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Judy Justice

(a Titles & Air Dates Guide)

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People with conflicts to be resolved present their cases to be decided by a former family court judge.
Show Details:
Start date: Nov 2021
End date: ___ ____
Status: current show
Network(s): IMDb TV (US)
Run time: 24 min
Episodes: xx eps
Genre(s): Miscellaneous
Episode list & details from:  TVmaze
Episode # Original
Air Date
Season 1
1.1-1 01 Nov 21Girlfriend Demands Payback
2.1-2 01 Nov 21Road Rage Heart Attack
3.1-3 01 Nov 21Fighting while Driving
4.1-4 01 Nov 21Sister Feud/Driver in Disguise
5.1-5 02 Nov 21Backyard Fist Fight
6.1-6 03 Nov 21Co-Signing Exes; Suspected Check Fraud
7.1-7 04 Nov 21Star Athlete's Tragic Accident
8.1-8 05 Nov 21Child's Stimulus Check Tug-of-War; Cleaning-Business Payback
9.1-9 05 Nov 21Tween Braces
10.1-1008 Nov 21Flipping and Fighting; Amusement Park Drama
11.1-1109 Nov 21Tween's Controversial Phone Use
12.1-1210 Nov 21Newlywed's Make-Up Artist
13.1-1311 Nov 21Father and Son Payback
14.1-1412 Nov 21Teen Beach House Birthday Fail
15.1-1512 Nov 21Mother/Daughter Cosmetic Surgery
16.1-1615 Nov 21Gold Pocket-Watch Mystery
17.1-1716 Nov 21Mother Caught in the Middle
18.1-1817 Nov 21Co-Parenting Nightmare
19.1-1918 Nov 21Ex-Lover Payback
20.1-2019 Nov 21Neighbor Nightmare (Part 1)
21.1-2119 Nov 21Neighbor Nightmare (Part 2)
22.1-2222 Nov 21COVID and College Coeds/Car Vandalism and Jealousy
23.1-2323 Nov 21Wrought-Iron Rage
24.1-2424 Nov 21Pit Bull Attack
25.1-2525 Nov 21Family In Crisis (Part 1)
26.1-2626 Nov 21Family In Crisis (Part 2)
27.1-2726 Nov 21Car Title Takeover/Vegas Drinking Binge
28.1-2829 Nov 21Assault with a Deadly Hedge Clipper?
29.1-2930 Nov 21Missing Trailer Mystery
30.1-3001 Dec 21Trail Ride Disaster
31.1-3102 Dec 21COVID Wedding Upset
32.1-3203 Dec 21Storage Container Wars
33.1-3303 Dec 21Dog Breeding Side Hustle
34.1-3406 Dec 21Spiritual Health Coach Dispute/20K Business Loan Debate
35.1-3507 Dec 21Birthday Influencer or Personal Loan/Deer in the Headlights
36.1-3608 Dec 21Unfit Wedding Ring
37.1-3709 Dec 21Family, Furniture and the Fallout
38.1-3810 Dec 21Single Mother Struggle
39.1-3910 Dec 21Caregiver Boyfriend; Shih Tzu Custody Battle
40.1-4013 Dec 21Body Reshaping Gone Bad
41.1-4114 Dec 21Attorney/Mechanic Face-Off
42.1-4215 Dec 21Hollywood Collectibles Controversy
43.1-4316 Dec 21COVID Infection Controversy; Music Video Fail
44.1-4417 Dec 21Horse Care Barter Battle
45.1-4517 Dec 21Teen Drives Truck Into Tree; Hair Extension/Defamation Fight
46.1-4624 Jan 22Bride's Cable Car Calamity; Apartment Up in Flames
47.1-4724 Jan 22Good Samaritan Teen Rip-Off
48.1-4824 Jan 22Beauty Salon Brawl
49.1-4924 Jan 22Unwanted Dog Pregnancy; Divorced Parents' Dispute
50.1-5025 Jan 22Lipo-Surgery Sister Care
51.1-5126 Jan 22Fine Lines and Fire Arms
52.1-5227 Jan 22Error Code Car Alert; Feuding Cousins
53.1-5328 Jan 22Teen Drivers and Collisions and Guns...Oh My!
54.1-5428 Jan 22When Roosters Attack
55.1-5531 Jan 22For Love or Money
56.1-5631 Jan 22Hijacked Packages; Fighting and Forgiving
57.1-5701 Feb 22Drinking Problem
58.1-5802 Feb 22Playing-Card Club Controversy
59.1-5903 Feb 22Neighborhood Dog Attack; Cancun Vacation Drama
60.1-6004 Feb 22Hookah Headache
61.1-6107 Feb 22Fight Night and Sideswipes
62.1-6207 Feb 22Remodeling & Eviction Nightmare
63.1-6308 Feb 22Car-Slam Into Cyclist
64.1-6409 Feb 22Wedding Planner Drama
65.1-6510 Feb 22Retaliatory Vandalism Part 1
66.1-6611 Feb 22Retaliatory Vandalism Part 2
67.1-6714 Feb 22Daycare Dilemma
68.1-6814 Feb 22Bed Breakup; Music Video Dispute
69.1-6915 Feb 22Teens Accused of Collision
70.1-7016 Feb 22Death of a Puppy
71.1-7117 Feb 22Motorcycle Mishap; Fire Lane Fiasco
72.1-7218 Feb 22Bourbon Street Break-Up
73.1-7321 Feb 22Magnet Madness; Wellness Center Controversy
74.1-7421 Feb 22Friends With Benefits Fail (Part 1)
75.1-7522 Feb 22Friends With Benefits Fail (Part 2)
76.1-7623 Feb 22Sick Kitties
77.1-7724 Feb 22Recreational Disaster; Coin Collection Collateral
78.1-7825 Feb 22Nasty Breakup; Flipping Twins
79.1-7928 Feb 22Sisters Roommate Nightmare
80.1-8028 Feb 22Chihuahua vs. Pit Bull
81.1-8101 Mar 22The Missing Engagement Ring; Car Accident Payback
82.1-8202 Mar 22Dog Show Drama
83.1-8303 Mar 22California Wildfire Payout; Quinceanera and COVID
84.1-8404 Mar 22Motor Bike Blues
85.1-8507 Mar 22Ghosted Tickets; Staged Furniture Fail
86.1-8607 Mar 22Dog Breeding Battle
87.1-8708 Mar 22Buyer Beware
88.1-8809 Mar 22Ski Snafu
89.1-8910 Mar 22Doggy Door War; Charity Motorcycle Riders
90.1-9011 Mar 22Relationship Vacation Fail
91.1-9114 Mar 22Bitter Break-Up; Dissatisfied Tenants
92.1-9214 Mar 22Pit Bull on the Prowl
93.1-9315 Mar 22Car Repo Breakdown
94.1-9416 Mar 22Credit Score Kill
95.1-9517 Mar 22Pet Adoption Fail; Texas Natural Disaster Repair
96.1-9618 Mar 22Unwed Parents Feud
97.1-9721 Mar 22School District Desireability
98.1-9821 Mar 22Pit Bull Puppy Attack
99.1-9922 Mar 22My Ex... Con Owes Me
100.1-10023 Mar 22Life in a Condemned Warehouse
101.1-10124 Mar 22Case of the Missing Yorkie; Boyfriend or Deposit
102.1-10225 Mar 22Vandalism Therapy
103.1-10328 Mar 22Fool the Judge Once...
104.1-10428 Mar 22Dog Breeding Battle; Deceased Father's Estate Debate
105.1-10529 Mar 2235K Labor Dispute
106.1-10630 Mar 22Minnesota Car Misha; Flipping Cars and Vandalism
107.1-10731 Mar 22Rescue Dog Drama
108.1-10801 Apr 22Dating With Children
109.1-10904 Apr 22You Jumped On My Car!; Last Will and Testament Strife
110.1-11004 Apr 22Restaurant Nightmare
111.1-11105 Apr 22Shared Driveway Destruction
112.1-11206 Apr 22Dog-Watching Nightmare; Ex-Fiancée Fight
113.1-11307 Apr 22Remains of a 15-Year Relationship
114.1-11408 Apr 22From Puppy to Protective Order; Motorcycle Brothers' Payback
115.1-11511 Apr 22ATV Crash; Relationship Phone Slam
116.1-11611 Apr 22Puppy Injury
117.1-11712 Apr 22Friendly Car Crashing; Friends No More
118.1-11813 Apr 22Tickets and Titles Between Friends; Star-Studded Keytar Crisis
119.1-11914 Apr 22Cat/Dog Fight Caught on Tape; Online Dating Gone Wrong
120.1-12015 Apr 22Emotional Title War; Tenant/ Landlord Drama
Season 2
121.2-1 07 Nov 22Dog Gone Wild
122.2-2 07 Nov 22Pedestrians Struck by Car
123.2-3 07 Nov 22Jailhouse Affair and Stitchly Situation
124.2-4 07 Nov 22Drunk Driving Collision
125.2-5 08 Nov 22Slander on the Movie Set
126.2-6 09 Nov 22Mother's Day Grief and Personal Trainer in the Hotseat
127.2-7 10 Nov 22Fighting While High
128.2-8 10 Nov 22Grand Theft Lizard
129.2-9 14 Nov 22Sword-Wielding Tenant
130.2-1015 Nov 22Modern Love Mayhem and Frenchie Fiasco
131.2-1116 Nov 22Photoshop Fiasco or Social Media Misfortune?
132.2-1217 Nov 22Truck Fight
133.2-1318 Nov 22Checks and Balances and Roommate Fallout
134.2-1421 Nov 22Pit Bull Kennel Fail
135.2-1522 Nov 22Wedding Planner Problem
136.2-1623 Nov 22Sister vs. Brother
137.2-1724 Nov 22Washed Up Friendship and Time to Pay the Toll
138.2-1825 Nov 22Phone a Friend
139.2-1928 Nov 22Brawl for Dogs
140.2-2029 Nov 22Family Woes
141.2-2130 Nov 22High Security Break-Up
142.2-2201 Dec 22Funeral Feud
143.2-2302 Dec 22Don't Bully Me
144.2-2405 Dec 22Minor Crash and Trade Me Back
145.2-2506 Dec 22Don't Go Fund Me
146.2-2607 Dec 22Three's a Crowd
147.2-2708 Dec 22Rag Doll Dog and Hairy Situation
148.2-2809 Dec 22Guns Between Friends
149.2-2912 Dec 22T-Shirt Throw Down
150.2-3013 Dec 22Holiday Dog Attack
151.2-3114 Dec 22Cross Country Rescue and Wedding Debt Denied
152.2-3215 Dec 22To Lease or Not to Lease
153.2-3316 Dec 22Family Divided
154.2-3423 Jan 23Romantic Reunion Fail and Wolfdog
155.2-3523 Jan 23The Unseen Roommate
156.2-3623 Jan 23Wig Out in ATL
157.2-3724 Jan 23Sisters No More and The Fix Is In
158.2-3825 Jan 23Tough Love Dad
159.2-3926 Jan 23Roommate Hell
160.2-4027 Jan 23Side Hustle Fail and Truck-Astrophe
161.2-4130 Jan 23That's a Wrap! and Ex-Con/Author Seeks the Sentimental
162.2-4231 Jan 23Water Damage Control
163.2-4301 Feb 23Chihuahua Fright
164.2-4402 Feb 23Music Video Conflict and Family Overstays Welcome
165.2-4503 Feb 23Parking Spot Assault Caught on Tape
166.2-4606 Feb 23Stop Scrolling!
167.2-4707 Feb 23Dueling Evictions and Baby Shoes Biz
168.2-4808 Feb 23When Parked Cars Attack and Lane-Split Decision Collision
169.2-4909 Feb 23Teen Tread Lightly
170.2-5010 Feb 23From Flip to Flop
171.2-5113 Feb 23Trespassing Husband and Cat Lover Chaos
172.2-5214 Feb 23Graphic Email Revenge
173.2-5315 Feb 23Dash-Cam Collision and Drug Test Danger
174.2-5416 Feb 23Minors and Majors Slander (Part 1)
175.2-5517 Feb 23Minors and Majors Slander (Part 2)
176.2-5620 Feb 23Roommate Crosses the Line and Podcast Me Out
177.2-5721 Feb 23Hijacked Harmony
178.2-5822 Feb 23Business Review Bombshell
179.2-5923 Feb 23DUI Slam into House and Covid Cancel
180.2-6024 Feb 23Caught in a Blind Spot and Luxury Car Chew Toy
181.2-6127 Feb 23Pool Rules Fail
182.2-6228 Feb 23Brews and Bruise
183.2-6301 Mar 23Dance No More and Three's a Crowd
184.2-6402 Mar 23Short-Term Job Trauma
185.2-6503 Mar 23Sisters Cry Neglect!
186.2-6606 Mar 23Underage Rage and Pet Debt Relief
187.2-6707 Mar 23Business Is Only Skin Deep
188.2-6808 Mar 23Restrained Grandfather
189.2-6909 Mar 23Unlicensed Teen Accident and Don't Pocket My Profit
190.2-7010 Mar 23Powerless Landlord
191.2-7113 Mar 23Pay to Play and Contract Controversy
192.2-7214 Mar 23Bobcat Bitterness
193.2-7315 Mar 23Kindness or Kidnapping?
194.2-7416 Mar 23Post-Funeral Property Fail and Not a Pleasure Doing Business
195.2-7517 Mar 23Mini Schnauzer vs. Pit Bull
196.2-7620 Mar 23Look Out for That Cone!
197.2-7721 Mar 23One-Wheel Whammy and All Bets Are Off
198.2-7822 Mar 23Sort of Married
199.2-7923 Mar 23World's Worst Intervention
200.2-8024 Mar 23Dumbest Move for Unmarried Couples
201.2-8127 Mar 23Vengeful Plumber and Relationship Repair
202.2-8228 Mar 23Vandalism and Cyberbullying (Part 1)
203.2-8329 Mar 23Vandalism and Cyberbullying (Part 2)
204.2-8430 Mar 23Mothers, Fathers, Boyfriends Oh My!
205.2-8531 Mar 23Mean Girls and Wedding Planner vs. Newlywed
206.2-8603 Apr 23Cat Fight
207.2-8704 Apr 23Deposit Disaster
208.2-8805 Apr 23Skincare Snakedown (Part 1)
209.2-8906 Apr 23Skincare Snakedown (Part 2)
210.2-9007 Apr 23Grand Theft Child
211.2-9110 Apr 23Festival Drug Business and Step-Father Car Fiasco
212.2-9211 Apr 23Business Partners No More
213.2-9312 Apr 23Cheating Expulsion
214.2-9413 Apr 23He Stole My Land!
215.2-9514 Apr 23Costume Wars and Elder Abuse Accusation
216.2-9617 Apr 23Cash Not Cops
217.2-9718 Apr 23Baby Horse Rejection and Bad Bug Paint Job
218.2-9819 Apr 23Beachside Community Fail
219.2-9920 Apr 23Go Fund Me Memorial Dispute and Passed Out Behind the Wheel
220.2-10021 Apr 23No Tub Left Behind
221.2-10124 Apr 23Dude Where's My Truck? and Broken Bonds
222.2-10225 Apr 23Mother and Son Fallout and Crypto Controversy
223.2-10326 Apr 23Car Keying Caught on Tape
224.2-10427 Apr 23Meet the Truth! and Loan Shark Sticker Shock
225.2-10528 Apr 23Mexican Pet-Napping Fiasco
226.2-10601 May 23Hit-and-Run House Slam and 'Kayak Conflict
227.2-10702 May 23Bouncy House vs. Large Dogs
228.2-10803 May 23You Totaled my Car! and Gambling Girlfriends
229.2-10904 May 23Cash Clash and Sip n' See Dispute
230.2-11005 May 23Co-Parenting Strife
231.2-11108 May 23Farmin' Pigs Profit Margin
232.2-11209 May 23Prison Pen Pal Trouble
233.2-11310 May 23What Not to Teach Your Teenager and Padding the Bill?
234.2-11411 May 23Generational Scam
235.2-11512 May 23Violence Between Foster Friends
236.2-11615 May 23Love Triangle Drama and Halloween Party Gone Wrong
237.2-11716 May 23Caregiver Stayed But Not Paid
238.2-11817 May 23Car Thief Hit-and-Run
239.2-11918 May 23Teen Party Flood Damage and Inheritance Damages
240.2-12019 May 23Daycare Dilemma
241.2-12122 May 23Child Abuse Allegation Nightmare (Part 1)
242.2-12223 May 23Child Abuse Allegation Nightmare (Part 2)
243.2-12324 May 23Car Rental Mystery
244.2-12425 May 23Widow Cries Thief!
245.2-12526 May 23Puppy Problems
246.2-12629 May 23Hoop Nightmare
247.2-12730 May 23Next Level Road Rage
248.2-12831 May 23Small Business Grudge
249.2-12901 Jun 23Divorcee Debate and Goldendoodle Mishap
250.2-13002 Jun 23Teen Caught in the Middle
251.2-13105 Jun 23Pit Bull Ambush (Part 1)
252.2-13206 Jun 23Pit Bull Ambush (Part 2)
253.2-13307 Jun 23Father and Son Scooter Collision
254.2-13408 Jun 23Feuding Sisters
255.2-13509 Jun 23Baby Bird Fatality and Dedicated Grandmother: Deliquent Father
Season 3
256.3-1 22 Jan 24Baseball Brawl
257.3-2 22 Jan 24Crash Caught on Camera and Fundraising Tragedy
258.3-3 22 Jan 24The Prison Connection
259.3-4 23 Jan 24Truckstop Video Vendetta
260.3-5 24 Jan 24The Love Bomb Loan and Beard Product Heist
261.3-6 25 Jan 24A Keyed Affair
262.3-7 26 Jan 24The Tenant's Revenge
263.3-8 29 Jan 24Relationship Roadblock
264.3-9 30 Jan 24Music Partnership Fiasco (Part 1)
265.3-1031 Jan 24Music Partnership Fiasco (Part 2)
266.3-1101 Feb 24Piglet Wars
267.3-1202 Feb 24Bitter Bloodlines; Teen Burden and A Tail of Negligence
268.3-1305 Feb 24Road Rage Rampage Caught on Tape
269.3-1406 Feb 24When Cane Corsos Attack
270.3-1507 Feb 24Care Facility Showdown
271.3-1608 Feb 24Bullet-Riddled Betrayal
272.3-1709 Feb 24Puppy Thief Mystery
273.3-1812 Feb 24Money, Mischief, and a One-Eyed Cat and The Harley and the Frenchie
274.3-1913 Feb 24Alleged Horse Abuse and Dog Rescue Gone Wrong
275.3-2014 Feb 24Wage Wars and Golf Cart Goes Rogue
276.3-2115 Feb 24Locked Up and Left Hanging
277.3-2216 Feb 24Foster Child's Fire Damage
278.3-2319 Feb 24Child Support Showdown and Dog Attack Drama
279.3-2420 Feb 24Teeth-Shattering Nanny Incident
280.3-2521 Feb 24Wedding Bus Betrayal and Gun Violence Awareness Collision
281.3-2622 Feb 24Dog Mauling Mayhem
282.3-2723 Feb 24Twin Tales of Assault and Retribution
283.3-2826 Feb 24Child's View of Divorce Violence and Murder Trial Attire
284.3-2927 Feb 24Shooting Victim Seeks Payback
285.3-3028 Feb 24Guns, Ice, and Unpaid Price, and Renovation Roulette
286.3-3129 Feb 24Florida Heartbreak
287.3-3201 Mar 24Scooter Standoff and Dad's Work-for-Debt Dilemma
288.3-3304 Mar 24Teen's Ill-Fated Run into Traffic
289.3-3405 Mar 24Assault, Infidelity, and Nigerian Matrimony
290.3-3506 Mar 24Corgi Custody
291.3-3607 Mar 24Family Road Rage Drama
292.3-3708 Mar 24Teen Victim's Strategic Surveillance
293.3-3811 Mar 24Rims, Barter, and Betrayal
294.3-3912 Mar 24Love, Loans, and Laid to Rest and Baby Shower Drama
295.3-4013 Mar 24Friendship Turned Live-Streaming Fisticuffs
296.3-4114 Mar 24Shirt Storm
297.3-4215 Mar 24Toddler, Tax, and Truck Trouble
298.3-4318 Mar 24Van Heist Justice
299.3-4419 Mar 24Labradoodle Litigation
300.3-4520 Mar 24Defamation, Drugs, and Betrayal (Part 1)
301.3-4621 Mar 24Defamation, Drugs, and Betrayal (Part 2)
302.3-4722 Mar 24Weed, Wheels, and Wisecracks
303.3-4825 Mar 24A Father's Fight for Justice (Part 1)
304.3-4926 Mar 24A Father's Fight for Justice (Part 2)
305.3-5027 Mar 24Gun Brandishing Brother
306.3-5128 Mar 24Barbershop Battle and Dental Adventure in Colombia
307.3-5229 Mar 24Tire-Slashing Nuptials
308.3-5301 Apr 24Feuding Neighbors Caught on Tape (Part 1)
309.3-5402 Apr 24Feuding Neighbors Caught on Tape (Part 2)
310.3-5503 Apr 24Sentimental Silicon Bust and Sancho Showdown
311.3-5604 Apr 24From Subsidy to Slander
312.3-5705 Apr 24Shotgun Tale Backfires
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