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Cast Photo
aired from: Sep 1991 to: Apr 1992 19 eps, 1 unaired NBC 30 min stereo closed captioned


  • Omri Katz as Marshall Teller
  • Justin Shenkarow as Simon Holmes
  • Mary-Margaret Humes as Marilyn Teller
  • Francis Guinan as Edgar Teller
  • Julie Condra as Synde Marie Pricilla Teller
  • Jason Marsden as Dash X [ episodes 13 - 18 ]

    recurring characters:

  • Archie Hahn as Mr. Radford [ episodes 1 - 12 ]/ Fred Suggs [ episode 13 ]
  • Harry Goaz as Sgt. Knight
  • John Astin as Bartolemew J. Radford [ episodes 13 - 18 ]
  • Steven Peri as "Elvis"
  • Gregory Itzin as the Mayor

    Marshall Teller is convinced he's come the world's center of "weirdness", when his family moves from New Jersey... to Eerie, Indiana.

    Elvis lives on his paper route... Bigfoot looks through the trash... in Eerie nothing really is what it seems.

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      1st Season 1991

      Production Credits
      Executive producer: Karl Schaefer
      Co-executive producers: Terry Dunn Meurer, John Cosgrove
      Created by: Karl Schaefer & Josť Rivera
      Producers: Josť Rivera, Gary Markowitz, Michael Cassutt, Walter Barnett
      Co-Producer: Jon Poll, Lee Hexall
      Associate Producers: Robert Doudell, Pam Fitzgerald, Amy Brotslaw
      Creative Consultant: Joe Dante
      Executive Story Editor: Matt Dearborn

    1. "Forever Ware"
      gs: Belinda Balaski [ Winifred Swanson ], Nathan Schultz [ Bertram Wilson ], Nicholas Schultz [ Ernest Wilson ], Dan Stanton [ Adult Bertram Wilson ], Don Stanton [ Adult Ernest Wilson ], Olivia Virgil Harper [ Phyllis Stouffer ], Coleen Maloney [ Imogene Crocker ], Colleen McNamara [ Beatrice Pillsbury ], Barbara Pilavan [ Old Betty ]

      rc: Elvis

      The Tellers are welcomed to Eerie by Betty Wilson, who invites Marilyn to attend a demonstration of Foreverware, a very special type of plastic container: It's guaranteed keep anything fresh... Forever.

      b: 15 Sep 91 pc: _________ w: Karl Schaefer & Josť Rivera d: Joe Dante
    2. "The Retainer"
      gs: Vincent Schiavelli [ Dr. Eukanuba ], Balrick Brecque [ Steve Konkalewski ], Lou Cutell [ Old Man Dithers ], Lauri Hendler [ Fifi voice ], Aron Kincaid [ Fluffy voice ]

      Marshall is scheduled to visit the dentist for a retainer. But he fears that he might end up the same way as the previous retainer recipient - He became able to hear what the dogs really say, and that was something they really didn't like.

      b: 22 Sep 91 pc: _________ w: Karl Schaefer & Josť Rivera d: Joe Dante
    3. "The ATM With the Heart of Gold"
      gs: Gabriel Damon [ Unknown ], Scott Weinger [ Unknown ], Andrew White [ Derek ], Doug Llewelyn [ Anchorman ]

      rc: Mr. Radford, Sgt. Knight, the Mayor

      Simon befriends Eerie's new intelligent ATM, who gives him all the money he wants. Meanwhile, citizens of Eerie notice their bank accounts drying out.

      b: 29 Sep 91 pc: _________ w: Matt Dearborn d: Sam Pillsbury
    4. "The Losers"
      gs: Henry Gibson [ Mr. Lodgepoole ], Dick Miller [ Al ], Russell Gannon [ Biker #1 ], Billy Million [ Biker #2 ]

      In Eerie people seem to loose things all the time, and when Edgar's briefcase disappears, raising the tension on Teller family to unbearable levels, Marshall decides to find out who's taking them all.

      b: 6 Oct 91 pc: _________ w: Gary Markowitz s: Gary Markowitz & Michael R. Perry d: Joe Dante
    5. "America's Scariest Home Video"
      gs: Tony Jay [ Sir Boris von Orloff ], Christian/Joseph Cousins [ Harley ], Shawna Casey [ Maiden ], Taylor Fry [ Little Girl ]

      Stuck having to baby-sit Simon's younger brother on Halloween, Marshall and Simon fool around with their video camera. Unfortunately they end up trapping hiim in a monster movie, while a mummy runs wild in their house.

      b: 20 Oct 91 pc: _________ w: Karl Schaefer d: Sam Pillsbury
    6. "Just Say No Fun"
      gs: Lucy Lee Flippin [ Nurse Nancy ], Roy Brocksmith [ Principal ], Raffi Di Blasio [ Doug Dimsdale ], Todd Jeffries [ Mountie ]

      rc: Mr. Radford

      Marshall knows something's up when he's sent to the new school nurse instead of detention, and his suspicions are confirmed when Simon comes out from the sight check as a homework-loving zombie.

      b: 27 Oct 91 pc: _________ w: Michael R. Perry d: Bryan Spicer
    7. "Heart on a Chain"
      gs: Danielle Harris [ Melanie Monroe ]


      b: 3 Nov 91 pc: _________ w: Josť Rivera d: Joe Dante
    8. "Dead Letter"
      gs: Tobey Maguire [ Tripp McConnell ], Herta Ware [ Mary Carter ], Aimee Brooks [ Young Mary ], T.C. Warner [ Andrea ], Jeff Fried [ Paramedic ]

      While browsing the basement of the local library, Marshall finds an old letter. He opens it and a young man appears who won't leave him alone until he delivers the letter in person.

      b: 10 Nov 91 pc: _________ w: James L. Crite d: Tim Hunter
    9. "Who's Who"
      gs: Shanelle Workman [ Sara Bob ], Richard Grove [ Dad Bob ], Sean Babb [ Lou Bob ], Jacob Gelman [ Moe Bob ], Dannel Evans [ Bob Bob ], Stefanos Miltsakakis [ Nanny Arnold ]

      rc: Mr. Radford, Sgt. Knight

      A troubled young girl with a penchant for drawing can suddenly change reality when she stars signing her pictures with an Eerie brand pencil.

      b: 17 Nov 91 pc: _________ w: Julia Poll d: Tim Hunter
    10. "The Lost Hour"
      gs: Eric Christmas [ Milkman ], Nikki Cox [ Janet Donner ], Lindsey Ginter [ Garbage Collector ]

      Marshal doesn't like the Indiana practice of ignoring daylight savings time, and sets his clock back an hour anyway. When he wakes up the next day, nobody's around... except some very untalkative garbage men, intent on sending him though the trash compactor.

      b: 1 Dec 91 pc: _________ w: Vance DeGeneres d: Bob Balaban
    11. "Marshall's Theory of Believability"
      gs: John Standing [ Professor Nigel Zircon ], Michael J. Pollard [ Claude ]

      rc: Mr. Radford, Sgt. Knight, the Mayor, Elvis

      A professor renowned as an authority on the supernatural comes to Eerie to observe an extraterrestrial object he believes will land here. Marshall immediately sees an opportunity to blow the lid of the Eerie weirdness; but is the professor really all that he claims to be.

      b: 2 Feb 92 pc: _________ w: Matt Dearborn d: Bob Balaban
    12. "Tornado Days"
      gs: Matt Frewer [ Howard Raymer ], Kelly Connell [ Weatherman Wally ], Old Bob [ Himself ]

      rc: Mr. Radford, Sgt. Knight, Elvis

      As the tornado "Old Bob" approaches Eerie, the citizens prepare for their annual tornado day picnic to appease him. But Marshall and Simon insist on staying home, and as the tornado chasing meteorologist left by Bob on his first pass-though tells them - and this makes Bob angry.

      b: 1 Mar 92 pc: _________ w: Michael Cassutt d: Ken Kwapis
    13. "The Hole in the Wall Gang"
      gs: Claude Akins [ Grungy Bill ], Belinda Balaski [ Mother ], Erin/Michelle Braun [ Girl ]

      rc: Radford, Suggs

      Marshall and Simon investigate an old mill rumored to be haunted. It proves to be a hoax, set up by a mysterious young man who doesn't want anybody nosing around... or so it seems until they accidentally uncover a rusted gun, containing the ghost of Grungy Bill - Eerie's worst bank robber.

      b: 1 Mar 92 pc: _________ w: Karl Schaefer d: Joe Dante
    14. "Mr. Chaney"
      gs: Stephen Root [ Mr. Chaney ], William Newman [ Unknown ], Annie O'Donnell [ Unknown ]

      rc: Radford, the Mayor

      Marshall is chosen to be the Eerie "harvest king" and must go face the Eerie wolf in the forest. Trouble is - none of the previous harvest kings have ever returned...

      b: 8 Mar 92 pc: _________ w: Josť Rivera d: Mark Goldblatt
    15. "No Brain, No Pain"
      gs: Paul Sand [ Charles "Chappy" Furnell ], Anita Morris [ Eunice Danforth ]

      A strange bum is assaulted by a woman with a ray gun. distracts her until the police arrive, and then Marshall decides to help out a bum after witnessing him being attacked by a woman with a ray gun. It is difficult though, because all he does is mumble nonsense, and reassemble electrical appliances into bizarre contraptions.

      b: 15 Mar 92 pc: _________ w: Matt Dearborn d: Greg Beeman
    16. "The Loyal Order of Corn"
      gs: Ray Walston [ Ned ]

      rc: Radford, Sgt. Knight, the Mayor

      Strange things are going on in Eerie's local lodge - The Loyal Order of Corn, and when his father joins Marshall intends to find out what.

      b: 22 Mar 92 pc: _________ w: Michael Cassutt d: Bryan Spicer
    17. "Zombies in P.J.s"
      gs: Rene Auberjonois [ The Donald ], Bryan Clark [ IRS Man ], Doug Llewelyn [ Anchorman ], Dan Stanton [ Bertram Wilson ], Don Stanton [ Ernest Wilson ], Carmen Anita Ray [ Carmen ], Dawn Martin [ Singer #1 ], Peggi Blu [ Singer #2 ], Yvonne Williams [ Singer #3 ]

      rc: Radford

      Facing bankruptcy due to a possible audit, Radford welcomes a new partner - The Donald. His aggressive ad camping has customers sleepwalking to the World 'o Stuff's midnight madness sale, buying anything in sight on credit. Just sign on the dotted line...

      b: 12 Apr 92 pc: _________ w: Julia Poll d: Bob Balaban
    18. "Reality Takes a Holiday"
      gs: Mark Blankfield [ Unknown ], Julius Harris [ Unknown ], Sachi Parker [ Unknown ], Joe Dante [ Unknown ], Leland Orser [ A.D. ], Virginia Watson [ Makeup Artist ], Denise Lee Richards [ Girl #2 ], Kimberlee Kramer [ Girl #1 ], Paige Andree [ Girl #3 ]

      rc: Radford

      Marshall finds a script in the mailbox and starts reading. Suddenly he finds himself on the set of a TV series where everybody refers to him as Omri.

      b: 12 Apr 92 pc: 1019 w: Vance DeGeneres d: Ken Kwapis
    19. "The Broken Record"
      gs: Tom Everett [ Unknown ], Grant Gelt [ Unknown ], Gwynyth Walsh [ Unknown ], Andrew White [ Unknown ], Dan Stanton [ Adult Bertram Wilson ], Don Stanton [ Adult Ernest Wilson ]

      Marshall tries to get a gloomy friend to lighten up by showing him an album from the heavy metal band Pitbull Surfers, but soon the Eerie weirdness kicks in and the quiet overachiever is turned into rebellious headbanger.

      b: UNAIRED pc: _________ w: Josť Rivera d: Tom Holland

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