3rd Season 1990

  1. "A Flaw is Born"
    gs: Brynn Thayer [ Dr. Lydia Gant ], Stanley Kamel [ Monsieur Gerard ], Tim Dunigan [ John Taylor ], Charles Stransky [ Professor ], Mitchell Allen [ Boy ]

    Harry is uncomfortable dating a more successful woman, a world-famous brain surgeon; Carol and Barbara plot revenge on an inconsiderate man who met Carol on a plane and promised to phone but never did.

    b: 22 Sep 90 pc: 047 w: Susan Beavers d: Steve Zuckerman
  2. "Harry's Excellent Adventure"
    gs: Earl Holliman [ Mike Bradovitch ], Earl Boen [ Lou ], Debi A. Monahan [ Gina ], Robert Lesser [ Russell ], Billy Cohen [ Stevie ], Fred Sadoff [ Mort ]

    Fed up with endless demands on his free time by the girls, Charley, and his golfing buddies, Harry decides to shirk his responsibility to join a globe-trotting friend and run with the bulls in Pamplona. Then he discovers his spontaneous friend's lifestyle has a price: he hasn't heard from his kids in years.

    b: 29 Sep 90 pc: _________ w: Arnie Kogen d: Steve Zuckerman
  3. "There's No Accounting"
    gs: John Terlesky [ Bucky Barnes ], Janet Carroll [ Leah ], Allison Mack [ Gloria ]

    Go figure: Barbara's new beau is sensitive and intelligent, but she is as unappreciative of his charms as Carol is drawn to them; and Harry's great new beau Leah bores him.

    b: 6 Oct 90 pc: 049 w: Gary Jacobs d: Steve Zuckerman
  4. "Barbara the Mom"
    gs: Christopher Castle [ Larry ], Sumer Stamper [ Annette ]

    Barbara hopes to gauge her maternal instincts via a babysitting assignment for her boyfriend's young children, but fears she has no ability to bond with them; Carol volunteers at the zoo, but is humiliated when the giant pandas will only mate when she is present; Charley decides to write his autobiography; and Laverne is offended when Harry is reluctant to let her give him a flu shot.

    b: 13 Oct 90 pc: 048 w: Harold Kimmel d: Steve Zuckerman
  5. "The Tortoise & the Harry"
    gs: Brandon Bluhm [ Joey ], Debra Mooney [ Mrs. Bierman ], Jaclyn Bernstein [ Amanda ]

    Harry befriends a young patient whose depression he can't seem to cure; Barbara tries taking Carol's art class.

    b: 20 Oct 90 pc: _________ w: Roger Garrett d: Steve Zuckerman
  6. "Mad About the Boy"
    gs: Michael McKean [ Dennis ], Mary Catherine Wright [ Miss Bingham ], Robert Lesser [ Russell ], Gregory Paul Martin [ Ian ]

    Harry grows concerned about Carol's dating despair when she brings home a mall cheese server.

    b: 27 Oct 90 pc: _________ w: Pat Dougherty d: Steve Zuckerman
  7. "Honey, I Shrunk Laverne"
    gs: Nana Visitor [ Dr. Dawn Phleps ], Mary Pat Gleason [ Nurse Bradford ], Art Metrano [ Art ], John Apicella [ John ], Ed Call [ Ed ]

    Laverne quits when Harry complains she's making too many office decisions without consulting him.

    b: 3 Nov 90 pc: _________ w: Miriam Trogdon d: Steve Zuckerman
  8. "The Boy Next Door"
    gs: Candy Hutson [ Cindy ], Gloria Dorson [ Mrs. Hill ], Ashley Bank [ Kid #1 ], Michael Melby [ Kid #2 ]

    During a moment of mutual weakness, Carol and Charley have sex, and prepare to face the consequences.

    b: 10 Nov 90 pc: _________ w: Rob LaZebnick d: Steve Zuckerman
  9. "A Family Affair"
    gs: Mitchell Laurence [ Scott ], Cecilia Riddett [ Mother ]

    Harry's instincts tell him Barbara's new boyfriend is married; Dreyfuss goes on a diet, but everyone in the family helps him cheat on it.

    b: 17 Nov 90 pc: 055 w: Susan Beavers d: Steve Zuckerman
  10. "Someone to Watch Over Me"
    gs: Fred Applegate [ Mr. Patrick ], Eddie Bracken [ Fred ], Dena Dietrich [ Ursula ], Robert Gorman [ Norma ], Brandon Adams [ Georgie ], Marti Muller [ Nurse ], Susan Krebs [ Norman's Mom ]

    Charley wants visitors during a hospital stay; a neighbor accuses Dreyfuss of fathering his dog's puppies.

    b: 24 Nov 90 pc: 056 w: Bill Braunstein & Sydney Blake d: Steve Zuckerman
  11. "Harry Knows Best"
    gs: Mayim Bialik [ Laurie ], Judith Marie Bergen [ Paula ], Kat Sawyer-Young [ Woman ], Stan Roth [ Photographer ]

    Everyone seeks Harry's advice, including Charley, contemplating a new career as a gigolo, and a girl wanting rhinoplasty.

    b: 8 Dec 90 pc: 057 w: David Sacks d: Steve Zuckerman
  12. "Whenever I Feel Afraid"
    gs: Timothy Carhart [ Billy ], Aaron Lustig [ Officer Hitner ], Ben Ryan Ganger [ Jimmy ], Jay Goldenberg [ Attendant ], Robert Gould [ Customer ]

    Laverne is fearful after a mugging; Barbra and Carol compete for the attentions of handsome new neighbor Billy.

    b: 15 Dec 90 pc: 058 w: Harold Kimmel d: Steve Zuckerman
  13. "A Shot in the Dark"
    gs: Paul Sand [ Avery ], Channing Chase [ Emcee ]

    Barbara mistakes Carol's new boyfriend for a burglar, and shoots him in the leg; Laverne must overcome stage fright.

    b: 5 Jan 91 pc: 061 w: Roger Garrett d: Steve Zuckerman
  14. "Sucking Up is Hard to Do"
    gs: Rebecca Bush [ Anne ], Patricia Gaul [ Mrs. Moses ], Paul Eiding (Hartman ], Judy Baldwin [ Michelle ], May Quigley [ Woman ], Shuko Akune [ Secretary ], Whitby Hertford [ Timmy ]

    Carol advises Barbara to put on a flattering act to help achieve a promotion; Laverne plays matchmaker.

    b: 19 Jan 91 pc: 062 w: Pat Dougherty d: Steve Zuckerman
  15. "The Man That Got Away"
    gs: Craig Bierko [ Fred ], Jeff Doucette [ Sam ]

    rc: Lurlene

    Barbara tries to get a man she likes to ask her out; Laverne has to cast the deciding vote on a hometown issue.

    b: 26 Jan 91 pc: 063 w: Doug Smart & Susan Beavers d: Steve Zuckerman
  16. "The Mentor"
    gs: Danny Thomas [ Dr. Leo Brewster ], Harvey Jason [ Dr. Wakefield ], Elise Ogden [ Mrs. Lasko ]

    Harry agonizes over whether to tell his mentor to retire when he returns to Miami to practice, though far past his prime.

    b: 2 Feb 91 pc: 059 w: Arnie Kogen d: Steve Zuckerman
  17. "The Dog Who Knew Too Much"
    gs: Tina Johnson [ Mrs. Knox ], John Christian Graas [ Timmy ]

    When the girls decide it's time to move out, they and Harry individually pour their hearts out to Dreyfuss.

    b: 9 Feb 91 pc: 060 w: Gary Jacobs d: Steve Zuckerman
  18. "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?"
    gs: Phil Hartman [ Tim Cornell ], Dolis, Tracy [ Paige ], Kenneth Kimmins [ Pete ], Valorie Armstrong [ Gayle ], Lance Davis [ Waiter ], Jaclyn Bernstein [ Nancy ]

    Harry dates a pretty 28-year-old; in a quasi-war movie parody, drill sergeant Laverne shapes up a nurse trainee.

    b: 16 Feb 91 pc: 064 w: Rob LaZebnick d: Steve Zuckerman
  19. "All About Harry"
    gs: Christine Ebersole [ Laura ]

    Harry is dating Laura, a gardening columnist who hates gardening but is afraid to try "real" writing. He encourages her to try a new column about men and women, but becomes uncomfortable when she begins writing about their dates. Meanwhile, Charley has volunteered for medical experiments on a sexual potency drug, which renders him impotent and forces him to search for new meaning in his life.

    b: 9 Mar 91 pc: 066 w: Meredith Siler d: Steve Zuckerman
  20. "Drive, He Said"
    gs: Eric Allan Kramer [ Apartment Manager ], Micole Mercurio [ Salesperson ], Kenneth Danziger [ Airline Clerk ], Robert Gould [ Party Guest ], Don Sparks [ Party Guest ]

    Depressed because his date cancelled on his birthday, Charley takes Harry searching for an old girlfriend, while the girls try to keep a restless crowd from leaving the surprise party, whose centerpiece is Carol's "famous Bastille in potato salad."

    b: 16 Mar 91 pc: 065 w: David Sacks d: Steve Zuckerman
  21. "The Last Temptation of Laverne"
    gs: Doris Roberts [ Aunt Retha ], Henry Jones [ Arnold ], David Correia [ Fire Marshall ], Elise Ogden [ Mrs. Lasko ]

    Laverne's aunt Retha will lend a house down payment if Laverne, though innocent, assumes blame for a car accident.

    b: 23 Mar 91 pc: 067 w: Pat Dougherty; Harold Kimmel d: Steve Zuckerman
  22. "What's Eating You?"
    gs: Michael Goldfinger [ Tony ], Richard McKenzie [ Davidson ], Lynne Marie Stewart [ Secretary ]

    Harry and Carol counsel Barbara that the best way to cure her pre-ulcerous condition is to be open with her true feelings.

    b: 13 Apr 91 pc: 069 w: Syndey Blake & Bill Braunstein d: Robert Berlinger
  23. "The Cruise"
    gs: Richard Burgi [ Matthew Wright ], Peggy Pope [ Myrna ], Pearl Shear [ Charlotte ], Teresa Ganzel [ Simba Katzman ], David Jay Willis [ M.C. ]

    On a cruise, Harry and Barbara have great times, and Carol gets a proposal from - and loses - her Mr. Right.

    b: 4 May 91 pc: 070 w: Arnie Kogan d: Doug Smart
  24. "The Way We Are"
    gs: Shirley Jones [ Jean McDowell ], Ed Winter [ Eric Lancaster ], Christopher Pettiet [ Litty Harry ], Robin Lynn Heath [ Little Jean ], Tom Henschel [ Bartender ], Cory Danziger [ Little Eric ]

    Harry looks forward to a visit with a childhood sweetheart, until his childhood rival Eric also resurfaces.

    b: 11 May 91 pc: 068 w: Paul B. Price & Laura O'Hare d: Steve Zuckerman

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