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by David Buff

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aired from: Sep 1991 to: May 1999 204 eps ABC 30 min stereo closed captioned


  • Tim Allen as Tim Taylor
  • Patricia Richardson as Jill Taylor
  • Earl Hindman as Wilson Wilson
  • Jonathan Taylor Thomas as Randy William Taylor [ episodes 1 - 178, recurring otherwise ]
  • Zachary Ty Bryan as Bradley "Brad" Michael Taylor
  • Taran Noah Smith as Mark Taylor
  • Richard Karn as Al Borland [ season 2+, recurring season 1 ]
  • Debbe Dunning as Heidi [ season 7+, recurring seasons 3 - 6 ]

    recurring characters:

  • Pamela (Anderson) Lee as Lisa [ seasons 1 & 2, episode #150 ]
  • Mickey Jones as Pete Bilker [ episode 8+ ]
  • Gary McGurk as Dwayne Hoover [ episode 8+ ]
  • Casey Sander as Rock Lannigan [ episode 8+ ]
  • Sherry Hursey as Ilene Markham [ episodes 51 - 144 ]
  • Jim Labriola as Benny [ episode 70+ ]
  • Blake Clark as Harry [ episode 77+ ]
  • William O'Leary as Marty Taylor [ episode 79+ ]
  • Charlie Robinson as Bud Harper [ episode 102+ ]

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      1st Season 1991

    1. "Pilot"
      gs: John Cothran Jr. [ Phil ]

      rc: Al, Lisa

      After Jill explicitly tells Tim not to touch the dishwasher, he breaks it in an attempt to make it more powerful-more of a "man's" dishwasher. Jill is at a job interview, but she doesn't get the job and when Tim tries to comfort her, it makes matters worse. After speaking with Wilson, Tim tries to talk to her again and succeeds.

      b: 17 Sep 91 pc: _________ w: Carmen Finestra & David McFadzean and Matt Williams d: John Pasquin
    2. "Mow Better Blues"

      rc: Al

      Trying to improve the lawnmower, Tim gets mad at Jill for always borrowing his things and never returning them. When Mark plays with Tim's torque wrench, he drops it and it breaks. Knowing that Tim will be upset, he hides it in the dryer but when Jill finds it, Tim immediately suspects Brad and Randy who know it was Mark and they tell Tim. When trying the new lawnmower, it roars backwards and crashes.

      b: 26 Sep 91 pc: _________ w: Elliot Stern d: John Pasquin
    3. "Off Sides"
      gs: Eric Christmas [ Sir Larry Houdini ], John Marshall Jones [ Rick ], Deborah Lacey [ Alice ], Rudolph Willrich [ Franco ]

      rc: Al

      Tim forgot that Jill planned a romantic dinner and hasn't got a baby-sitter, so Jill hires a magician to entertain the boys. Tim would rather stay home to watch the football game on TV, so he brings a transistor radio to the restaurant. At home, the magician is locked inside a trunk and the boys try to get him out of there by letting him fall from a tree.

      b: 1 Oct 91 pc: _________ w: Marley Sims d: John Pasquin
    4. "Satellite on a Hot Tim's Roof"
      gs: Sam McMurray [ Rondall Kittleman ], Rocky Giordani [ Delivery Man #1 ], Bari K. Willerford [ Delivery Man #2 ]

      rc: Al, Lisa

      Tim has bought a satellite dish and while he is installing it, he overhears Jill's job interview with her job-search seminar teacher, Rondall. Tim thinks it is suspicious that Rondall will interview her on a Saturday and he gets jealous. Jill assures Tim that there is nothing between them. Later, after Rondall tells Jill that she has been sending him signals after hitting on her, she throws him out.

      b: 8 Oct 91 pc: _________ w: Allison M. Gibson d: John Pasquin
    5. "Wild Kingdom"
      gs: Rickey Collins [ Cub Scout #1 ], Everett Wong [ Cub Scout #2 ], Cody Burger [ Cub Scout #3 ], Stephen Root [ Exterminator ], Adam Wylie [ Jimmy Wagner ]

      rc: Al, Lisa

      After hearing noises in the basement, Tim thinks he has a mouse there. The boys think it is a snake, and so does Wilson. When the exterminator can't find the snake, everybody thinks it is gone-until it crawls into Tim's shirt. Mark's friends, the Cub Scouts, want Tim to kill the snake himself although he is scared of it.

      b: 15 Oct 91 pc: _________ w: Susan Estelle Jansen d: John Pasquin
    6. "Adventures in Fine Dining"

      rc: Al

      After they're banned from Wacky Jack's Pizza Pagoda, Tim promises Jill he'll teach the boys some table manners but the session ends with the boys mimicking everything Tim says. Therefore, Tim talks to Wilson who tells him that the boys don't have respect for their food because they don't have to hunt it down and kill it. Therefore Tim brings out a raw chicken to teach the boys how to eat properly.

      b: 22 Oct 91 pc: _________ w: Peter Tolan d: John Pasquin
    7. "Nothing More Than Feelings"
      gs: Art LaFleur [ Jim ], Ron Taylor [ Kyle ]

      rc: Al

      On Tool Time, Tim talks about "his friend's wife" who drove her car while the oil light was on. After Jim and Kyle, two audience members, start to complain that their wives don't respect their tools, Tim admits that "his friend's wife" really is Jill and that she drools in her sleep. When Jill sees that on TV, she gets really furious, and after talking with Wilson, Tim admits that he was wrong to say that on TV.

      b: 29 Oct 91 pc: _________ w: Peter Tolan d: John Pasquin
    8. "Flying Sauces"

      rc: Al, Lisa, Pete, Dwayne, Rock

      The K & B Construction guys are invited on Tool Time to show how to make hot gourmet meals while on the job site. They use the tools of their trade to make meals anyone would be proud of. At home, Jill is fed up with Brad and Randy not treating Mark good enough so she has a talk with them. Brad and Randy tell Mark that they, along with Tim and Jill, are aliens from outer space. However, Mark wants to get revenge so Tim and Jill dress up like aliens.

      b: 5 Nov 91 pc: _________ w: Billy Riback & Elliot Stern d: John Pasquin
    9. "Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble"
      gs: Al Fann [ Felix ]

      rc: Al

      Jill is tired of Tim's shaving gunk in the sink so she says that she would like two sinks in the bathroom and Tim gets the idea of improving the whole bathroom as a one-day Tool Time project. However, since the new tub won't fit in the house, the water is turned off, and the stove explodes, Jill leaves the house with the kids but she soon regrets doing it. Brad wears his hair in spikes to impress a girl named Jennifer.

      b: 19 Nov 91 pc: _________ w: Susan Estelle Jansen d: John Pasquin
    10. "Reach Out and Teach Someone"
      gs: Ja'net DuBois [ Judith ], Jennifer Nash [ Greta ], Carol Mansell [ Rose ]

      rc: Al

      Tim has just bought a frame for the hot rod he is going to build. Jill wants him to fix the clogged sink instead or at least teach her how to do it. So Tim makes a special Tool Time show with women in the audience. He wants to teach them how to do basic plumbing. At this show, Al meets Greta Post for the first time. Brad is worried about a test in school-he hopes to do well despite being called an idiot by Randy.

      b: 26 Nov 91 pc: _________ w: Allison M. Gibson d: John Pasquin
    11. "Look Who's Not Talking"
      gs: Shawn Shea Hill [ Stage Manager (uncredited) ] rc: Al, Lisa

      Jill has to write a speech for the Library Association but is afraid of standing in front of all those women. Tim solves this problem by dressing himself and Mark up as two women and listening to Jill's speech. While Jill is writing, Tim has promised to clean up the house. Instead, he decides to rewire the vacuum cleaner, which almost sucks up Mark.

      b: 10 Dec 91 pc: _________ w: Billy Riback d: John Pasquin
    12. "Yule Better Watch Out"
      gs: David Warshofsky [ Fireman #1 ], Gary Bayer [ Fireman #2 ]

      rc: Al, Lisa

      Tim wants to beat neighbor Doc Johnson in Christmas lighting and puts a giant Santa and sleigh on the roof. But when the Santa starts rotating, it practically beats up Tim. Mark is working on his list for Santa when Randy and Brad tell him that Santa is dead. Mark doesn't believe it and asks Tim and Jill, who answer the best they can. Mark decides to ask Wilson who tells him that the spirit of Santa lives in us all, even though St. Nicholas died.

      b: 17 Dec 91 pc: _________ w: Billy Riback d: John Pasquin
    13. "Up Your Alley"
      gs: Lewis Dix Jr. [ Roger ], Sean Baca [ Chuck ], Nick Shields [ Manager ]

      rc: Al, Rock, Pete, Dwayne

      It's family night. Tim and the kids want to play video games and Jill wants to play charades. To compromise, they go to the bowling alley. Since Jill knows how Tim behaves in a competition, she suggests that they don't keep score. When Jill scores two strikes in a row and the guys from K & B Construction appear, Tim wants to impress them. So the family night becomes a match between Tim and Jill. The boys get in trouble at the video arcade when a boy won't let them play a game but they get even with him.

      b: 7 Jan 92 pc: _________ w: Billy Riback & Elliot Stern d: John Pasquin
    14. "For Whom the Belch Tolls (a.k.a. Hasta La Vista, Neighbor)"
      gs: Christopher McDonald [ Stu Cutler ]

      rc: Al, Lisa

      Tim's old college friend, Stu Cutler, calls Tim to say he is in town for a few days and he wants them to get together at the Taylor house. Jill doesn't want to have Stu in the house, so Tim tells him that they can meet at the studio after his Tool Time taping. When they meet, Stu insists that he sees Jill and Tim gives in at last. Needless to say, Jill is not happy with this.

      b: 14 Jan 92 pc: _________ w: Sheila M. Anthony d: John Pasquin
    15. "Forever Jung"
      gs: Betsy Randle [ Karen ], Jessica Wesson [ Jennifer Sudarsky ]

      rc: Al

      Jill's feminist friend Karen is visiting so Tim has to stand up to her funny remarks about him being insecure, aggressive and destructive. It doesn't get any better when he accidentally gets his head stuck to a table with glue so he has to come home with a piece of table glued to his forehead. Jennifer has invited Brad to her parents' wedding anniversary but he can't dance "old" so Jill has to teach him.

      b: 21 Jan 92 pc: _________ w: Carmen Finestra & David McFadzean and Matt Williams d: John Pasquin
    16. "Jill's Birthday"
      gs: Patrick T. O'Brien [ "Ink" Ingram ], Jeannie Renshaw [ Joan ], Gloria Dorson [ Mrs. Chapman ], Meghan Geary [ Saleswoman #1 ], Sarah Pasquin [ Saleswoman #2 ], Greg Harms [ Cameraman ]

      rc: Al

      It's Jill's birthday, the boys remind Tim. She complains that he always gives her something she has to plug in. This time she wants him to tune into her and give her something from his heart. Therefore when he sees her exercise, he wants to give her a lifetime membership of a health care club. But on her birthday, she says that she won't ever exercise again. Therefore he has to come up with a new gift for her. Brad and Randy spend all their money on baseball cards so they need to get money to buy a gift for Jill. Therefore they make Mark pay a little brother tax.

      b: 4 Feb 92 pc: _________ w: Rosalind Moore d: John Pasquin
    17. "What About Bob?"
      gs: Bob Vila [ Himself ], Aaron Freeman [ Curtis ], Noble Willingham [ Mr. Binford ]

      rc: Al, Lisa

      Bob Vila is in town signing his new book and Mr. Binford tells Tim that Bob is going to be a guest on Tool Time. Since Bob probably inspired Tim to make Tool Time and knows a whole lot more than Tim, Tim doesn't like the idea that he is going to compete in a "Stump the Toolman" contest with Bob where people call in and ask them questions. Therefore Tim makes Jill call and ask questions he knows he can answer. Unfortunately Tim knocks Bob unconscious with a piece of wood and Tim doesn't feel better when he hears that Bob has agreed to be a guest on Tool Time again the next day. Randy has pulled a prank on a kid in school who he thinks is a geek and when the boy, Curtis, comes over so Randy can apologize, Jill can see for herself why Randy did what he did.

      b: 11 Feb 92 pc: _________ w: Susan Estelle Jansen d: John Pasquin
    18. "Baby, It's Cold Outside (a.k.a. Camp Taylor)"
      gs: Jessica Wesson [ Jennifer Sudarsky ], Noble Willingham [ Mr. Binford ]

      rc: Al, Lisa

      Tim has planned a romantic Valentine's Day weekend at Stone Creek Lodge for Jill but when Mr. Binford presents his new line of winter camping gear on Tool Time, he wants Tim and his family to go camping that weekend and shoot some videos of it. Jill gets upset but Tim thinks they can do both. But when they're ready to leave the camp, Tim can't find the car. Luckily, Wilson is nearby, ready to give advice.

      b: 18 Feb 92 pc: _________ w: B.K. Taylor d: John Pasquin
    19. "Unchained Malady"
      gs: George Foreman [ Himself ], Betsy Randle [ Karen ]

      rc: Al, Lisa

      Al sends Tim a chain letter and Tim is warned that if he breaks the chain, bad luck will happen to him. He doesn't care and throws out the chain letter. The next day strange things happen: His battery in the car goes dead, someone parks in his spot, he gets his hands dyed green, and Jill knocks him out. So again, Tim turns to Wilson who can help Tim with his problem: Garlic and wolfsbane. Randy is double-dared to jump a ramp with his new bike and he breaks it. Tim doesn't know how to respond.

      b: 25 Feb 92 pc: _________ w: Billy Riback d: John Pasquin
    20. "Birds of a Feather Flock to Taylor"
      gs: Ernest Borgnine [ Eddie Phillips ], Jack Elam [ Hick Peterson ], Earl Billings [ Mike ]

      rc: Al, Lisa

      Tim and Mark are building a birdhouse and Jill asks him to choose a dress for the opera fund-raiser next Saturday. Tim is busy that day and is certain that Jill hasn't mentioned this before but she insists that she told him at least three times and calls him a bad listener. This time, Jill talks to Wilson to get his opinion and Tim talks with two strangers, Hick and Eddie, down at Big Mike's. When Mark wants to feed the birds in the new birdhouse, Brad and Randy try to make him chew a worm for the birds.

      b: 3 Mar 92 pc: _________ w: Marley Sims d: John Pasquin
    21. "A Battle of Wheels"

      rc: Al, Lisa

      Jill has taken up pottery and has placed her pottery wheel in the garage along with Tim's hot rod. Tim doesn't like the idea of she moving in on his domain. Therefore, he accidentally breaks her first pottery project and they end up in a big fight over who the garage belongs to and the result is that Jill makes a schedule to control who is in the garage at what time. Al is upset because Tim embarrasses him on Tool Time saying that Al screwed up something he screwed up himself. Therefore he announces that Al can be host of Tool Time for a day but Al finds out that it definitely is harder than it looks.

      b: 17 Mar 92 pc: _________ w: Lauren Eve Anderson d: John Pasquin
    22. "Luck Be a Taylor Tonight"
      gs: Tom Verica [ Charlie ], Amy Ryan [ Robin ], Raye Birke [ Fred ]

      rc: Al, Lisa

      Tim and the guys have arranged a poker night but since a guy named Murray can't come, Al is invited instead of him. This should have been a night with men, cigars and talk about cars but when Charlie arrives, also his wife, Robin, Jill's sister, comes, upset. She and Charlie have had a big fight and now they have to make up.

      b: 7 Apr 92 pc: _________ w: Allison M. Gibson & Marley Sims d: John Pasquin
    23. "Al's Fair in Love and War"
      gs: Jennifer Nash [ Greta ], Jessica Wesson [ Jennifer Sudarsky ], Pearl Shear [ Older Woman ]

      rc: Al, Lisa

      Al wants to ask Greta Post out but he doesn't have the guts to ask her. Therefore he turns to Jill and Tim who suggest that Al and Greta come to their barbecue. After that, Tim talks to Al about not being too sensitive. Just show her that he has got hair on his chest. Unfortunately he actually does so and an upset Greta ends up at the Taylor house while Al is in the TV studio where he and Greta have to make up. Jill is doing spring cleaning and finds her old diary which Tim would like to read. Jill also wonders why Brad is a totally different person when Jennifer is around.

      b: 28 Apr 92 pc: _________ w: Elliot Stern d: John Pasquin
    24. "Stereo-typical"
      gs: Juke Logan [ Juke ], Janeen Rae Heller [ Herself ]

      rc: Al, Lisa, Pete, Dwayne, Rock

      Tim and Jill disagree about how loud the stereo should play and when Tim turns it up, Jill turns it down with the remote and a speaker blows. Tim talks Jill into letting him buy a couple of speakers he read about. Tim comes home with a new "entertainment center". On Tool Time, Tim invites Janeen Rae Heller and the K & B Construction guys to play music with tools.

      b: 5 May 92 pc: _________ w: Carmen Finestra & David McFadzean and Matt Williams d: John Pasquin

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    Home Improvement (2nd Season Episode Guide)

    2nd Season 1992

    1. "Read My Hips"
      gs: Jessica Wesson [ Jennifer Sudarsky ]

      rc: Lisa, Rock, Dwayne, Pete

      Jill has planned a romantic surprise dinner for Tim who is at Big Mike's with Al and the guys from K & B Construction. He phones home and she flirts with him on the phone but he doesn't notice and comes home two hours late. Of course Jill is upset and accuses him for not picking up all the signals she sends. Tim thinks that signals should be clear and therefore dresses up as Fred the phone repairman so he can fix the problem. Brad is wondering if Jennifer's pounding him is a sign that she wants to kiss him.

      b: 16 Sep 92 pc: _________ w: B.K. Taylor d: John Pasquin
    2. "Rites and Wrongs of Passage"
      gs: Will Nye [ Angus McLain ], Virginia Watson [ Policewoman ]

      Tim has bought tickets to a truck rally and all the boys are excited. The next day, the principal of Brad's school tells Jill that Brad pulled a prank with a dead frog in the food line at the school. Therefore they ground him for the weekend but Tim talks Jill into letting him go to the truck rally after all. But the next day, a policewoman brings Brad home after he has been throwing stones at a greenhouse and therefore he can't go to the truck rally. Tim turns to Wilson to find out what is wrong and Wilson tells him how he must make Brad step into manhood. Therefore he lets Brad use the fire cutter. Tim also appears in a caber toss competition.

      b: 23 Sep 92 pc: _________ w: Susan Estelle Jansen d: John Pasquin

      NOTE: This episode was dedicated to the memory of Raymond T. Hughes.
    3. "Overactive Glance"
      gs: Betsy Randle [ Karen ], Debbe Dunning [ Kiki ], Sheila Franklin [ Barbara ], Kevin Brief [ Man #1 ], Bob Destri [ Man #2 ], Mike Randleman [ Man #3 ], Kavi Raz [ Maitre D' ]

      Tim and Jill are going out to dinner and since Jill and Karen found out that Tim was checking out a woman on Tool Time, they bet that it won't last long before he looks at a woman in the restaurant. When they arrive, Tim tries hard not to glance at anyone but it is difficult when a gorgeous beauty of a woman asks him for his autograph. Randy has trouble playing football-he fumbles all the time. Since glue doesn't help, Tim builds a training machine for Randy to exercise with.

      b: 30 Sep 92 pc: _________ w: Billy Riback d: John Pasquin
    4. "Groin Pulls"

      rc: Lisa

      Jill is cleaning out and fills a trunk with books and she wants Tim to carry it to the garage but when she feels how heavy it is, she doesn't want him to do it. Of course, Tim wants to impress Jill so he carries the trunk anyway and he pulls his groin muscle but doesn't tell Jill. Randy has got the role as Peter Pan in the school play but he can't fly because the school hasn't got anyone to build a machine so he can do it. Tim insists that he himself builds and tries it.

      b: 7 Oct 92 pc: _________ w: Howard J. Morris d: John Pasquin
    5. "Heavy Meddle"
      gs: Eileen Brennan [ Wanda ], Dion Anderson [ Hank ], Betsy Randle [ Karen ], Tony Carreiro [ Dave ], Jessica Tuck [ Leslie ], Tom Gallop [ Bob ]

      Tim is finally ready to put the engine in his hot rod. So he has invited "the guys" over to put it in. When he finds out that Al and Greta broke up, he invites Al as well. When the guys arrive, they all have their wives with them, all for different reasons and when Jill wants to fix Karen up with Dave and one women suggests that they can barbecue, Tim can see where this is heading. Therefore he gets really upset and Jill must turn to Wilson to find out what she has done wrong. The boys have trouble with the McGurn brothers and Tim wants the boys to beat up the McGurns or throw some water balloons at them.

      b: 14 Oct 92 pc: _________ w: Rosalind Moore d: John Pasquin
    6. "The Haunting of Taylor House"
      gs: Jessica Wesson [ Jennifer Sudarsky ], Aaron Freeman [ Curtis ], Rider Strong [ Danny ]

      It is Halloween and Brad is having a party for his friends. He and Jennifer have decided to dress up as Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy. When she arrives, she is dressed in leather clothes just like a boy named Danny. Therefore Tim talks with Brad, asking him what he did wrong. He doesn't know but talks with Jennifer afterwards after Tim has told him that "I understand" are the two most important words you can say to a woman. Danny has bored Jennifer the whole night and is starting to annoy Jill. Therefore Tim and she agree to scare the hell out of Danny in the basement where Tim has made a "Catacomb of Terror".

      b: 28 Oct 92 pc: _________ w: Susan Estelle Jansen d: John Pasquin
    7. "Roomie for Improvement"
      gs: Mario Andretti [ Himself ], Michael Andretti [ Himself ], Debra Engle [ Cynthia ]

      Mark has chicken pox so Tim can't stay at the house because he has never had them. Since Al played a little trick on Tim on Tool Time, he wants to make it up to Tim by letting Tim stay at his apartment. Tim doesn't want to, but on the other hand, he can't get himself to tell Al Therefore he ends up at Al's where he has to listen to square dance music and watch home videos of Al's childhood. He also meets Cynthia who is Al's neighbor and she wants to meet Al but he keeps rejecting her. Race car drivers Michael and Mario Andretti are on Tool Time where they have a little test of guessing engine sounds.

      b: 4 Nov 92 pc: _________ w: Billy Riback d: John Pasquin
    8. "May the Best Man Win"
      gs: Vicki Lewis [ Maureen Binford ]

      When Tim is preparing to start the project house on Tool Time, Maureen Binford turns up and tells him that she is his new producer. She tries to change everything on Tool Time to things she likes. Al is also becoming a good friend with her and since Jill has gotten a job at "Inside Detroit" magazine Tim is all-alone to handle the problem. Even Wilson gives him bad advice so he turns to Mark. In a last try to tell Maureen who is the boss, he walks on the roof of the project house and falls all the way through it.

      b: 11 Nov 92 pc: _________ w: Maxine Lapiduss d: John Pasquin
    9. "Where There's a Will, There's a Way"
      gs: Jim Boeke [ Phil ], Wilson Raiser [ "Red" ]

      Jill finds some wills that she and Tim never finished writing. She wants to finish them now but Tim doesn't want to. When she is doing it anyway, he can't help but giving her his opinion about who should have his tools and the children. Therefore he turns to Wilson to ask him whether he should do it or not and he finds out that he could die tomorrow and ought to write the will. After all, if you rearrange the letters in his name, it spells "mortality". Mark has overheard this conversation and is now afraid that his father is going to die but Tim assures him that although his father died early it doesn't mean that he is going to die.

      b: 18 Nov 92 pc: _________ w: Howard J. Morris d: John Pasquin
    10. "Let's Did Lunch"
      gs: Betsy Randle [ Karen ], Tony Carreiro [ Dave ]

      Dave and Karen are going to the opera and Dave tells Tim that he needs Tim to say that they both had lunch together the day before. He has lied to Karen because he has seen another woman. Jill knows that Tim didn't have lunch with Dave the day before and therefore she is suspicious. She gets Tim to tell her the truth and now Tim has to confront Dave and make him tell Karen about it. Before he can do it, Karen breaks up with him and Tim is sure that Jill has told her about Dave's infidelity. Therefore Tim is confused about which lies you can tell and which you much keep a secret. On Tool Time, Tim makes Al do a wood-sniffing contest and the boys again have trouble with the McGurn brothers after the McGurns cover Mark with mud. Therefore the boys want to get revenge by building a catapult and throwing garbage in the McGurn garden.

      b: 25 Nov 92 pc: _________ w: Howard M. Gould d: John Pasquin
    11. "Abandoned Family"
      gs: Vicki Lewis [ Maureen Binford ]

      Jill is going to work and hasn't got any time to work in the house. Therefore Tim agrees to take over the responsibilities for a while and he wants to do the things his way although they may not be as effective as hers. Jill was supposed to make a gingerbread house for the PTA meeting in school but since she hasn't got the time, Tim wants to do this too. But when he forgets the boys' lunches, makes a gingerbread house which is uneatable and improves the dryer so it spins around, it becomes too much for Jill. She wonders if she is not supposed to work but Tim ensures her that he can run the house. After all, the improvement of the washing machine did work. Maureen Binford again tries to run Tool Time in a way Tim doesn't like. This time she wants to make "The Bachelor Corner with Al" with helpful household hints for the bachelors.

      b: 2 Dec 92 pc: _________ w: Rosalind Moore d: John Pasquin
    12. "I'm Scheming of a White Christmas"
      gs: Vicki Lewis [ Maureen Binford ], Cheryl Bentyne [ Herself--The Manhattan Transfer Quartet ], Tim Hauser [ Himself--The Manhattan Transfer Quartet ], Alan Paul [ Himself--The Manhattan Transfer Quartet ], Janis Siegel [ Herself--The Manhattan Transfer Quartet ]

      Randy and Brad are collecting money for the Oak Lane Children's Center and after they are finished they get the idea of taking half of the money for themselves. After all, charity begins at home. When Jill discover the comic books, video game, locket and clock that Brad and Randy have bought, they really get in trouble. They have to go down to the Children's Center and apologize and give the money back. On Tool Time, Maureen has gotten The Manhattan Transfer Quartet to sing instead of the barking dogs which Tim wanted. Al dresses up in a Santa suit and gets stuck in a chimney.

      b: 16 Dec 92 pc: _________ w: B.K. Taylor d: John Pasquin
    13. "Bell Bottom Blues"

      rc: Rock, Dwayne, Pete

      Tim is complaining about the closet space. He wants Jill to throw out some of her hats, belts and other clothes or he will "reorganize" the whole thing. When he walks upstairs with a sledge hammer, Jill tries to stop him and they agree on a new, super high-tech closet with remote control. Brad has punched a boy in school named Mickey Walker because the boy called Brad "Diaper Baby" after seeing Tim hug Brad. Therefore he doesn't want Tim to hug him anymore. Tim doesn't understand why until he has a hugging session on Tool Time. They both agree on a code language instead of caring words.

      b: 6 Jan 93 pc: _________ w: Susan Estelle Jansen d: John Pasquin
    14. "Howard's End"
      gs: Jessica Wesson [ Jennifer Sudarsky ]

      rc: Lisa

      Jennifer brings her fish over to Brad so he can take care of it while she is out of town for a few days. She says to keep the fish well-lit but because he puts it too close to the desk lamp, it dies from over-heating. Randy suggests they find another fish that looks just like it so Jennifer won't notice. Unfortunately they can't find one so they must make it look like the fish is alive so they stick a ball-bearing in its mouth so it doesn't float. Jill sees that the fish is dead and says that Brad must confront Jennifer and tell the truth and Randy helps him out by saying how worried Brad was about how Jennifer would react. Tim and Jill have a big fight over who owns what and why. He thinks that he owns her car, not because he paid for it but because he maintains it. He is also upset because Jill got her own checking account without telling him.

      b: 13 Jan 93 pc: _________ w: Stacey Hur d: Andy Cadiff
    15. "Love is a Many Splintered Thing"

      Randy is going to perform a ventriloquist act in the talent show at the school but he is nervous because his lips are moving and because he hasn't got a decent dummy. Tim has a solution to both of his problems. He cuts a dummy made of wood that looks like himself and Wilson paints it. All Randy has to do is grunt and move the dummy's mouth. Jill takes a compatibility test for herself and Tim and finds that they don't match. Jill thinks it is because she does all the compromise but Tim disagrees and he and the guys at work make another test.

      b: 20 Jan 93 pc: _________ w: Billy Riback d: Andy Cadiff

      NOTE: In the guest cast, Compton O' Neal as Phil and Diane Bellamy as Myrtle were both left out in final editing.
    16. "Dances with Tools"
      gs: Ann Miller [ Mrs. Keeney ], Dirk Lumbard [ Don Green ], Michael Pniewski [ Andy Paxton ], Gregg Daniel [ Jerry Holborne ]

      It is Tim and Jill's wedding anniversary and they are talking about giving each other gifts. Jill has bought a steering wheel for the hot rod and only wants Tim to get her a sweater she has picked out. But Tim wants to do more so he takes them both to ballroom dancing lessons. Since he isn't good at dancing and Jill is dancing with another guy, Tim is just cracking jokes and wants to impress the teacher. So when he dances with her, he spins her around so she flies out of the room and hurts herself. On Tool Time, Tim is given a certificate of appreciation for promoting safety at home and on the job. Al is not happy about this since his name isn't on the paper.

      b: 3 Feb 93 pc: _________ w: Rosalind Moore d: Andy Cadiff
    17. "You're Driving Me Crazy, You're Driving Me Nuts"
      gs: Betsy Randle [ Karen ], Kevin Scanell [ Officer Lambert ], Cleto Augusto [ Marty ]

      Tim and Jill are going to their friend Sheila's wedding and they hope that this time it is for real-Sheila has been stood up three times. Sheila has given Jill instructions for driving there but Tim is sure they don't need them but Jill brings them anyway. After Jill has asked Tim to ask for directions many times, he finally stops at a shop after ending up in the wrong state. Officer Lambert gives him directions he can't understand and after driving for a while, they end up at the same shop. When they both go in the shop, the car rolls into a ditch and Tim has to get it out so Jill goes to the wedding alone where Sheila is being stood up by her third guy.

      b: 10 Feb 93 pc: _________ w: Maxine Lapiduss d: Andy Cadiff
    18. "Bye Bye Birdie"
      gs: Jessica Wesson [ Jennifer Sudarsky ]

      An annoying woodpecker is disturbing Tim's sleep and he is trying to get rid of it in different ways. Brad is faking sick to try to avoid going to school. He won't tell Jill what is the matter but Randy tells her that Brad and Jennifer broke up. What she doesn't know is that Jennifer broke up with Brad because she wouldn't let Brad copy her homework anymore. Jill is first told when Jennifer turns up with Brad's math workbook. Then Tim and Jill try to teach Brad how to multiply compound fractions but they find it even harder than Brad.

      b: 17 Feb 93 pc: _________ w: Susan Estelle Jansen d: Andy Cadiff
    19. "Karate or Not, Here I Come"
      gs: Stuart Quan [ Robert Cho ], Perry Anzilotti [ Mike ], Mary-Pat Green [ Daphne ], Greg Collins [ Roy ], Ryan Tomlinson [ Artie ]

      rc: Lisa

      Since Mark's brothers won't let him play football with them and because he needs self-confidence, Tim and Jill agree on signing him up for one sport. Jill wants him to pick gymnastics but when Tim tells him he can pick karate, Mark wants to do that. Jill thinks that sport is a little too violent and when she visits the karate school and sees a big boy picking on Mark she gets into a fight with the boy's mother-and Tim gets hit by the mother's handbag. Even though Tim ought to have learned his lesson, he gets into trouble with the boy's father. Both Tim and Mark need to be mature enough to learn, when karate and especially violence can and should be used, Wilson tells Tim.

      b: 24 Feb 93 pc: _________ w: Billy Riback d: Andy Cadiff
    20. "Shooting Three to Make Tutu"

      Tim and the boys are going to watch the Pistons vs. Bulls game on TV but Jill wants Tim to take Mark to the ballet instead because she doesn't have time to do it herself. Tim doesn't want to because he hates ballet. Therefore he talks to Wilson about the problem and Wilson gives Tim two front-row tickets to the game for Tim to give to someone else. He convinces Mark to go to the game after only half an hour of ballet. When they get back, Tim wants Mark to "delay the truth" for Jill so she won't get upset but she finds out that they were at the game anyway. When Randy and Brad are home alone, they smoke a cigar and eat a whole bag of cookies but when Tim finds out, he makes them sorry.

      b: 3 Mar 93 pc: _________ w: Howard M. Gould d: Andy Cadiff
    21. "Much Ado About Nana"
      gs: Polly Holliday [ Nana ], Paige Tamada [ Tiffany ]

      Jill's mother Nana is coming to visit the Taylors for Mark's birthday but when she shows up, she has lost a lot of weight thanks to Tim and all his jokes on her. Jill has cleaned the house and wants it to look perfect for Nana's arrival but Nana says that it looks "nice" and that is where the problems begin. Nana tell stories about Jill and has a gift for her. Jill wants the antique clock but instead, she gets a tea set. Tim can't understand why Jill and her mother don't speak to each other about the problems and when Nana thinks that Tim and Jill are having problems, Tim tells her about Jill's problems with her.

      b: 17 Mar 93 pc: _________ w: Howard J. Morris d: Andy Cadiff
    22. "Ex Marks the Spot"
      gs: Kathleen Garret [ Stacey Lewis ]

      When Tim and Al are at Big Mike's, they meet Tim's old girlfriend Stacey Lewis. As they talk about what has happened since, Al almost invites Stacey home to meet Jill and Tim gets upset. He tells Al that he never actually broke up with her. Since Al also tells Jill about it, Tim really needs to confront Stacey. When she arrives at the Taylor house, she and Jill begin to talk about Tim and Jill finds out the truth. When Al wants to eat lunch with Stacey, Jill sets up a dinner appointment for all four but Tim finds out that Al doesn't want to see Stacey anyway. Therefore he tells Stacey that Al couldn't be there but when Al turns up and tell the truth, Tim is caught in a lie another time.

      b: 14 Apr 93 pc: _________ w: Darrel Campbell & Billy Riback d: Andy Cadiff
    23. "To Build or Not to Build"
      gs: Ann Guilbert [ Wilson's Mother ]

      rc: Lisa, Pete, Rock, Dwayne

      Mother's Day is coming up and Jill wants Tim and the boys to get something from the heart and Tim makes the boys build something for her. Therefore he makes the garage into a "man center" and Randy tries to build a birdhouse but he doesn't succeed. When Jill finds out she gets mad at Tim because he doesn't understand how important Mother's Day should be but he learns when he talks to Wilson and his mother. Instead of the birdhouse, Randy gives Jill a magic trick where he makes Tim disappear in a trunk. Unfortunately he can't get him out again and they all leave him to go to dinner.

      b: 5 May 93 pc: _________ w: Robert Zappia d: Andy Cadiff
    24. "Birth of a Hot Rod"
      gs: David Correia [ Gus ], Gene Weygandt [ Jim Lester ]

      rc: Lisa

      Tim is finally ready to start the engine of the hot rod but it won't start. Therefore he spends a lot of time fixing it and Jill is complaining about that he doesn't take time to fix the things around the house, like the doorknob, the stove and the ice dispenser. Therefore she tries to do it herself and since it doesn't work, she calls a repairman. Tim is upset, partly because he doesn't want people to know that he can't fix the small things but when Gus the repairman offers Tim to help him on his hot rod, he is happy again and finally gets his hot rod started.

      b: 12 May 93 pc: _________ w: Steve Gabriel d: Andy Cadiff
    25. "The Great Race"
      gs: Bob Vila [ Himself ], Betsy Randle [ Karen ], Lamont Johnson [ Paul ], Michael Goldfinger [ Ned ], Shawn Shea [ Stage Manager ]

      rc: Lisa

      The viewers of Tool Time vote Bob Vila as their favorite guest on Tool Time, although Tim left him out of the contest on purpose. Therefore Bob is a guest on Tool Time again and he talks about a lawn mower race he is planning. Tim wants to impress Bob so he agrees to race Bob in that race. So Tim puts a jet engine from a Chinook helicopter in his lawn mower and of course he loses control over it in the race. Mark is complaining that Randy and Brad never play with him so they promise him that they will do if he takes "the test". He must put a tadpole in his mouth but unfortunately he swallows it.

      b: 19 May 93 pc: _________ w: Carmen Finestra & David McFadzean and Matt Williams d: Andy Cadiff

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    Home Improvement (3rd Season Episode Guide)

    3rd Season 1993

    1. "Maybe, Baby"

      rc: Heidi

      Jill's sister Carol is having a baby girl and when they talk about the baby's name and Jill is going through the boys' baby toys, she wishes she could have a baby girl. Tim tells Randy and Brad that Jill always wanted a girl so they tell Mark that Jill wished that he had been a girl. Of course this upsets Mark and when Jill wants to bake a cake with him, he doesn't want to and when she finds out the truth, she tells Mark that what Randy and Brad told him isn't true. Tim is also upset because he doesn't want another child but he feels all right again when Jill tells him that they don't have the time for another child.

      b: 15 Sep 93 pc: _________ w: Bob Bendetson d: Andy Cadiff
    2. "Aisle See You in My Dreams"
      gs: Isaiah Thomas [ Himself ], Christopher Michael Moore [ Jimmy Graber ], David Graf [ Chuck Norwood ]

      rc: Heidi, Ilene

      It is Al's birthday. He is now 35 and realizes that he should get a wife soon. When he blows out the candles on the birthday cake, he wishes for a wife and when Jill hears about it, she wants to fix him up with the sister of a woman she is working with. Her name is Ilene and works as a orthodontist. Al has arranged a dinner at his apartment along with Tim and Jill and when Ilene appears, Al finds out that she is also desperate for a husband and kids. Therefore he proposes to her on Tool Time but he soon regrets it. Randy and Brad write a letter to Mark, pretending to be Isiah Thomas, the basketball player Mark has been writing letters to, asking to come for dinner. When Jill finds out, she and Tim tell Mark to get revenge.

      b: 22 Sep 93 pc: _________ w: Elliot Shoenman & Marley Sims d: Andy Cadiff
    3. "This Joke's For You"
      gs: Jimmy Lee Newman Jr. [ Jeremy Schmidt ]

      rc: Heidi

      Tim has installed an intercom in the house and given it more power. Of course, it doesn't work so he has to work on it. When Randy and his friend Jeremy are up in Randy's room, Tim gets the intercom to work and hears how Randy cracks jokes about him and calls him a goof-ball. Tim gets hurt and grounds Randy for a week. When he talks to Wilson about the problem, he realizes that Randy is entering puberty and grounding him is not the solution. So for the first time on Tool Time, Tim doesn't tell jokes or screw up anything and Al thinks that Tim is playing a trick on him. Brad has borrowed the Dickens book "David Copperfield" and wants to read it so he can talk to Jennifer about it. When he finds out that it isn't David Copperfield the magician, he suddenly doesn't feel like reading it and when Jennifer breaks up with him, it hurts Jill as much as Brad.

      b: 29 Sep 93 pc: _________ w: Howard J. Morris d: Andy Morris
    4. "A Sew, Sew Evening"
      gs: Mariangela Pino [ Marie ], Robert Picardo [ Joe ]

      rc: Heidi

      Joe and Marie Morton have just moved in across the alley and Joe is trying to get to know Tim, but Tim finds him really annoying. Accidentally, Joe gets the grill on the hot rod dented, but Tim tries not to get too upset. Instead, he tries to get rid of Joe by telling him that he has to take care of Jill, and Joe gets the idea that Jill is drinking. Unfortunately, Jill has become good friends with Joe's wife Marie and when they are all going out for dinner, Jill finds out what Tim said. Later, Tim makes up with Joe after Joe buys him an original '33 grill for his hot rod. Brad has signed up for elective in school and he picks home economics to get to meet girls, but when all the other boys in his class do the same, he regrets it.

      b: 6 Oct 93 pc: _________ w: Rosalind Moore d: Andy Cadiff
    5. "Arrivederci, Binford"
      gs: William Allen Young [ Gus ]

      rc: Heidi, Pete, Dwayne

      On Tool Time, Tim gets the horrible news that his boss, Mr. Binford, has died of a heart attack. Al knows that Tim felt Mr. Binford was like a father to him and therefore Al thinks that Tim should mourn over Mr. Binford. Tim doesn't feel like it, probably because he has taught the boys that guys don't cry. But Jill assures him that there is nothing wrong with crying. Wilson thinks that crying is just one way of mourning so Tim has to find his own way to say good-bye to John Binford. Therefore, Tim gives Mr. Binford a twenty-four gun salute on Tool Time.

      b: 13 Oct 93 pc: _________ w: Elliot Shoenman d: Andy Cadiff
    6. "Crazy for You"
      gs: Mariangela Pino [ Marie ]

      rc: Heidi

      It is Halloween and Jill plans to get even with Tim "The King of Halloween" Taylor, who always plays tricks on her and everybody else on Halloween. Marie pretends to be "Rose," a fan of Tim on Tool Time. She sends him cookies but Wilson thinks they might be poisoned. When "Rose" calls Tim at home, she says that she loves and wants him. In no time, Tim is a total wreck, picking up a bat before he opens the door and so on. Just before shooting a Tool Time show, he realizes that the audience is full of women from a "Sharpshooter's Club" and he gets a letter from "Rose" telling him that she is sitting in the front row and that she will be at the party tonight.

      b: 27 Oct 93 pc: _________ w: Bob Bendetson d: Andy Cadiff
    7. "Blow Up"
      gs: Mariangela Pino [ Marie ], Robert Picardo [ Joe ]

      Jill has prepared for a long time long for a fund-raiser for the library and a lot of people give her a dinner in her honor. Marie has arranged a surprise for Jill-Tim is going to deliver a picture of her so the photo lab can blow it up so everybody can sign it. Unfortunately, when Marie reminds Tim that there is only half an hour to deliver it in, Tim picks Jill's driver's license photo and gets it blown up. It is a really bad picture of Jill and she is of course upset. When Tim tells Jill that it was Marie's fault and she finds out it wasn't, she accuses Tim for not understanding how important this night was for her. Al and the boys go to a miniature golf course and when Brad gets a hole-in-one, Al gets upset and then gets suspended from the golf course.

      b: 3 Nov 93 pc: _________ w: Rosalind Moore & Howard J. Morris d: Andy Cadiff
    8. "Be True to Your Tool"
      gs: Joel Polis [ Wes Davidson ], Laura Pacheco [ Secretary ]

      rc: Heidi

      Wes Davidson, the new president of Binford Tools, meets Tim after the show and shows him a new prototype of a reciprocating saw that he wants Tim to promote on Tool Time. When Tim brings it home and takes it apart, he finds out that the saw is an inferior and bad tool. Therefore he doesn't want to promote it on the show but when he and Al visit Wes, he tells Tim that he is able to cancel the show unless Tim promotes the saw. Jill says she will be behind Tim whatever solution he chooses, but he comes out with an idea that both saves his job and stops production of the saw. The boys get to buy groceries for the first time and they have found a good way to save money to buy delicacies.

      b: 10 Nov 93 pc: _________ w: Bruce Ferber d: Andy Cadiff
    9. "Dollars and Sense"
      gs: David Wohl [ Salesman ]

      rc: Heidi, Pete, Dwayne

      Nana bought some bonds for the kids a long time ago and now the boys can get the money. They agree on going to a sporting memorabilia store and investing the money in baseball cards. When Tim sees a $140 autographed Indy car with remote control, he would really like to have it but he knows that the boys can't handle sharing one thing. They buy the car anyway but when they are eager to see it drive, they take it out in the garden and damage it. They try to repair it but Jill notices it and gets revenge big time. Tim and Al are doing salute to high steel and when visiting the building the K & B Construction guys are working on, Tim falls through the roof of a port-a-potty.

      b: 17 Nov 93 pc: _________ w: Bob Bendetson & Bruce Ferber d: Andy Cadiff
    10. "A Frozen Moment"

      rc: Heidi, Ilene

      It is Thanksgiving Day and Al and Ilene are coming over for Thanksgiving dinner. Tim has had a vision: He doesn't want the same old boring Christmas card photo. This time he wants to show the spirit of the Taylor family as they are. They will have to wear costumes at the North Pole in the "Christmas village" he is going to build. That means the boys have to wear elves costumes, which they don't want to and the snow machine doesn't work properly and smashes the garden door. On Tool Time, Tim and Al present the "man's bathroom" which has everything a man could need when sitting in it.

      b: 24 Nov 93 pc: _________ w: Max Eisenberg d: Andy Cadiff
    11. "Feud for Thought"
      gs: Lee Garlington [ Joanie Graham ], Michael Toland [ Jack Graham ], Bonnie Kendall [ Pam Kendall ], Natalie Core [ Mrs. Grabowski ], Leigh Ann Orsi [ Ashley ], Tom Simmons [ Hotel Clerk ]

      Jill finds out that there is a school reunion and she wants to go, although she will undoubtedly meet her old friend Joanie Graham who stole her boyfriend, Jack, 20 years ago; therefore, Jill didn't go to her high school prom. When they all get together, Joanie wants to talk about "it" and Jill finds out the truth why she hasn't heard from Joanie since the incident. While they are talking, Tim and Jack are trying to fix the amplifier at the reunion. At home, Al is staying with the boys and Brad's new girlfriend Ashley. He tries very hard to control both Brad, Ashley and Randy's bronchitis but Randy locks him out of the house when it is getting too much. Fortunately, Wilson has some extra keys.

      b: 1 Dec 93 pc: _________ w: Elliot Shoenman & Marley Sims d: Andy Cadiff
    12. "'Twas the Blight Before Christmas"
      gs: Alan Fudge [ Reverend McDonnell ]

      rc: Heidi

      It is Christmas time and Tim wants to win the Christmas lighting contest which Doc Johnson has won the last nine years. He doesn't understand why every time he puts something up on the roof, Doc has already done it right before him. He finds out that Randy has been talking to Doc's granddaughter and she pumped him for information. Brad wants to spend Christmas skiing with Tom Wheeler's family because they invited him but since it is on Christmas Day, Tim and Jill won't let him go. When the family except Brad are in the church, Tim walks home to talk to Brad, but he finds out that Brad is on his way to go skiing.

      b: 15 Dec 93 pc: _________ w: B.K. Taylor d: Andy Cadiff
    13. "Slip Sleddin' Away"
      gs: Francesca P. Roberts [ Marge ], Lowell Sanders [ Buzz ], John Volstad [ Bob ]

      When Randy comes home from sledding, he is upset because he lost a race to Vinnie McGurn who challenged him. He wants to get even by beating him up but Tim suggests that he can improve the sled and that Randy should challenge Vinnie to another race. When he does, Randy sprains his arm and needs to go to the emergency room. Everybody there knows Tim and he is glad to be there without being a patient but that soon changes. Jill is upset because she doesn't like the idea that Randy could get hurt in the race but when she finds out that Randy wants to race because he has to fight back because he is the shortest boy in his class, she realizes that she was wrong after all.

      b: 5 Jan 94 pc: _________ w: Rosalind Moore & Howard J. Morris d: Andy Cadiff
    14. "Dream On"

      rc: Heidi, Ilene

      Al is not in a good mood and doesn't want to come to dinner at the Taylors' with Ilene. Tim gets Al to tell that he is upset because Ilene had a dream about Tim riding a golden stallion wearing tight bicycle shorts. Al wants to be the guy riding the horse and feels like he is not man enough for Ilene. Tim talks Al into coming for dinner anyway and when Al and Ilene arrive, she accidentally mentions a horse, and Tim starts joking about stallions and bicycle shorts. When Ilene realizes that Al told Tim and Tim told Jill about the dream, she breaks up with Al

      b: 12 Jan 94 pc: _________ w: Paul Wolff d: Andy Cadiff
    15. "Reel Men"
      gs: Mariangela Pino [ Marie ]

      rc: Ilene

      Al wants to buy an ice fishing shanty and wants Tim to go fishing with him. At first Tim won't but when he finds out that Jill has invited Marie and Ilene over to watch musicals, talk about men and remove unnecessary body hair, he accepts to go fishing. When they arrive, Tim has brought a TV and watches football when Al wants to fish and talk. Since they don't catch anything, Tim suggests that they make the hole bigger. When he tries to do that, he falls through it and loses the car keys so they have to call Wilson to bring them a spare set. In addition, Tim "improves" the heater so the shanty burns down.

      b: 26 Jan 94 pc: _________ w: Ron Bloomberg d: Peter Filsinger
    16. "The Colonel"
      gs: M. Emmet Walsh [ The Colonel ]

      Jill's father, a retired Army colonel, comes to visit. He asks for Jill's and Tim's opinions on a military book he has written. The book is very boring and Jill has trouble telling her father the truth. On a lighter note, Randy becomes a hockey goalie and Tim builds a puck machine so he can practice. After a couple of tweaks, the shooter works almost too well.

      b: 9 Feb 94 pc: _________ w: Rosalind Moore & Howard J. Morris d: Andy Cadiff
    17. "Room for Change"

      rc: Heidi

      Brad complains that Randy bugs him all the time when he is on the phone. Tim wants to move Randy in with Mark but Jill thinks they can talk things through. When Jill is not home, Tim makes Mark and Brad switch rooms. Mark is happy about it but Randy isn't until Jill explains him the benefits. On Tool Time, Tim plays a prank on Al with a "soundproof" booth.

      b: 2 Mar 94 pc: _________ w: Jon Vandergriff d: Andy Cadiff
    18. "The Eve of Construction"
      gs: Mariangela Pino [ Marie ], Leigh Ann Orsi [ Ashley ], Kimberly Aiken [ Herself ], Jimmy Carter [ Himself ], John Elway [ Himself ], Eric Hipple [ Himself ], Evander Holyfield [ Himself ], Sean Jones [ Himself ], Kenny O'Brien [ Himself ], Bill Pickel [ Himself ], Kelvin Pritchitt [ Himself ], Ray Baker [ Inspector ]

      rc: Heidi

      Tim and Al get some famous people together to build for Habitat for Humanity. Jill wants to help but Tim explains that married people shouldn't work together. Jill gets on Al's team together with other women-and Wilson. Tim thinks that he can build his house faster than the "girls" team but has to admit that "men are equal to women". Brad finds a gold locket on the street and gives it to Ashley but when he finds out it belongs to Marie, he has to get it back but is afraid to tell Ashley the truth.

      b: 9 Mar 94 pc: _________ w: Rosalind Moore and Howard J. Morris and Elliot Shoenman & Marley Sims d: Andy Cadiff

      NOTE: Ray Baker was uncredited in his role as the building inspector. Also, Ray Baker was married to Patricia Richardson during the filming and airing of this episode. They divorced in 1996.
    19. "Too Many Cooks"
      gs: Angela Paton [ Irma ], Anndi McAfee [ Beth ], Leigh Ann Orsi [ Ashley ]

      rc: Heidi

      After a taping of Tool Time, the staff begins to set up the Cooking with Irma decorations and Al and Tim talk with Irma. She tells them that she can't host next week's shows because her daughter had a baby. Therefore she wants Al to host the show with Tim as his assistant. They agree and when they do the show, Tim tries to crack jokes like on Tool Time, but the female audience only laughs at Al's cheap one-liners. Tim doesn't feel good about it and wants to quit but Jill makes him change his mind. Randy was been staring at a girl named Beth in the class photo and wants to meet her so Brad sets up a meeting at home. Randy tries to be cool but he only says dumb things but luckily Wilson is there to help him out.

      b: 16 Mar 94 pc: _________ w: Bob Bendetson & Bruce Ferber d: Andy Cadiff
    20. "It Was the Best of Tims, It Was the Worst of Tims"
      gs: Melissa Christopher [ Nora ], Alice Carter [ Linda ], Al Fann [ Felix ], Amy Steel [ Eve ]

      rc: Heidi

      When Jill throws a baby shower for a friend at work, Tim charms all the women there. Jill wants him to stay home afterwards for some romance but Tim has promised to go to the demolition derby with the boys. When he returns home and Jill is all excited, Tim spoils it all. After a talk to Wilson, Tim finds out what he has done wrong and makes up for it.

      b: 30 Mar 94 pc: _________ w: Rosalind Moore & Howard J. Morris d: Andy Cadiff
    21. "Fifth Anniversary"
      gs: Michael Andretti [ Himself ], Johnny Rutherford [ Himself ], Joel Polis [ Wes Davidson ], Lois deBanzie [ Mrs. Binford ]

      rc: Heidi, Benny

      Tool Time features a "man's kitchen" with all the amenities. But when planning a big production for the fifth anniversary show, Tim finds out that the kitchen show has blown Tool Time's budget. So for the anniversary show we get a peek back at the first episode of Tool Time. Al and Jill surprise Tim with race car driver guest stars.

      b: 6 Apr 94 pc: _________ w: Howard Bendetson & Art Everett d: Andy Cadiff
    22. "Swing Time"
      gs: Victoria Principal [ Les Thompson ], Drake Bell [ Little Pete ]

      rc: Heidi, Pete

      Tool Time features changes at the K & B Construction site-and those changes include a woman foreman, Les. Tim challenges her to a battle of tools. For Mother's Day, Tim and the boys want to get rid of the swing set on their patio and surprise Jill with a hot tub in its place. The surprise is on them; however, she'd rather have an herb garden and Tim finds out that the swing set means more to them than he first thought.

      b: 4 May 94 pc: _________ w: B.K. Taylor d: Andy Cadiff
    23. "What You See Is What You Get"

      rc: Heidi, Ilene

      Jill does research on cosmetic surgery and plays with a computer program that cam change a person's look. Jill then finds out that Tim would prefer her with surgery than the way she looks now. The boys play games with Tim where the winner has to clean up in the house.

      b: 11 May 94 pc: _________ w: Tim Allen & Diane Ford d: Andy Cadiff
    24. "Reality Bytes"
      gs: Joanna Daniels [ Molly Lauden ], Lt. Col. Thomas Akers [ Himself ], Lt. Cmdr. Kenneth D. Bowersox [ Himself ], Col. Richard O. Covey [ Himself ], Dr. Jeffrey Hoffman [ Himself ], Dr. Story Musgrave [ Himself ], Dr. Claude Nicollier [ Himself ]

      rc: Heidi

      Randy discovers a singles bulletin board on his computer. He poses as a 32-year-old dermatologist and corresponds with 25-year-old Molly in St. Louis. He plagiarizes the love letters Tim wrote to Jill in college, and Jill discovers the ruse when Molly comes for a surprise visit. Tim "helps" Mark with his science project. Six shuttle astronauts from the NASA Endeavor Space Shuttle Crew guest star on Tool Time.

      b: 18 May 94 pc: _________ w: Matthew Miller & Barrie Nedler d: Peter Filsinger
    25. "The Great Race II"
      gs: Bob Vila [ Himself ], Shashawnee Hall [ Audience Member #1 ], Peg Dirolf [ Audience Member #2 ], Laurie Faso [ Audience Member #3 ]

      rc: Heidi

      Tim suggests an auction of the "Tool Man" to help Jill raise money for the library. Jill appears on Tool Time as the auctioneer, and Al has a surprise entry-Bob Vila, who brings in more money in the auction than Tim. Tim challenges Bob to a hot rod race, but that presents a problem because Tim's car isn't even finished yet.

      b: 25 May 94 pc: _________ w: Jon Vandergriff d: Andy Cadiff

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    Home Improvement (4th Season Episode Guide)

    4th Season 1994

    1. "Back in the Saddle Shoes Again"
      gs: Mariangela Pino [ Marie ]

      rc: Heidi

      Tim is less than sensitive when Jill is laid off and decides that she wants to go back to college. Initially Tim has reservations as he is afraid that he will lose her to smarter guys. On Tool Time, Al and Tim have a dry-walling competition which Al easily wins.

      b: 20 Sep 94 pc: _________ w: Bruce Ferber d: Andy Cadiff
    2. "Don't Tell Momma"
      gs: Daniel Bryan Cartmell [ Scotty ], Tom LaGrua [ Eddie McCormack ]

      Tim lectures Jill about improper care of her car after she touches up a scratch with nail polish. However, on a special Tool Time, Tim drops a three-ton beam on Jill's car and tries to hide the car from her. Meanwhile Brad and Randy get kicked off the school bus for gluing Vinnie McGurn's butt crack, as he was bullying them. As Randy puts it, "As of three p.m., he's closed for business."

      b: 27 Sep 94 pc: _________ w: Rosalind Moore & Howard J. Morris d: Andy Cadiff
    3. "Death Begins at Forty"
      gs: Al Fann [ Felix ]

      rc: Heidi, Harry, Benny

      Harry, the hardware store owner, has a heart attack, and Tim begins to worry about his health, as he is approaching his 40th birthday. Wilson tells Tim that everything will be okay, as he said that he had a heart attack, and he's fine now. The boys give Tim a `Tool Man', and Jill arranges for Tim to fly in a jet. On Tool Time, Tim and Al are shrunk to go inside a small block 350 engine.

      b: 4 Oct 94 pc: _________ w: Bob Bendetson d: Andy Cadiff
    4. "The Eyes Don't Have It"
      gs: Anndi McAfee [ Beth ]

      rc: Heidi

      Mark's teacher wants to meet with Tim and Jill; Mark is having problems at school. Tim and Jill try to figure out what is wrong. Jill thinks that the problem could be that she is neglecting Mark, because of Tim and her busy schedules but both miss the real problem: Mark needs glasses and is afraid of looking stupid. Al bores the studio audience, Heidi and Tim with the history of linoleum.

      b: 11 Oct 94 pc: _________ w: Jon Vandergriff d: Andy Cadiff
    5. "He Ain't Heavy, He's Just Irresponsible"

      rc: Heidi, Marty

      Tim's brother, Marty, comes by and tells Tim he leaving his wife and newborn twins. Tim tells Marty that things will get better, but that turns Marty against Tim. Also Tim puts a hole in the floor while trying to install a central vacuum. Jill needs to finish her psychology paper, but there are too many distractions.

      b: 18 Oct 94 pc: _________ w: Elliot Shoenman & Marley Sims d: Andy Cadiff
    6. "Borland Ambition"

      rc: Heidi, Harry, Ilene, Benny

      Jill says no to Tim's desire to buy into a hardware store, so Al buys into it instead, and is less than a "silent partner". Tim is also annoyed when Al starts advertising Harry's Hardware on Tool Time. Tim saves Al's relationship with Ilene as Al is spending too much time in the hardware store. Meanwhile, Mark wins a Halloween competition when he goes dressed as Al

      b: 25 Oct 94 pc: _________ w: Bob Bendetson & Bruce Ferber d: Andy Cadiff
    7. "Let's Go to the Videotape"
      gs: Tom LaGrua [ Eddie McCormack ], Bill Saluga [ Man #1 ], Ed Hooks [ Man #2 ], Lowell Sanders [ Man #3 ]

      rc: Heidi, Harry, Ilene

      Tim videotapes Jill's speech at the library, then accidentally leaves the record button on when he critiques her performance for his hardware store buddies. When Jill screens the tape, she sees Tim referring to her as "the big bopper of boredom". Tim redeems himself by reading Jill's psychology books, and re-recording a competition with the guys at the hardware store.

      b: 8 Nov 94 pc: _________ w: Howard J. Morris d: Andy Cadiff
    8. "Quibbling Siblings"

      rc: Heidi

      Jill tries to explain to Tim that middle son Randy's scrapping with his brothers is really a bid for his share of Tim's attention, which the boy feels he is definitely not getting. This is made worse when Brad is made Tim's assistant on Tool Time when Al can't make it. Meanwhile, Brad is very nervous around Heidi as he has a crush on her.

      b: 15 Nov 94 pc: _________ w: Paul Wolff d: Andy Cadiff
    9. "My Dinner with Wilson (a.k.a. My Dinner at Wilson's)"
      gs: James Cromwell [ Fred ], Julie Cobb [ Francine ], William Thomas Jr. [ Appraiser ], Noelle North [ Voice ]

      While entertaining the Taylor family for Thanksgiving, Wilson announces that he's moving away. But Tim tries to keep Wilson as a neighbor-and gets a peek at life from the other side of the fence. However, Tim advises Wilson for once, quoting Mario Andretti, and Wilson decides to stay.

      b: 22 Nov 94 pc: _________ w: Elliot Shoenman & Marley Sims d: Andy Cadiff
    10. "Ye Olde Shoppe Teacher"
      gs: Dick O'Neill [ Art Leonard ], Murray Rubinstein [ Larry ], Michael Kaufman [ Frankie ]

      rc: Heidi, Benny

      Tim is paid a visit by his favorite high-school shop teacher, Mr. Leonard. Jill learns that this is the man who first recognized, aided and abetted Tim's unnatural need for "more power". But guest-appearing on Tool Time, Mr. Leonard has to admit that arthritis has ruined his hands and he can't cut metal any more. But when Tim tries to help out, Mr. Leonard get angry and leaves. After a talk to Wilson, Tim decides to pay Mr. Leonard a visit.

      b: 29 Nov 94 pc: _________ w: Howard J. Morris d: Andy Cadiff
    11. "Some Like It Hot Rod"
      gs: Ben Gillespie [ Mikey ], John Webb [ Norman ], Christopher Ogden [ Steven ]

      rc: Heidi

      Tim has a shot at getting the family hot rod featured in a major automotive magazine, but Jill almost spoils it because of her own busy agenda with Mark's fourth-grade Christmas Pageant. She has to use the garage, so she puts the hot rod outside right before a snowstorm. Trying to make it the deadline anyway, Tim acquires help from Al to clean up the hot rod, but they both fall asleep.

      b: 6 Dec 94 pc: _________ w: Neil Kramer & Ned Teitelbaum d: Andy Cadiff
    12. "'Twas the Night Before Chaos"
      gs: M. Emmet Walsh [ The Colonel ], Polly Holliday [ Lillian ], Jensen Daggett [ Nancy ]

      rc: Heidi, Marty

      Tim's brother Marty and his wife Nancy are visiting for the holidays with their new twin baby girls. Jill's parents also come from Texas and their bickering threatens to spoil Christmas. Jill and Tim try to help her parents solve their marital problems. As usual, Tim goes all out to beat Doc Johnson in the lighting contest. On the Christmas edition of Tool Time, we see ice sculpting with a chain saw.

      b: 13 Dec 94 pc: _________ w: Rosalind Moore d: Andy Cadiff
    13. "The Route of All Evil"
      gs: Mariangela Pino [ Marie ]

      rc: Heidi

      Brad's plying of his early-morning newspaper route causes his schoolwork to suffer, but he's afraid to quit the job and disappoint Tim so instead he pays Mark to do his duties and Randy to do his homework. Jill is so busy with her finals that Marie agrees to do the cooking which delights Tim and the boys. On Tool Time, Tim and Al present burglar alarms.

      b: 3 Jan 95 pc: _________ w: Lloyd Garver d: Andy Cadiff
    14. "Brother, Can You Spare a Hot Rod?"
      gs: Bruce McGill [ Doug O'Brien ], Larry Flash Jenkins [ Bud ], Anndi McAfee [ Beth ], Jay Leno [ Jay ], Laura Hill [ Salesclerk ], Rocky Giordani [ Fred (uncredited) ], Bob Neches [ (uncredited) ]

      Tim gets his hot rod in a show and without consulting his family, he decides to sell it. Tim has a tough time coming up with a reason he did it-other than all the little zeros that have made it a big-money deal. Desperately trying to get the car back, Tim and Brad decide to buy one to rebuild instead. Even though Randy doesn't like it, Jill takes him shopping for clothes. He's afraid she'll embarrass him in front of someone he knows.

      b: 10 Jan 95 pc: _________ w: Jan Vandergriff d: Andy Cadiff
    15. "Super Bowl Fever"
      gs: David Krieg [ Himself ], Kelvin Pritchitt [ Himself ], Chris Spielman [ Himself ], Murray Rubinstein [ Larry ]

      rc: Pete, Harry, Benny

      Tim's plans for the Super Bowl party to end all parties are interrupted when Jill comes down with a fever and Tim has to devote his time to her care. But The Super Bowl comes only once a year, and Tim tries, unsuccessfully, to take care of his wife and entertain the guys.

      b: 31 Jan 95 pc: _________ w: Rosalind Moore & Howard J. Morris d: Andy Cadiff
    16. "Bachelor of the Year"
      gs: Cecily Adams [ Dana ], Dorothy Brooks [ Shelley ], Jolie Jackunas [ Christine ], Sonia Jackson [ Receptionist ], Peg Dirolf [ Woman #1 ], Rose Portillo [ Woman #2 ], Lucy Liu [ Woman #3 ], Rebecca Staab [ Debbie Carver (uncredited) ]

      rc: Heidi, Ilene

      Mark has to do a school project on the most interesting person he knows. Of course Tim thinks it should be himself, while Mark decides he'd rather do it on Wilson. Al gets written up in a Detroit magazine as one of the city's "Most Eligible Bachelors" and the women begin flocking after him. Al's ego inflates ten times its normal, his behavior changes and he alienates everyone around him, especially Ilene. Finally, Tim brings Al down to earth by being a true friend and telling Al the "truth," that one of the reasons the women were going crazy over him was because they added an extra zero on to what his salary was in the magazine article.

      b: 7 Feb 95 pc: _________ w: Rosalind Moore d: Peter Filsinger
    17. "It's My Party"
      gs: Francesca P. Roberts [ Marge ], Mark L. Taylor [ Bert Russell ], Kimberly Cullum [ Michelle ], John Volstad [ Bob ], Andrew Amic-Angelo [ Sherman ], David Carter [ Dance Double ]

      rc: Heidi

      Tim wants to throw a snowmobile party for Randy's birthday party but Randy would rather have a coed party, and Tim decides to build a polished dance floor instead-with 16 layers of polish. At the party, Randy decides to ask a girl named Michelle to dance, but she falls and hurts her ankle. She has a very protective father who nearly didn't let her go to the party, so he's not impressed with the news and the fact that Tim runs around the house with no trousers on.

      b: 14 Feb 95 pc: _________ w: Thad Mumford d: Andy Cadiff
    18. "A House Divided"
      gs: Ralph Manza [ Stan ]

      rc: Heidi, Harry, Benny

      Tim's free-loading friend, Benny, moves into his aunt's house while she is away. There is a gas leak and Tim does a Tool Time special but accidentally blows up the house. Benny moves in with the Taylors' and drives them nuts, so they rebuild the blown-up house to get rid of Benny.

      b: 21 Feb 95 pc: _________ w: Bruce Ferber & Lloyd Garver d: Andy Cadiff
    19. "The Naked Truth"
      gs: Jensen Daggett [ Nancy ], Earl Billings [ Mike ], Johnson West [ Stage Manager ], Milton Canady [ Construction Worker ]

      rc: Heidi, Marty

      Tim gets flustered when, thinking he is surprising Jill in the shower, he walks-clothed only in his birthday suit-into the master bathroom and sees his sister-in-law, Nancy, naked in the shower. Tim convinces her to keep it a secret. Almost immediately, however, Tim's guilt starts rising to the surface. His problem is compounded when his brother reveals he got the job he was interviewing for and will be moving to Detroit with his family. Finally, unable to put up with Tim's odd behavior anymore, his sister-in-law confesses the dark secret to Jill and her husband.

      b: 28 Feb 95 pc: _________ w: Elliot Shoenman & Marley Sims d: Andy Cadiff
    20. "Talk to Me"
      gs: Jim Breuer [ Jim ], Dave Chappelle [ Dave ]

      rc: Heidi

      Jill gets mad when, after she gives Tim a lecture about helping around the house, she overhears him on Tool Time say that women are born to nag. This comment, which was offered to two young bachelors who needed some help with their girlfriends, causes Jill to get even angrier at him. Wilson helps Tim see that part of Jill's anger may be related to her impending graduate school exam, so Tim makes up on the air and helps the two bachelors mend fences at the same time.

      b: 14 Mar 95 pc: _________ w: Carmen Finestra & David McFadzean and Matt Williams d: Andy Cadiff
    21. "No, No, Godot"
      gs: Robby Gordon [ Himself ], Derrick Walker [ Himself ], Max Gail [ Officer Carl Keegan ], Mike Grief [ George ], Jennifer Lyon-Buchanan [ Woman in Audience ], Sam Whipple [ Usher ], Clive Rosengren [ Policeman ], Randy Kovitz [ Man in Audience ], Rif Hutton [ Man at Arena ], Raffi Di Blasio [ Boy ]

      rc: Ilene

      Tim and Al dodge a night at the theater to scalp hockey tickets, then get arrested and spend 45 minutes in jail. Brad and Randy want to go to a party while Wilson is baby-sitting so Mark paper-maches Wilson.

      b: 21 Mar 95 pc: _________ w: Bob Bendetson d: Andy Cadiff
    22. "Tool Time After Dark (1)"

      Tim overindulges on Polish food and is kept awake through the night with an upset stomach. He takes advantage of the occasion to review tapes of some outstanding episodes of Tool Time.

      b: 11 Apr 95 pc: _________ w: Elliot Shoenman & Marley Sims d: Andy Cadiff

      NOTE: This episode originally aired as a one-hour special.
    23. "Tool Time After Dark (2)"

      Tim overindulges on Polish food and is kept awake through the night with an upset stomach. He takes advantage of the occasion to review tapes of some outstanding episodes of Tool Time.

      b: 11 Apr 95 pc: _________ w: Elliot Shoenman & Marley Sims d: Andy Cadiff

      NOTE: This episode originally aired as a one-hour special.
    24. "Sisters and Brothers"
      gs: Jensen Daggett [ Nancy ], Tudi Roche [ Carrie ], Keith Lehman [ Cal Borland ]

      rc: Heidi, Marty

      Tim gets stuck in the middle when Jill's career-driven sister, Carrie, comes to observe Jill's world so she can decide if the married life would suit her, too. Meanwhile Tim's brother, Marty, moves to Detroit and Al and his brother Cal have it out on Tool Time.

      b: 2 May 95 pc: _________ w: Rosalind Moore d: Andy Cadiff

      NOTE: This was the 100th episode produced.

      Tudi Roche is married to Richard Karn in real life.

    25. "A Marked Man"
      gs: Deb Selby [ Herself ], Steve Selby [ Himself ], Jay Lacopo [ Customer ]

      rc: Heidi, Harry

      Deb Selby, a husband calling contest champion demonstrates her calls so loudly that Tim loses his hearing for a few days. Al hesitantly approaches Tim about the possibility that one of the boys have stolen an expensive Swiss Army pocketknife from the hardware store. When Tim and Jill question the boys, no one confesses and Jill doubts her sons would steal and lie. However, when putting laundry away, Tim searches their room while Jill convinces him not too because she trusts her kids. The missing knife turns up in Mark's dirty laundry and Tim loses his temper and overreacts, leaving Jill to calm him down. Mark does not come home from school and the parents frantically call around and find him at the hardware store. Mark admits he stole the knife to impress his brothers.

      b: 9 May 95 pc: _________ w: Jon Vandergriff d: Peter Filsinger
    26. "Wilson's Girlfriend"
      gs: Beth Dixon [ Judith ], Michelle Williams [ Jessica Lutz ]

      Jill decides to set up her professor, Judith, with Wilson. Initially, Wilson and Judith hit it off, but she confides to Jill that Wilson won't open up to her. Jill tells Tim, who offers a little love advice to his fence buddy. Wilson heeds the advice and saves the relationship. Meanwhile, Brad tries everything, including makeup, to cover a pimple before his big date with a girl named Jessica.

      b: 23 May 95 pc: _________ w: Howard J. Morris d: Andy Cadiff

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    Home Improvement (5th Season Episode Guide)

    5th Season 1995

    1. "A Taylor Runs Through It"
      gs: Bonnie Hellman [ Bonnie ], Robert Gould [ Minister ]

      Jill has to go to a cousin's out-of-town wedding. Tim, however, decides to turn the trip into a "bit" of a vacation for the whole family. As a consequence, Jill is hurt physically several times.

      b: 19 Sep 95 pc: _________ w: Bruce Ferber & Lloyd Garver d: Andy Cadiff
    2. "The First Temptation of Tim"
      gs: Shirley Prestia [ Waitress; Later Dolores ], Royce D. Applegate [ Frank ]

      rc: Bud, Heidi

      Tim's new boss wants to replace Al because he isn't liked by the younger viewers. Brad is in trouble because he got both detention on the first day of school and detention during detention. On Tool Time, Tim and Al do a salute to port-a-potties.

      b: 26 Sep 95 pc: _________ w: Howard J. Morris d: Andy Cadiff
    3. "Her Cheatin' Mind"
      gs: Stephanie Dunnam [ Sharon ], Gretchen German [ June ], Terri Cavanaugh [ Jane ], Joe Urla [ Chris Harper ], Ja'net DuBois [ Carol ]

      rc: Harry, Marty, Benny

      Tim decides to join Jill's book club because he feels threatened by one of Jill's male classmates. Even though Wilson says Tim shouldn't feel that way because Tim and Jill are soul mates, Tim decides to make a fool of himself by discussing "Madama Bovary" with Jill's friends. He didn't even read the book but bought it on audiotape.

      b: 3 Oct 95 pc: _________ w: Ruth Bennett d: Andy Cadiff
    4. "Jill's Surprise Party"
      gs: Jensen Daggett [ Nancy ], Tracy Letts [ Henry ], Mariangela Pino [ Marie ], Tudi Roche [ Carrie ]

      rc: Bud, Heidi, Ilene, Benny, Marty

      Tim has plans for a surprise party for Jill, but when everybody has shown up, Jill has gone on search for an old piano. At work, Tim's boss decides to spice up Tool Time. That involves a whole new look for Al

      b: 17 Oct 95 pc: _________ w: Elliot Shoenman & Marley Sims d: Andy Cadiff
    5. "Advise and Repent"
      gs: Beth Dixon [ Judith ], Mark L. Taylor [ Bert Russell ], Kimberly Cullum [ Michelle ], Nancy Youngblut [ Dana Russell ]

      rc: Heidi

      Because Jill has gotten a grade of A on her psychology paper, she dispenses some amateur psychiatric advice. In the process she manages to cause marital problems between Randy's girlfriend's parents. On Tool Time, Al is turtle-sitting for his mother's turtle, Scooter.

      b: 24 Oct 95 pc: _________ w: Rosalind Moore d: Andy Cadiff
    6. "Let Them Eat Cake"
      gs: Jarrad Paul [ Jason ], Angela Paton [ Irma ], Marla Sokoloff [ Paige ], Lea Moreno [ Bridget ], Gregory White [ Announcer ], Adam Consolo [ Preston ]

      rc: Heidi, Ilene

      Tim, Jill, Al and Ilene are at a cable awards banquet and hope to win an award for Tool Time. Every single award usually goes to Cooking with Irma. At home, Brad throws a Halloween party for some of the "new crowd" from school.

      b: 31 Oct 95 pc: _________ w: Jon Vandergriff d: Andy Cadiff
    7. "The Look"
      gs: Shirley Prestia [ Dolores ], Vincent Guastaferro [ Nick ]

      rc: Bud, Heidi, Harry, Marty, Benny

      Tim gets a good deal on Pistons season tickets from Bud but doesn't consult with Jill before buying them for over $4000. That gives him a "look" from Jill, the same Harry gets from his wife at the hardware store. Suddenly Tim is the most popular among his friends but he realizes that he probably overdid it and decides to sell some of the tickets.

      b: 7 Nov 95 pc: _________ w: Elliot Shoenman & Marley Sims d: Andy Cadiff
    8. "Room Without a View"

      rc: Heidi

      After Randy decides that he can't stand Mark after his history paper is ruined, Tim decides to do a Tool Time project in his home and convert the basement into a room for Randy. After the room is finished, Randy has difficulty admitting that he's afraid to sleep there by his lonesome self.

      b: 14 Nov 95 pc: _________ w: Jon Vandergriff d: Andy Cadiff
    9. "Chicago Hope"
      gs: Troy Evans [ Mike McKemen ], Michael Yama [ Japanese Man #1 ], Rodney Kageyama [ Japanese Man #2 ], Wesley Leong [ Japanese Man #3 ]

      rc: Bud

      Tim and Jill's relationship has been put on hold for almost a month and Jill is tired with it. Therefore, she hopes that their trip to Chicago will change the situation. But the plans go down the drain when Bud forces Tim to attend a business meeting in the hotel where Tim and Jill are staying.

      b: 21 Nov 95 pc: _________ w: Teresa O'Neill d: Andy Cadiff
    10. "Doctor in the House"
      gs: Jim Beaver [ Duke Miller ], Marcia Rodd [ Barbara Burton ], Janet MacLachlan [ Dean Cummings ], Walter Addison [ Professor Garver ], Ritchie Montgomery [ Delivery Man ]

      rc: Heidi

      Tim gets an honorary Ph.D. Psychology student Jill and Al are less than thrilled. Even Wilson seems upset. Tim thinks he was chosen because of Tool Time, but when Tim is accepting his degree, he finds out the real truth.

      b: 28 Nov 95 pc: _________ w: Bruce Ferber & Lloyd Garver d: Andy Cadiff
    11. "That's My Momma"
      gs: Bonnie Bartlett [ Lucille ], Dick O'Neill [ Art Leonard ]

      rc: Marty

      Tim's visiting mother doesn't want to spend time with him but goes out with Tim's old shop teacher, Mr. Leonard. Friends and family suggest that Tim might try talking about more personal matters with her. He thinks he isn't able to do that.

      b: 5 Dec 95 pc: _________ w: Rosalind Moore & Howard J. Morris d: Andy Cadiff
    12. "'Twas the Flight Before Christmas"
      gs: Tom Poston [ The Clerk ], Connie Sawyer [ Old Lady ], Marcy Goldman [ Flight Attendant ], Sydney Anderson [ Attractive Woman ]

      rc: Heidi, Ilene

      Tim and Al get stranded in the airport on Christmas Eve on the way to a winter festival which Binford sponsors. Ilene thinks Al is too attached to his mother and makes him choose between them. The boys beat Doc Johnson in the lighting contest without Tim's help. On Tool Time, Tim and Al do a salute to electricity.

      b: 12 Dec 95 pc: _________ w: Jon Vandergriff d: Andy Cadiff
    13. "Oh, Brother"
      gs: Kristin Clayton [ Angela ]

      rc: Heidi, Harry, Marty, Benny

      Although Tim thinks it is a bad idea, he hires his brother Marty to rebuild the Tool Time set, after Marty is laid off. They get on each other's nerves and put their friendship in jeopardy. At home and on Tool Time, Tim tries to boil fish in the dishwasher.

      b: 9 Jan 96 pc: _________ w: Ruth Bennett d: Andy Cadiff
    14. "High School Confidential"
      gs: Miguel Sandoval [ Mr. Jennings ], Milton Canady [ Milton ]

      rc: Heidi

      Randy's science and math abilities land him in classes at the high school where his older brother Brad feels overshadowed. Meanwhile Tim and Al introduce the "man's bedroom" on Tool Time.

      b: 16 Jan 96 pc: _________ w: Bruce Ferber & Lloyd Garver d: Andy Cadiff

      NOTE: Heidi is not in this episode, although she is mentioned in the credits.
    15. "Tanks for the Memories"
      gs: Tim Grimm [ Lt. Col. McDougal ], Vaughn Armstrong [ Lt. Col. Hall ]

      rc: Heidi

      Tim and Jill are squaring off in a tank-driving competition on an obstacle course. Jill, raised as the daughter of an Army officer, turns out to be quite the commando, while Tim's tank tactics of course, end in disaster. Tim doesn't realize that he should praise Jill for her good driving, instead he feels that she humiliated him.

      b: 30 Jan 96 pc: _________ w: Bruce Ferber & Lloyd Garver d: Andy Cadiff

      NOTE: This was a special episode released in the syndication package. It aired in syndication for the first time on 11 Sep 95. It aired for the first time on ABC on 30 Jan 96.
    16. "The Vasectomy One"
      gs: Kristin Clayton [ Angela ], Caroline McWilliams [ Dr. Kaplan ], Gretchen German [ June Palmer ]

      rc: Heidi, Harry, Marty, Benny

      Jill wants Tim to undergo a vasectomy when they decide their family is complete. He agrees that they should talk to a doctor but when it is a woman, Tim wants to forget about it. Randy has been voted "best butt" by the girls in his school. On Tool Time, an air-driven furniture mover is introduced.

      b: 6 Feb 96 pc: _________ w: Rosalind Moore & Howard J. Morris d: Andy Cadiff
    17. "Fear of Flying"
      gs: Lt. Cmdr. Kenneth D. Bowersox [ Himself ], Dr. Catherine C. Coleman [ Herself ], Dr. Fred W. Leslie [ Himself ], Dr. Albert Sacco [ Himself ], Dr. Kathryn C. Thornton [ Himself ], Pat Crawford Brown [ Mrs. Kluzewsk ]

      rc: Bud, Heidi

      The Columbia astronauts make an appearance on Tool Time and show a video of them using Tim's special screwdriver on a mission. Mark wants to take flying lessons which Jill does not approve of. Jill decides to take piano lessons, to the dismay of the rest of the family. Tim and Al ruin Bud's car.

      b: 13 Feb 96 pc: _________ w: Max Eisenberg d: Andy Cadiff
    18. "When Harry Kept Delores"
      gs: Shirley Prestia [ Dolores ], Alan Jackson [ Himself ]

      rc: Heidi, Harry, Marty, Benny

      Harry's Hardware becomes less of a refuge when Harry's wife comes to work there. When the marital advice Tim gives Harry results in the breakup of his marriage, Tim takes matters into his own hands to fix what he broke. Meanwhile on Tool Time, country music superstar Alan Jackson performs his hit song, "Mercury Blues."

      b: 20 Feb 96 pc: _________ w: Jon Vandergriff d: Andy Cadiff
    19. "Eye on Tim"
      gs: Rosalind Allen [ Kelly Barnes ], Dex Sanders [ Nick ]

      rc: Heidi

      Tool Time is the subject of a local TV report, and sick Jill is not pleased with the reporter's advances toward Tim. Tim is impressed by the reporter because of her fascination of tools. She and Tim end up at Big Mike's where Tim finally realizes what she is up to.

      b: 27 Feb 96 pc: _________ w: Bruce Ferber & Lloyd Garver d: Peter Bonerz
    20. "The Bud Bowl"
      gs: Kristin Clayton [ Angela ], Bever-Leigh Banfield [ Jean Harper ], Andi Eystad [ Jessica ]

      rc: Bud

      While bowling with Bud and his wife, Tim wants Jill to throw the game to spare Bud's feelings and keep his future out of the gutter. But that creates a split between the Taylors. Brad's girlfriend, Angela, sets her sister and Randy up.

      b: 5 Mar 96 pc: _________ w: Ruth Bennett d: Andy Cadiff
    21. "Engine and a Haircut, Two Fights"
      gs: Joseph Whipp [ Kendall ]

      Brad and Tim get into a fight over Brad's new haircut and what type of engine to put into the hotrod. Randy gets a part in his school's production of "Romeo and Juliet" and is less than enthusiastic over Jill's offer to help him rehearse.

      b: 12 Mar 96 pc: _________ w: Jon Vandergriff d: Andrew Tsao
    22. "The Longest Day"

      rc: Heidi

      After a routine medical checkup for the boys it is discovered that Randy may be suffering from cancer. The family endures a long and painful wait for the results of Randy's blood test.

      b: 2 Apr 96 pc: _________ w: Elliot Shoenman & Marley Sims d: Andy Cadiff

      NOTE: According to TV Guide, the idea for this episode came from Patricia Richardson.
    23. "Mr. Wilson's Opus"
      gs: Patrick Renna [ Todd ], Laura Bell Bundy [ Sharon ], David Brisbin [ Principal Piersall ]

      rc: Heidi

      Wilson takes over as director of Randy's school play but trying to get more from the kids that they are capable of, he takes all the fun out of Shakespeare. Tim has his heart set as set designer but also gets upset when Wilson wants him to completely redesign the set.

      b: 30 Apr 96 pc: _________ w: Bruce Ferber d: Richard Compton
    24. "Shopping Around"
      gs: Bonnie Bartlett [ Lucille ], Dick O'Neill [ Art Leonard ], Vasili Bogazianos [ Antonio ]

      Tim's mother goes out with his high-school shop teacher, Art Leonard, but Tim and Jill go to a restaurant and discover Art with a younger woman. Tim ruins Art's appearance on Tool Time where we also see Wilson. Art has to tell Tim's mother the truth, but she has already found out.

      b: 7 May 96 pc: _________ w: Rosalind Moore & Howard J. Morris d: Andy Cadiff
    25. "Alarmed by Burglars"
      gs: Jarrad Paul [ Jason ], Michael Milhoan [ Office Guidry ], John Kapelos [ Sammy (uncredited) ]

      rc: Heidi, Harry, Marty, Benny

      After a burglary at Wilson's, Jill allows Tim to go all out in buying a fancy security system for their home. But it's most alarming when they keep setting it off themselves. Wilson retaliates by taking up a petition among the neighbors. Brad tries to buy the answers to a test from Jason but doesn't know that Tim has installed a video camera outside the house.

      b: 14 May 96 pc: _________ w: Charlie Hauck d: Geoffrey Nelson
    26. "Games, Flames & Automobiles"
      gs: James Hong [ Dave ], Wesley Thompson [ Phone Man ], Keith Lehman [ Cal Borland (uncredited) ]

      rc: Heidi, Ilene

      Al thinks his Tool Time board game will give him the financial security to propose to Ilene. But faulty wiring on the product sends his plan up in flames, along with his investment of his life savings.

      b: 21 May 96 pc: _________ w: Jennifer Celotta d: Peter Filsinger

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    Home Improvement (6th Season Episode Guide)

    6th Season 1996

    1. "At Sea"
      gs: Kristin Clayton [ Angela ], James Read [ Captain Jenkins ], Kivi Rogers [ Sailor No. 1 ], Harry Hutchinson [ Sailor No. 2 ]

      rc: Heidi

      Jill finds Brad making out with his girlfriend in his room. However, when Jill asks Tim to have a man-to-man talk with Brad, Tim is a little reluctant to do it. Not because he doesn't feel Brad needs it, but because it's something he's never done before with a kid. Tool Time goes to sea in another on-location shoot, with Tim, Al and Heidi boarding the U.S.S. Constellation aircraft carrier as part of their salute to engines.

      b: 17 Sep 96 pc: _________ w: Bruce Ferber & Lloyd Garver d: Andrew Tsao
    2. "Future Shock"
      gs: Francesca P. Roberts [ Marge ], Shirley Prestia [ Dolores ], Bibi Osterwald [ Mrs. Odetts ], Sidney Chankin [ Mr. Odetts ], Jack Murdock [ Old Man No. 1 ], Don Perry [ Old Man No. 2 ]

      rc: Heidi

      Jill's distress over catering to Tim's daily routine leads both to dream of their senior years, and each has a different view of how Tim's "self-discipline" has affected their lives.

      b: 24 Sep 96 pc: _________ w: Marley Sims & Eliot Shoenman d: Peter Bonerz
    3. "Workshop 'Til You Drop"
      gs: Sherman Howard [ Howard ], Ada Maris [ Mary Ellen ], Jim Jansen [ Emory ], Nancy Linari [ Clarisse ], Susan Krebs [ Sandy ], Rick Fitts [ Dave ]

      rc: Bud, Heidi

      Bud's divorce announcement makes Jill drag Tim to a couple's therapy workshop hoping to improve their communication. Good idea, bad result: Tim finally opens up-about Jill's faults.

      b: 1 Oct 96 pc: _________ w: Charlie Hauck d: Andrew Tsao
    4. "Burnin' Love"
      gs: Lucille Treganowan [ Herself ], Courtney Peldon [ Lauren ], Jarrad Paul [ Jason ]

      rc: Heidi

      Tim encourages Randy to express his true feelings for Lauren, who, like Tim, is a real car enthusiast. But Randy is crushed when he finds out that she's going out with Brad's friend, Jason. And on Tool Time well-known auto care expert Lucille Treganowan makes a special guest appearance.

      b: 8 Oct 96 pc: _________ w: Jon Vadergriff d: Geoffrey Nelson
    5. "Al's Video"
      gs: Vasili Bogazianos [ Antonio ], Al Fann [ Felix ], Victor Gonzalez [ The Cameraman ]

      rc: Heidi, Harry, Ilene

      Producer Al selects Tim to direct his how-to video. But Tim's "vision" of the project leads to creative differences-and his firing. Jill gets a computer and the boys and Ilene help install it.

      b: 15 Oct 96 pc: _________ w: Ruth Bennett d: Andrew Tsao
    6. "Whose Car Is It Anyway?"
      gs: Drew Pillsbury [ Jerry ]

      rc: Heidi

      Jill uses an inheritance to buy herself a foreign sports car, which she prohibits Tim from driving. But how often does Tim listen to Jill.

      b: 22 Oct 96 pc: _________ w: Adam England d: Andrew Tsao
    7. "I Was a Teenage Taylor"
      gs: Larry Hankin [ Larry ], Cooper Karn [ Trick-or-Treat Kid - Simba (uncredited) ]

      rc: Heidi

      In a battle of Halloween pranks, Brad and Randy score first fright, then turn Tim and Jill's retaliatory effort around on them. But who will laugh last?

      b: 29 Oct 96 pc: _________ w: Eric Horsted d: Geoffrey Nelson
    8. "Jill and Her Sisters"
      gs: Shirley Prestia [ Dolores ], Tudi Roche [ Carrie ], Carlene Watkins [ Linda ], Maryedith Burrell [ Tracy ]

      rc: Heidi

      Tim and the boys resort to camping out in the backyard when Jill's sisters, who are "neurotic, especially when they argue," arrive to help plan their parents' 50th-anniversary party. And it's neuroses on parade!

      b: 12 Nov 96 pc: _________ w: Laurie Gelman d: Andrew Tsao
    9. "The Tool Man Delivers"
      gs: Tom Poston [ Ned ], Patrick Cronin [ Sparky ]

      rc: Heidi While Tim drives Jill and a very pregnant Heidi to his Classic Car Man of the Year awards banquet, Heidi goes into labor. Jill and Tim act as coach and receiver, respectively, while Wilson instructs them over the phone.

      b: 19 Nov 96 pc: _________ w: Charlie Hauck d: Peter Bonerz
    10. "The Wood, the Bad and the Hungry"
      gs: Mario Andretti [ Himself ], Michael Andretti [ Himself ], Jack Arute [ Himself ], Lee Boek [ Joe ], Carmen Filpi [ Nick ]

      rc: Heidi, Harry, Marty, Benny, Ilene

      Benny's past boorish behavior puts him off the Taylors' holiday guest list until Tim sees him in line at a soup kitchen. Tim's change of heart is followed by a dream. In the dream, Tim gathers a myriad of items for those less fortunate and comes to realize that "real charity is about giving of yourself." Race-car drivers Michael and Mario Andretti appear on Tool Time in "The Butterball 500," a turkey-carving race, which is called by famous Indy 500 announcer Jack Arute.

      b: 26 Nov 96 pc: _________ w: Adam England d: Geoffrey Nelson

      NOTE: This episode featured a special segment in 3-D Claymation.
    11. "Workin' Man Blues"
      gs: Mitch Rouse [ Rob Ferguson ], Jarrad Paul [ Jason ], Caroline Keenan [ Holly ], J.P. Bumstead [ The Customer ]

      rc: Heidi

      Brad throws himself into his new part-time job at a sporting-goods store. But Jill and Tim become concerned when it appears that work is Brad's top priority.

      b: 10 Dec 96 pc: _________ w: Bruce Ferber & Lloyd Garver d: Peter Bonerz
    12. "No Place Like Home"
      gs: Bonnie Bartlett [ Lucille ], Thom Sharp [ Jeff ], Leslie Bibb [ Lisa ], Jim Pirri [ Greg ], Todd Glass [ Michael Taylor ], Connor McClure [ Young Tim ]

      rc: Heidi, Marty

      Tim's brothers join to help their mother move out of the family home, but Tim objects to the new owners' plans for the place.

      b: 17 Dec 96 pc: _________ w: Elliot Shoenman & Marley Sims d: Peter Filsinger
    13. "The Flirting Game"
      gs: Tammy Lauren [ Patty ], Rick Lenz [ Dr. Matthews ], Mike Starr [ Officer Hiller ], Andrea Robinson [ The Woman ], Jane Hallaren [ The Receptionist ], Jolie Jackunas [ Brenda ], Jordan Baker [ Officer Ambrose ]

      rc: Heidi

      After teasing Tim about buying a useless item because the saleswoman flirted with him, Jill wonders if flirting with a potential boss might enhance her chance of getting hired.

      b: 7 Jan 97 pc: _________ w: Laurie Gelman d: Peter Filsinger
    14. "The Karate Kid Returns"
      gs: Al Jardine [ Himself--The Beach Boys ], Matt Jardine [ Himself--The Beach Boys ], Bruce Johnston [ Himself--The Beach Boys ], Mike Love [ Himself--The Beach Boys ], Carl Wilson [ Himself--The Beach Boys ], Courtney Peldon [ Lauren ], Michael Luckerman [ The Sales Clerk ], Josh Paddock [ Eric ], Seth Dillon [ Kevin ], Zachary Bostrom [ Chad ], Wesley Mann [ A.J. Sanders ]

      rc: Heidi

      Karate-student Mark successfully intervenes when a bully accosts Randy, who takes a different sort of beating when the story hits the school paper. Also, the Beach Boys visit their cousin Wilson.

      b: 14 Jan 97 pc: _________ w: Jon Vandergriff d: Geoffrey Nelson
    15. "Totally Tool Time"
      gs: Drew Carey [ Sy ], Harry Groener [ Fred ], Eric Saiet [ Barry ], Tom Bokowski [ Adam ], Craig Richard Nelson [ Björn ], Gretchen German [ June Palmer ], Dave Powledge [ Warren ], Peter Bonerz [ Peter ], Bo Brundin [ Tim's Swedish Voiceover ], Fredrik Cavally [ Al's Swedish Voiceover ], Marliece Andrada [ Helga (uncredited) ]

      rc: Heidi

      A tense Tim troubles the Tool Time team when the audience includes two Swedish buyers who are considering the show for the European market. Will Tool Time's salute to men have the desired result.

      b: 28 Jan 97 pc: _________ w: Jon Vandergriff d: Peter Bonerz
    16. "A Funny Valentine"
      gs: Anne Francis [ Liddy Tucker ], Janeane Garofalo [ Tina ], Anthony Russell [ Mel ]

      rc: Heidi

      Tim is mum about his late father's so-called relationship with an old flame when she contacts him out of the blue. Meanwhile, Randy and Brad try to figure out what to give their girlfriends for Valentine's Day and Tim can't recall where he hid Jill's gift.

      b: 11 Feb 97 pc: _________ w: Charlie Hauck d: Peter Bonerz
    17. "Wilson's World"
      gs: Ray Pleva [ Himself ], Jennie Vaughn [ Elzina ], Josh Didonato [ The Student ], Robert Forrest [ Stuart ], Adam Lawson [ Andy Koplowitz ]

      rc: Heidi, Harry, Benny

      After a critic declares performance artist Wilson out of touch with reality, the Taylors' neighbor decides to be more like others, especially Tim. Tim gets into a weird food cooking contest with renowned food connoisseur Ray Pleva.

      b: 18 Feb 97 pc: _________ w: Jennifer Celotta d: Andrew Tsao
    18. "Something Old, Something Blue"
      gs: Tammy Lauren [ Patty ], Keith Lehman [ Cal Borland ]

      rc: Heidi, Ilene, Marty, Harry, Benny

      Al reveals a secret to Tim and the guys before his wedding to Ilene. He is having second thoughts. But it turns out that Ilene is having second thoughts too.

      b: 25 Feb 97 pc: _________ w: Marley Sims & Elliot Shoenman d: John Pasquin
    19. "Communication Breakdown"
      gs: Shirley Prestia [ Dolores ], David DeLuise [ Dennis ]

      rc: Heidi, Harry

      The kids are using the phone way too much so Tim convinces Jill to let Harry's son Dennis install a second line. Unfortunately when Dennis takes a break, Tim takes over with the help of Brad and Randy. A blowup between Harry and Dennis keys Jill and Tim into a bigger question of sensitivity and discipline with their boys.

      b: 11 Mar 97 pc: _________ w: Eric Horsted d: Geoffrey Nelson
    20. "My Son, the Driver"
      gs: Al Unser [ Himself ], Al Unser Jr. [ Himself ], Al Richard Unser [ Himself ], Tammy Lauren [ Patty ], George Del Hoyo [ Doug ]

      rc: Heidi

      Jill's instincts are correct when she predicts something bad will happen on Brad's first night out with his driver's license-but it's more serious than Brad admits. Three generations of racing's Unser family appear on Tool Time.

      b: 1 Apr 97 pc: _________ w: Laurie Gelman d: Andrew Tsao
    21. "Insult to Injury"
      gs: Marcelo Tubert [ Dr. Knell ], Michael Holden [ Dr. Martin ], Derek Montgomery [ Gary Phelps ], Chet Nichols [ Gary's Father ], Rick Cramer [ Lieutenant Commander Gray ]

      rc: Heidi

      Plans call for Tim to drive a steamroller on the next Tool Time, which will break a Bob Vila record. And he refuses to let his separated shoulder interfere.

      b: 15 Apr 97 pc: _________ w: Eric Horsted d: Geoffrey Nelson
    22. "Family Un-Ties"
      gs: Paul Parducci [ Lou ], Adam Hendershott [ Kevin ], Eric Saiet [ The Clerk ], Tony Rossi [ The "All Seasons" Rep ]

      rc: Heidi

      The boys don't share Jill's desire for quality time together during the family's annual weekend at a hardware expo, which is also enhanced by Tim's Tool Time remotes.

      b: 29 Apr 97 pc: _________ w: Ruth Bennett d: Geoffrey Nelson
    23. "The Feminine Mistake"
      gs: Kristin Clayton [ Angela ]

      rc: Heidi

      Tool Time gets the go-ahead to create a special 3-D effects show, featuring in-your-face antics from Tim, Al and Heidi Meanwhile, when Jill discovers that Brad's girlfriend caters to his every need, she insists that Tim set an example for the boys by acting more like an equal partner.

      b: 6 May 97 pc: _________ w: Laurie Gelman d: Peter Bonerz
      NOTE: Portions of this episode were filmed in 3-D.
    24. "Taps"
      gs: Polly Holliday [ Lillian ], Carlene Watkins [ Linda ], Maryedith Burrell [ Tracy ], Tudi Roche [ Carrie ], Loryn Locklin [ Robin ], Michael Winters [ The Minister ], Ted Hayden [ Mr. Stillman ], Ken Duncan [ Colonel Adams ]

      rc: Heidi

      Jill's father dies and she has to deal with the guilt after she faked being sick that weekend so he wouldn't come to visit. Tim has to deal with the various ways the boys deal with the loss.

      b: 13 May 97 pc: _________ w: Bruce Ferber & Lloyd Garver d: Peter Bonerz
    25. "The Kiss & The Kiss-Off"
      gs: Courtney Peldon [ Lauren ], Vasili Bogazianos [ Antonio ], Gail Bearden [ Gail ]

      rc: Lisa, Heidi

      Former Tool Time girl Lisa returns to Tool Time. Tim, who is as excited as everyone else to see her again, invites Lisa to temporarily resume her part on the show without consulting the current Tool Time girl, Heidi. Meanwhile, Randy finally gets up the nerve to ask Lauren out on their first official date.

      b: 20 May 97 pc: _________ w: Adam England & Jennifer Celotta d: Peter Bonerz

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    Home Improvement (7th Season Episode Guide)

    7th Season 1997

    1. "Quest for Fire"
      gs: Courtney Peldon [ Lauren ], Ashley Peldon [ Ashley ]

      The Taylors are looking forward to their annual summer getaway, but all for different reasons. Oldest son Brad hopes the vacation will help him forget about the girlfriend who just dumped him; Randy can't wait to see his girlfriend, whose family will be at the lake; and Mark gets the chance to sport his new but odd all-black clothing look. Meanwhile, Tim, who doesn't realize he might be experiencing a mid-life crisis, reveals a surprise-actually a secret plan that would dramatically change all of their lives.

      b: 23 Sep 97 pc: _________ w: Bruce Ferber & Lloyd Garver d: Geoffrey Nelson
    2. "Clash of the Taylors"
      gs: Peter Siragusa [ Ralph ], Shelley Morrison [ Gail ], Kaylan Romero [ Ronny ], James Dumont [ Gus ], Paul Keith [ Lou Hanson ]

      rc: Bud

      Tim is horrified when budding journalist Randy writes an article for his school newspaper exposing Binford Tools' poor environmental record. Meanwhile, Jill uses just a little too much psychobabble at her new job counseling families.

      b: 30 Sep 97 pc: _________ w: Jennifer Celotta & Adam England d: Andrew Tsao
    3. "Room at the Top"
      gs: Tammy Lauren [ Patty ], George Del Hoyo [ Doug ], Jack Blessing [ Dr. Breen ], Milton Canady [ Milton ]

      Tim, who thinks he's helping an overwhelmed Jill by offering to build her a quiet, at-home workspace, is offended when she reconsiders his idea upon returning from a required therapy class.

      b: 7 Oct 97 pc: _________ w: Marley Sims & Elliot Shoenman d: Geoffrey Nelson
    4. "Pump You Up"
      gs: Courtney Peldon [ Lauren ], Cory Everson [ Herself ], Kyle Howard [ Greg ], Morgan Nagler [ Cathy ]

      rc: Rock, Pete, Dwayne

      After a college expresses interest in giving Brad a sports scholarship, a proud but over-zealous Tim becomes Brad's personal trainer, causing Jill to wonder if he is pushing Brad too hard to succeed. Meanwhile, on Tool Time, a salute to fitness segment finds Tim and a female bodybuilder in a weightlifting contest.

      b: 14 Oct 97 pc: _________ w: Jon Vandergriff d: Peter Bonerz
    5. "A Night to Dismember"
      gs: Kaylan Romaro [ Ronnie ]

      When Mark features the family in his Halloween horror movie, Tim and Jill wonder if the weird and ghoulish subject matter are a reflection of Mark's true feelings toward them. Meanwhile, it's Halloween Week on Tool Time and Tim has built a hot-rod jack o'lantern for a pumpkinmobile race.

      b: 28 Oct 97 pc: _________ w: Eric Horsted d: Geoffrey Nelson
    6. "The Niece"
      gs: China Kantner [ Willow ], Patrick Cronin [ Sparky ]

      When Wilson's niece gives him a classic Studebaker, Tim's excitement in restoring the car turns to impatience after his neighbor chooses to spend his time with this newly arrived family member.

      b: 4 Nov 97 pc: _________ w: Charlie Hauck d: Peter Bonerz
    7. "Jill's Passion"
      gs: Tammy Lauren [ Patty ], Tom Wopat [ Ian ], Carol Androsky [ Woman ]

      When Jill is asked on a date by a good-looking guy who thinks that she and Tim act more like brother and sister than a loving couple, she starts to consider that her 18-year-old marriage has lost some of its spark and romance.

      b: 11 Nov 97 pc: _________ w: Marley Sims & Elliot Shoenman d: Peter Bonerz
    8. "Losing My Religion"
      gs: Dan Aykroyd [ Reverend Mike Webber ], Eileen Heckart [ Elaine ], China Kantner [ Willow ], Luren Tuerk [ Becky ], Phyllis Erlich [ Out-of-Breath Woman ]

      A concerned Tim seeks guidance from Reverend Mike when Randy's volunteer work with a hospice patient causes him to question the relevance of going to church.

      b: 18 Nov 97 pc: _________ w: Lloyd Garver & Bruce Ferber d: Andrew Tsao

      NOTE: Dan Aykroyd crosses over as his character from the ABC series Soul Man.
    9. "Thanksgiving"
      gs: Tom Poston [ Ted ], Rodney Dangerfield [ Himself ], China Kantner [ Willow ], Alex Rocco [ Irv Schmayman ]

      Tim, who planned to spend Thanksgiving Day with his family watching the Lions' football game from a luxury box, gets a VIP tour of the Silverdome's control room and manages to black out the entire stadium. Meanwhile, Jill and the boys have been left sharing the luxury box with an obnoxious Hollywood producer, and they're thrilled when comedian Rodney Dangerfield stops by to say hello.

      b: 25 Nov 97 pc: _________ w: Eric Horsted d: Peter Bonerz
    10. "The Dating Game"
      gs: Kari Coleman [ Kathy ], Liz Vassey [ Donna ], Shawn Shea [ Stage Manager ], Anastasia Sakelaris [ Woman ], John Lykes [ Richard ]

      After Al learns that Ilene is engaged to be married again, he becomes depressed. Hoping to rebuild Al's confidence in dating and to keep the Tool Time sidekick from hanging around the Taylor household, Jill allows Tim to pretend he's single so he can accompany Al on a double date.

      b: 9 Dec 97 pc: _________ w: Laurie Gelman d: Geoffrey Nelson
    11. "Bright Christmas"
      gs: Polly Holliday [ Lillian ], George Coe [ Parker ]

      Jill is upset when she learns that her mother is dating so soon after her father's death. Tim sets out to make his Christmas lighting display bigger and brighter than ever after the rules for the contest he annually enters change to reflect a "Tim Taylor clause."

      b: 16 Dec 97 pc: _________ w: Jon Vandergriff d: Peter Bonerz
    12. "The Old College Try"
      gs: Al Fann [ Felix ], Josh Blake [ Brett ], Ronreaco Lee [ Billy ], Steve Monroe [ Grant ], Arroyn Lloyd [ Andi ], Maitland Ward [ Christy ]

      rc: Harry, Benny

      Tim gets a youthful energy from his new job teaching auto shop at the local college and starts to think that his regular friends are too tiresome for him, so he starts hanging out with students half his age.

      b: 6 Jan 98 pc: _________ w: Adam England & Jennifer Celotta d: Albert Alarr
    13. "An Older Woman"
      gs: Maggie Lawson [ Samantha ], Haynes Brooke [ Ben ]

      Tim and Jill try to discourage Brad when he announces his plans to marry a college girl.

      b: 20 Jan 98 pc: _________ w: Charlie Hauck d: Peter Bonerz
    14. "Tim 'The Landlord' Taylor"

      After Tim and Jill decide to buy a house as a rental property and fix it up, they rent it to Al, who wants to give up his bachelor pad, and in turn becomes a somewhat difficult tenant. Meanwhile, Randy and Brad buy the same gaudy shirt and argue over who gets to keep it.

      b: 3 Feb 98 pc: _________ w: Eric Horsted d: Peter Filsinger
    15. "Say Goodnight, Gracie"
      gs: China Kantner [ Willow ], Kristen Hooper [ Gracie ], Kaitlyn Hooper [ Claire ]

      rc: Marty

      After spending a fun-filled afternoon with his four-year-old niece, Tim's mid-life crisis gets somewhat critical when he suggests to Jill that they become parents again.

      b: 10 Feb 98 pc: _________ w: Laurie Gelman d: Andrew Tsao

      NOTE: A couple of Disney movie in-jokes: Tim and Gracie play with a Simba doll, as Randy (Jonathan Taylor Thomas, the voice of Young Simba in The Lion King) walks up and remarks "I'll tell ya...being a lion king is no easy work." Later, during the credits sequence, in what appears to be cut footage from the same scene, Tim (voice of Buzz Lightyear in Toy Story) and Gracie play with a Buzz Lightyear doll. Tim pulls the pullstring on the doll and it says, "I am Buzz Lightyear." Tim replies, "No, I am Buzz Lightyear," and pulls the string again. This goes on for a while.
    16. "What a Drag"
      gs: Kaylan Romero [ Ronnie ]

      While doing Tool Time on location in the backyard, Tim accidentally finds a bag of marijuana taped to the underside of their swing. Tim and Jill then hold a stakeout in Wilson's yard to see who it belongs to. When they catch Brad trying to get the bag, they must decide what to do.

      b: 24 Feb 98 pc: _________ w: Elliot Shoenman & Marley Sims d: Geoffrey Nelson
    17. "Taking Jill for Granite"
      gs: Tom Wopat [ Ian ], Tammy Lauren [ Patty ]

      Tim has hired the "perfect" man to install the new granite kitchen counter. However, trouble ensues when he discovers that he is the man Jill had a sexy dream about several months ago.

      b: 3 Mar 98 pc: _________ w: Laurie Gelman d: Peter Bonerz
    18. "Futile Attraction"
      gs: Payne Stewart [ Himself ], Pamela Hudacek [ Arlene ]

      When Heidi separates from her husband, Al is there to mend her heart. However, Tim gets the wrong impression when Heidi answers Al's phone at 7:30 in the morning.

      b: 10 Mar 98 pc: _________ w: David Maples d: Peter Bonerz
    19. "Desperately Seeking Willow"
      gs: China Kantner [ Willow ], Neil Barton [ Lance ], T.J. Thyme [ Todd ], George Hertzberg [ Ed ], Robert Hallak [ Bartender ]

      rc: Pete, Dwayne, Rock

      Willow stays with the Taylors while Wilson is away for St. Patrick's Day. When she doesn't come home one night, it sends Jill into a frenzy while Tim and the boys search for her. Meanwhile, Tool Time celebrates St. Patrick's Day with the K & B Construction guys.

      b: 17 Mar 98 pc: _________ w: Jennifer Fisher d: Peter Bonerz
    20. "The Write Stuff"
      gs: Courtney Peldon [ Lauren ], Justin Shenkarow [ Matt ], Kaj Erik-Eriksen [ Brian ]

      Brad begins a sports gossip column for the school paper. But when it turns out to be more popular than Randy's expose about pollution, Randy becomes jealous. Meanwhile, Tim and Jill are audited.

      b: 31 Mar 98 pc: _________ w: Jennifer Celotta & Adam England d: Peter Bonerz
    21. "The Son Also Mooches"
      gs: Bonnie Bartlett [ Lucille ], Thom Sharp [ Jeff ], Graham Jarvis [ Delvin ], Kathleen Freeman [ Gwen ], Montrose Hughes [ Alice ], Kate Williamson [ Lois ]

      rc: Marty

      Tim is concerned about his mother's investment in his brother's new business venture. Meanwhile, Jill refuses to admit that she needs glasses.

      b: 21 Apr 98 pc: _________ w: Eric Horsted d: Peter Filsinger
    22. "Believe It or Not"
      gs: Grant Hill [ Himself ], Bill Ferrell [ Tony ], Milton Canady [ Milton ]

      rc: Marty, Benny

      It's "Men's Convenience" week on Tool Time and Al plays "file reality" basketball with Grant Hill. Wilson tells Tim about an alien encounter that he had many years ago. Tim spreads the secret around and Wilson becomes mad. Tim and Randy surf the net looking for information on UFOs. Tim has a weird dream and reconsiders his beliefs.

      b: 28 Apr 98 pc: _________ w: Jon Vandergriff d: Geoffrey Nelson
    23. "Rebel Without Night Driving Privileges"
      gs: Megan Cavanaugh [ Judy ], Kaylan Romero [ Ronny ]

      Randy prepares for his driving test. Tim and Jill don't want him driving at night immediately. Randy passes his test but is mad when he can't drive at night. He goes out driving at night by himself and gets caught while Brad covers for him.

      b: 5 May 98 pc: _________ w: Jennifer Fisher d: Andrew Tsao
    24. "Tool-Thousand-One: A Space Odyssey"
      gs: Randy Thompson [ Fred ], Harry S. Murphy [ Dr. Lee ], Cmdr. Kenneth D. Bowersox [ Himself ], Dr. Steven A. Hawley [ Himself ]

      Jill tries to make a family photo album. Tim and Al compete to use Binford's new tool in outer space. And Mark drastically changes his appearance to impress a girl.

      b: 12 May 98 pc: _________ w: Bruce Ferber & Lloyd Garver d: Peter Bonerz
    25. "From Top to Bottom"
      gs: Joan Lunden [ Barbara Canfield ], Patrick Cronin [ Sparky ], Lisa Robins [ Kathleen Fitzsimmons ], Judyann Elder [ Diane Peck ]

      rc: Benny, Harry, Marty

      Jill accidentally makes embarassing comments about Tim on a TV talk show.

      b: 19 May 98 pc: _________ w: Charlie Hauck d: Peter Filsinger

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    Home Improvement (8th Season Episode Guide)

    8th Season 1998

    1. "Whitewater"
      gs: Michael Cudlitz [ Kyle ], Laurel Green [ Luanne ], Chris Stacy [ Cub ]

      Tim's plans to watch a NASCAR race on television in his new chair for his birthday are thwarted by Jill's surprise present: A whitewater rafting trip for him and his friends.

      b: 22 Sep 98 pc: _________ w: Lloyd Garver & Bruce Ferber d: Geoffrey Nelson
    2. "Adios"
      gs: Courtney Peldon [ Lauren ], Dennis Cockrum [ Wade Waller ], Shelby Grimm [ Flannel #1 ], Harry J. Campbell [ Flannel #2 ], William Lewis [ Flannel #3 ], Tim Reeder [ Flannel #4 ], Steffon Sam [ LL Tool J ], Sam Sarpong [ Grand Master Bash ]

      Tool Time holds auditions, looking for a group to write lyrics to the Tool Time theme song. Meanwhile, Randy bids goodbye to Lauren for a year as she goes to Costa Rica to help save the rainforest. But after some guy drops out of the program, Randy is accepted and decides to join her. Tim and Jill try to be happy about it, but while they can't hide the fact that they're heartbroken, decide to let him go anyway. Tim's parting advice to Randy: "Never look a monkey in the eye."

      b: 29 Sep 98 pc: _________ w: Jon Vandergriff d: Geoffrey Nelson
    3. "All in the Family"
      gs: Tudi Roche [ Carrie ], Thom Sharp [ Jeff ]

      Tim is thrilled when the usually busy Jill schedules some romantic time for them to spend together. But their plans are interrupted when Jill's sister comes to visit and, much to Jill's surprise, starts fooling around with Tim's brother.

      b: 6 Oct 98 pc: _________ w: Marley Sims & Elliot Shoenman d: Geoffrey Nelson
    4. "Taylor Got Game"
      gs: Simon Templeman [ Simon Downing Chubb ]

      The family gets a new couch. During college week on Tool Time, the Man's Dorm Room is introduced. Wilson introduces Tim and Brad to a friend of his, Simon Chubb, an Englishman who owns a soccer team overseas. After watching Brad play, Simon extends Brad an offer to play for his team professionally and Brad must choose between college or fulfilling his dreams.

      b: 13 Oct 98 pc: _________ w: Jonathan Pollack d: Geoffrey Nelson
    5. "Al's Fair Lady"
      gs: Megan Cavanagh [ Trudy ], David Haskell [ Smitty ]

      Tool Time takes their new tool van on the road to fix people's problems. Meanwhile, Al's new girlfriend is extremely wealthy and keeps giving him extremely expensive gifts. Al has a problem with this.

      b: 20 Oct 98 pc: _________ w: Tracy Gamble d: Geoffrey Nelson
    6. "Bewitched"
      gs: Natalija Nogulich [ Agatha ], Richard Riehle [ Detective Roberts ], David Starzyk [ Detective MacIntyre ], Robert Neches [ Forensic Cop ], Laura Hauser [ Mozart voice ], Milton Canady [ Milton ]

      Tim becomes a murder suspect after Wilson mysteriously disappears following his Halloween party. All evidence points toward Tim even though he claims that Wilson's new lady friend, a coven witch, is the one police should be questioning.

      b: 27 Oct 98 pc: _________ w: Adam England & Jennifer Celotta d: Geoffrey Nelson
    7. "Not-So-Great Scott"
      gs: Mark Dobies [ Scott ], Hillary Danner [ Wendy ], Vasili Bogazianos [ Antonia ], Channing Chase [ Marcy ]

      Jill realizes that her patient has been seeing Heidi's husband and shares that private information with Tim, who accidentally blurts it out to Heidi.

      b: 3 Nov 98 pc: _________ w: Laurie Gelman d: Peter Bonerz
    8. "Tim's First Car"
      gs: Dennis Burkley [ Larry ]

      When Tim's first car is junked, Jill decides to find him an exact replica. Mark helps Brad film a video resume for colleges.

      b: 10 Nov 98 pc: _________ w: David Maples & Kim Flagg d: Peter Bonerz
    9. "Mr. Likable"
      gs: Morgan Fairchild [ Herself ]

      Tim has trouble convincing everyone that he's happy for Al who has gotten a role in a new TV movie with Morgan Fairchild.

      b: 17 Nov 98 pc: _________ w: Adam England d: Peter Bonerz
    10. "Thanks, But No Thanks"
      gs: Ashley Trefger [ Gracie ], Lindsay Trefger [ Claire ]

      rc: Marty, Harry, Benny

      Marty (Tim's brother) is visiting for Thanksgiving with his young twin daughters. When he announces that he and his wife are separated, Tim and Jill offer to let the trio stay with them.

      b: 24 Nov 98 pc: _________ w: Jonathan Pollack d: Peter Bonerz

      NOTE: Twins Gracie and Claire were previously played by Kristen & Kaitlyn Hooper in episode #166.
    11. "Home for the Holidays"
      gs: Bonnie Bartlett [ Lucille ], Thom Sharp [ Jeff ], Megan Cavanagh [ Trudy ], Lindsay Trefger [ Claire ], Ashley Trefger [ Gracie ]

      rc: Randy, Marty

      Tool Time demonstrates Christmas lighting on Al's roof, where Al announces that he will be competing against Tim in the annual decorating contest but, unfortunately, Tim is being sabotaged by Brad and Mark. Randy returns home for Christmas and discovers all the changes, including his cousins and uncle living in the house, his brothers' new bond and Al's rich girlfriend. Of course, he gets confused and jealous that no one's paying attention to him.

      b: 8 Dec 98 pc: _________ w: Jon Vandergriff d: Peter Bonerz
    12. "Ploys for Tots"
      gs: Ashley Trefger [ Gracie ], Lindsay Trefger [ Claire ], Dom Irrera [ Ed ], Joel Stoffer [ Wally ], M. Darnell Suttles [ Bill ], Richard Willgrubs [ Desk Clerk ]

      rc: Marty

      One of Marty's girls keeps throwing tantrums when she doesn't get her way. However, Marty keeps giving into her demands and tantrums while Tim and Jill try to teach him the best way to parent.

      b: 15 Dec 98 pc: _________ w: Laurie Gelman d: Peter Bonerz
    13. "Chop Shop 'Til You Drop"
      gs: Kathryn Joosten [ Thelma McCreedy ], Brent Hinkley [ Carl ], Holly Maples [ Tiffany Gutierrez ], Mike Grief [ George ], Dan Tullis, Jr. [ Police Officer ], Adrienne Brett Evans [ Policewoman ]

      Tim and Al go undercover to catch the car thieves who stole Brad's new classic car.

      b: 5 Jan 99 pc: _________ w: David Maples d: Shawn Shea
    14. "Home Alone"
      gs: Gedde Watanabe [ Nobo Nakamura ], Thomas Bankowski [ Kenny ], Nicole Cortez [ Delilah ], Leeza Gibbons [ Herself ], Jay Leno [ Himself ], Oprah Winfrey [ Herself ]

      With the family out of town for the weekend, Tim plans to write a book for Binford. However, he keeps getting distracted.

      b: 19 Jan 99 pc: _________ w: Jennifer Celotta & Adam England d: Geoffrey Nelson
    15. "Knee Deep"
      gs: Penn Jilette [ Himself ], Teller [ Himself ], Francesca P. Roberts [ Marge ], Robert Neches [ Dr. Brown ]

      rc: Marty

      Penn & Teller appear on Tool Time. Meanwhile, Brad blames Tim after he injures his knee during a Tool Time shoot in the house.

      b: 2 Feb 99 pc: _________ w: Jonathan Pollack d: Peter Filsinger
    16. "Mark's Big Break"
      gs: Tom La Grua [ Eddie ], Patrick Cronin [ Sparky ], Lindsey Trefger [ Claire ], Ashley Trefger [ Gracie ], Kady Deibel [ Christy ], Troy Christian [ Kirby ], Nathan Prevost [ Brett ], Aurorah Allain [ Dancer ], Joaquin Escamilla [ Dancer ], Roosevelt Flenoury [ Dancer ], Melanie Gage [ Dancer ], Denise Holland [ Dancer ], Tom Lake [ Dancer ], Jodi Lang [ Dancer ], Mark Meismer [ Dancer ], Art Palmer [ Dancer ], Regan Potno [ Dancer ], Darrel Wright [ Dancer ]

      rc: Marty

      Suspicious that Tim didn't like his video salute to the now-completed hot rod, Mark sets out to create a new one--complete with a dance number set to "Greased Lightning."

      b: 9 Feb 99 pc: _________ w: Tracy Gamble d: Geoffrey Nelson
    17. "Young at Heart"
      gs: Jenny McCarthy [ Alex ], Vasili Bogazianos [ Antonio ], Ty Alan Hillman [ Ty Cisco ], Dean Haglund [ Guy ], Richard Jenik [ Greg ]

      rc: Marty

      Tim and Jill prepare for their anniversary. However, thanks to a new program installing cameras in traffic lights, Tim is caught in a revealing position with his new female mechanic.

      b: 16 Feb 99 pc: _________ w: Bruce Ferber & Lloyd Garver d: Geoffrey Nelson

      NOTE: I find it interesting that during ABC's heavily promoted "Storm Week", two of the network's shows, Spin City and Home Improvement on the same night revolved around hidden video cameras.
    18. "Love's Labor Lost (1)"
      gs: Joel Higgins [ Dr. Lloyd Fields ], Debra Engle [ Receptionist ], Tammy Lauren [ Patty ], Lorna Scott [ Judy ], Sonya Eddy [ Gayle ], Richard Kickinger [ Dolph Schnetterling ], Ally Wolfe [ Anesthesiologist ], Stephanie Fudge [ Orderly ], Lowell Sanders [ Male Nurse ]

      rc: Marty

      The men of the family prepare for a ski trip, while Jill prepares to spend the weekend writing her thesis. However, Jill is not feeling well and is having physical problems. It turns out to be a tumor on her uterus, causing the need for a emergency hysterectomy. Jill naturally experiences fears about the operation and predictably, problems arise during the surgery...

      b: 23 Feb 99 pc: _________ w: Elliott Shoenman & Marley Sims d: Peter Bonerz
    19. "Love's Labor Lost (2)"
      gs: Joel Higgins [ Dr. Lloyd Fields ], Jeanette Miller [ Volunteer ], Kathy Byron [ Nurse ], Polly Holliday [ Nana ]

      Tim is tired of waiting for news on Jill. It turns out that Jill will be fine but her ovaries had to be completely removed, not partially as first planned. Nana visits to help with Jill's care. Jill's mood swings upset everybody.

      b: 2 Mar 99 pc: _________ w: Marley Sims & Elliott Shoenman d: Peter Bonerz
    20. "Neighbors"
      gs: Andreana Weiner [ Jenny ], Milton Canady [ Milton ], Kate Levering [ Girl ], Josh Wolf [ Usher ]

      Tim and Brad take Wilson to the Red Wing's hockey game for his birthday. Wilson wins the seat prize at halftime--$10,000. He decides to spend it on a greenhouse. Wilson's idea is too big and would obstruct the Taylors' view. Tim learns that the greenhouse was Wilson's late wife's design and Wilson agrees to build it on his side yard instead.

      b: 16 Mar 99 pc: _________ w: Drew Levin d: Patricia Richardson
    21. "A Hardware Habit to Break"
      gs: Thom Sharp [ Jeff ], Tom LaGrua [ Eddie ], Patrick Cronin [ Sparky ], Shirley Prestia [ Dolores ], Pat Asanti [ Mr. Cobb ]

      rc: Rock, Harry, Marty, Benny

      Harry announces that he is playing to move to Tucson with Dolores and sell the hardware store. Tim organizes a party to serve as a fundraiser for it but is talked into buying it himself. And he does, putting Marty in charge. But, when people stop coming to the store, Tim needs to find a way to get his customers back.

      b: 30 Mar 99 pc: _________ w: Jon Vandergriff d: Peter Bonerz
    22. "Loose Lips and Freudian Slips"
      gs: Peter Michael Goetz [ Dr. Hanover ], Randi Reed [ Dr. Miller ], Kyle Sabihy [ Gregory ], Brant von Hoffman [ Himself ], Todd von Hoffman [ Himself ], Lynn A. Henderson [ Mrs. Gamble ]

      Jill is anxious about her thesis. Mark is preparing a short film for his film class. In the film, Jill is shown criticizing her professor, who happens to be in the room, having just watched his son's room.

      b: 4 May 99 pc: _________ w: Kim Flagg d: Tim Allen
    23. "Trouble-a-Bruin"
      gs: Steve Vinovich [ Dr. Hennessy ], Fred Sanders [ Steve Smith ], Steven Barr [ Coach ], David Reivers [ Trainer ], Bridgette Cameron [ Receptionist ], Milton Canady [ Milton ]

      Bud passes a new rule on the Tool Time set: only Binford tools may be used. Brad is waiting on college acceptance letters and gets one from UCLA, conditional that a scout can see him play in two weeks. However, his knee is still healing from his accident and he's not supposed to play for a month. He decides to play anyway. Bud makes a new rule: only yellow jumpsuits are to be worn on the air. Brad gets the scholarship while Tim desperately tries to get in touch with Bud.

      b: 11 May 99 pc: _________ w: Tracy Gamble & David Maples d: Andrew Tsao
    24. "Dead Weight"
      gs: Megan Cavanagh [ Trudy ], Danny Zorn [ Morgan Wondell ], Vasili Bogazianos [ Antonio ], Keith Lehman [ Cal ]

      rc: Bud, Marty, Benny

      Problems at Tool Time continue as Bud brings in a new Hollywood producer who wants more explosions. Meanwhile, Al plans to propose to Trudy but wants to tell his mother first. However, when he tells her, she keels over and dies. Al is scared of Trudy now because he associates her with his mother's death. At the funeral, Tim eulogizes Alma and proposes to Trudy.

      b: 18 May 99 pc: _________ w: Jennifer Celotta d: Geoffrey Nelson
    25. "The Long and Winding Road (1)"
      gs: Peter Michael Goetz [ Dr. Hanover ], Danny Zorn [ Morgan Wondell ]

      rc: Marty

      After Morgan stages a Jerry Springer style fight on Tool Time and refuses to stop creating trash TV, Tim quits the show. Meanwhile, Jill's professor offers her a great job--in Indiana.

      b: 18 May 99 pc: _________ w: Laurie Gelman d: Andy Cadiff
    26. "The Long and Winding Road (2)"

      As Tim drives the boys to school, they reminisce about some of the good times they've experienced in their house.

      b: 25 May 99 pc: _________ w: Carmen Finestra & Billy Riback d: Jim Praytor
    27. "The Long and Winding Road (3)"
      gs: Mario Andretti [ Himself ], Megan Cavanagh [ Trudy ], Pat Cronin [ Sparky ], Al Fann [ Felix ], Janeen Rae Heller [ Janeen ], Tom LaGrua [ Eddie ], Keith Lehman [ Cal ], John "Juke" Logan [ Juke ], Shirley Prestia [ Dolores ], Thom Sharp [ Jeff ], Danny Zorn [ Morgan ]

      rc: Harry, Pete, Benny, Dwayne, Marty, Rock

      Tim arrives at work and prepares for the final show. Heidi reveals that she's pregnant again. Jill makes the call to Indiana. The all-tool band returns for the final Tool Time along with Sparky, Eddie, Felix and Mario Andretti. Wilson and Tim decide to take their fence down to make more room for the wedding. Morgan offers Tim more money and an executive producer credit to stay but he turns it down and doesn't want Jill to know. Harry and Dolores return for the wedding. Benny, Marty and Jeff bet on the outcome. Brad hits on Heidi with her husband on a business trip. Al and Trudy are married. Jill reconsiders Indiana after Morgan arrives and tells her of his rejected offer. Tim toasts the happy couple. Whether it's real or a figment of Tim's imagination is unknown, but the Taylors decide to go, uprooting the house in the ultimate home project.

      b: 25 May 99 pc: _________ w: Bruce Ferber & Lloyd Garver & Marley Sims d: John Pasquin
    28. "Backstage Pass"

      Cast interviews, outtakes and bloopers, scenes from the final taping and a look at Wilson's entire face highlights a retrospective of 8 great years.

      b: 25 May 99 pc: _________ w: Billy Riback & Chris Carlisle d: Geoffrey Nelson

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