his dilapidated units; Furillo is warned that Cleveland stands to benefit from an investigation into Donahue's death; and Mary finally gives up the evidence needed by Buntz.

    b: 27 Mar 86 pc: 5428 w: Walon Green, Robert Ward s: Jonahtan Lemkin, Michael Wagner d: Michael Switzer
  22. _"Come and Get It"
    gs: Paul McCrane [ Albert Sawyer ], Christopher Noth [ Off. Ron Lipsky ], Eloy Casados [ Manolo Sanchez ], Ray Girardin [ Jerry ], W.K. Stratton [ Frederick Spears ], Jordan Charney [ Marty Dignan ], Elizabeth Pena [ Alice ], Earl Boen [ Herb Elman ], Brian McNamara [ Michael Galva ], Richard Coca [ Paco Lopez ]

    The Hill reaches a crisis point of outraged citizenry and stampeding press coverage when Hill and Renko rescue an escaped mass murderer captured by a vigilante mob, and Belker can't stop being a cop even as he coaches Robin through labor.

    b: 3 Apr 86 pc: 5414 w: Robert Schlitt d: Scott Brazil

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