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Judy Justice

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Last updated: Sun, 26 Dec 2021 0:00
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People with conflicts to be resolved present their cases to be decided by a former family court judge.
Show Details:
Start date: Nov 2021
End date: ___ ____
Status: current show
Network(s): IMDb TV (US)
Run time: 24 min
Episodes: xx eps
Genre(s): Reality
Episode list & details from:  TVmaze
Episode # Original
Air Date
Season 1
1.1-1 01 Nov 21Girlfriend Demands Payback
2.1-2 01 Nov 21Road Rage Heart Attack
3.1-3 01 Nov 21Fighting while Driving
4.1-4 01 Nov 21Sister Feud/Driver in Disguise
5.1-5 02 Nov 21Backyard Fist Fight
6.1-6 03 Nov 21Co-Signing Exes; Suspected Check Fraud
7.1-7 04 Nov 21Star Athlete's Tragic Accident
8.1-8 05 Nov 21Child's Stimulus Check Tug-of-War; Cleaning-Business Payback
9.1-9 05 Nov 21Tween Braces
10.1-1008 Nov 21Flipping and Fighting; Amusement Park Drama
11.1-1109 Nov 21Tween's Controversial Phone Use
12.1-1210 Nov 21Newlywed's Make-Up Artist
13.1-1311 Nov 21Father and Son Payback
14.1-1412 Nov 21Teen Beach House Birthday Fail
15.1-1512 Nov 21Mother/Daughter Cosmetic Surgery
16.1-1615 Nov 21Gold Pocket-Watch Mystery
17.1-1716 Nov 21Mother Caught in the Middle
18.1-1817 Nov 21Co-Parenting Nightmare
19.1-1918 Nov 21Ex-Lover Payback
20.1-2019 Nov 21Neighbor Nightmare (Part 1)
21.1-2119 Nov 21Neighbor Nightmare (Part 2)
22.1-2222 Nov 21COVID and College Coeds/Car Vandalism and Jealousy
23.1-2323 Nov 21Wrought-Iron Rage
24.1-2424 Nov 21Pit Bull Attack
25.1-2525 Nov 21Family In Crisis (Part 1)
26.1-2626 Nov 21Family In Crisis (Part 2)
27.1-2726 Nov 21Car Title Takeover/Vegas Drinking Binge
28.1-2829 Nov 21Assault with a Deadly Hedge Clipper?
29.1-2930 Nov 21Missing Trailer Mystery
30.1-3001 Dec 21Trail Ride Disaster
31.1-3102 Dec 21COVID Wedding Upset
32.1-3203 Dec 21Storage Container Wars
33.1-3303 Dec 21Dog Breeding Side Hustle
34.1-3406 Dec 21Spiritual Health Coach Dispute/20K Business Loan Debate
35.1-3507 Dec 21Birthday Influencer or Personal Loan/Deer in the Headlights
36.1-3608 Dec 21Unfit Wedding Ring
37.1-3709 Dec 21Family, Furniture and the Fallout
38.1-3810 Dec 21Single Mother Struggle
39.1-3910 Dec 21Caregiver Boyfriend/Shih Tzu Custody Battle
40.1-4013 Dec 21Body Reshaping Gone Bad
41.1-4114 Dec 21Attorney/Mechanic Face-Off
42.1-4215 Dec 21Hollywood Collectibles Controversy
43.1-4316 Dec 21COVID Infection Controversy/Music Video Fail
44.1-4417 Dec 21Horse Care Barter Battle
45.1-4517 Dec 21Teen Drives Truck Into Tree/Hair Extension/Defamation Fight
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