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A teen acquires a powerful prototype robot, and together they fight to save the world from a vast conspiracy.
Show Details:
Start date: Aug 2014
End date: Dec 2013
Status: cancelled/ended
Network(s): Nicktoons (US) / TV Tokyo (JP)
Run time: 30 min
Episodes: 139 eps
Genre(s): Animated, Children, Drama, Science Fiction
Episode list & details from:  TVmaze •  TV.com
Episode # Original
Air Date
Season 1 Danball Senki
1.1-1 02 Mar 11Meeting with a Small Machine
2.1-2 09 Mar 11The Lost Achilles
3.1-3 16 Mar 11Hell's Destroyer
4.1-4 16 Mar 11The Cursed Golden Knights
5.1-5 23 Mar 11The Dark Assassin
6.1-6 06 Apr 11Showdown: Sniper vs. Sniper
7.1-7 13 Apr 11My Name is
8.1-8 20 Apr 11The Great Labyrinth, Angel Star
9.1-9 27 Apr 11The Steel Monster Ijiteus
10.1-1004 May 11The Mysterious Transfer Student, Jin Kaidou
11.1-1111 May 11Magician in a Box
12.1-1218 May 11The Dark Field: The Underground Viscidus
13.1-1325 May 11Joker: The Attack of the Evil Clones
14.1-1401 Jun 11Play-Off: The Emperor
15.1-1508 Jun 11The Power to Save the World
16.1-1615 Jun 11The Infiltrated Black Fortress
17.1-1722 Jun 11The Fated Reunion
18.1-1829 Jun 11Artemis Opening
19.1-1906 Jul 11The Fierce Fight: Jin and Rex
20.1-2013 Jul 11The Troublesome Tournament
21.1-2120 Jul 11Explosive: The Super Plasma Burst
22.1-2227 Jul 11The Mysterious Player: Yuuya Haibara
23.1-2303 Aug 11The Face Off: Battle Royal
24.1-2410 Aug 11The Shocking Last Battle
25.1-2517 Aug 11The Start of a New Battle
26.1-2624 Aug 11The Flash LBX, Pandora
27.1-2731 Aug 11Awaken: A New Machine
28.1-2807 Sep 11Odin's Sortie
29.1-2914 Sep 11The Legendary Super Hacker, Otacross
30.1-3021 Sep 11Break In, God Gate
31.1-3128 Sep 11Aim for Akihabara Kingdom
32.1-3212 Oct 11The Opening of Akihabara Kingdom
33.1-3319 Oct 11Gouda vs Sendou
34.1-3426 Oct 11Clash, Ban vs Jin
35.1-3502 Nov 11Shock, the Sun God Apollo Kaiser
36.1-3609 Nov 11Humanity's Hope, Eternal Cycler
37.1-3716 Nov 11Fort Tank Bardoma
38.1-3823 Nov 11When the Seekers Revive
39.1-3930 Nov 11Stand Up, Ban
40.1-4007 Dec 11Exposed Ambition
41.1-4114 Dec 11When the Devil Takes Flight
42.1-4221 Dec 11The Final Mission With Everything on the Line
43.1-4304 Jan 12The Great Battle in the Skies
44.1-4411 Jan 12Those Who Change the World
Season 2 Danball Senki W
45.2-1 18 Jan 12The LBX Rebellion
46.2-2 25 Jan 12Ban and Hiro, Double Launch
47.2-3 01 Feb 12The Chosen Warriors
48.2-4 08 Feb 12Terror in the Sky
49.2-5 15 Feb 12The N City Line Investigation
50.2-6 22 Feb 12Take Off, the Duck Shuttle
51.2-7 29 Feb 12Reunion at the Dragon Tower
52.2-8 07 Mar 12Ami the Enemy
53.2-9 14 Mar 12Infiltrate Omega Dain
54.2-1021 Mar 12The Masked Slave Player
55.2-1104 Apr 12Hiro's Hidden Power
56.2-1211 Apr 12The Shock of 500km/hr
57.2-1318 Apr 12Angra Texas of the Prairie
58.2-1425 Apr 12Clash! Hiro vs Ran
59.2-1502 May 12The Battle Triangle
60.2-1609 May 12The Shocking Vampire Cat
61.2-1716 May 12Protect the President
62.2-1816 May 12The Artemis Warfare
63.2-1923 May 12Decisive Battle! Ban vs. Hiro
64.2-2030 May 12Who Will Win the Glory?
65.2-2106 Jun 12The World's Greatest Training
66.2-2213 Jun 12Confrontation at the Clock Tower
67.2-2320 Jun 12The Uprising LBX Killer
68.2-2427 Jun 12The Surprise Unison! Sigma Orbis
69.2-2504 Jul 12The LBX of Friendship & Bonds
70.2-2611 Jul 12THe Brilliant Players
71.2-2718 Jul 12The Important LBX
72.2-2825 Jul 12The Conquered City
73.2-2902 Aug 12The Truth of Detector
74.2-3016 Aug 12Father, Son and Their LBX
75.2-3124 Aug 12Fort Upon the Sea
76.2-3229 Aug 12Destroy Killer Droid
77.2-3305 Sep 12Secret of the Paradise
78.2-3412 Sep 12Infiltrate the National Defense Headquarter
79.2-3519 Sep 12The Threatening LBX, Proto I
80.2-3603 Oct 12Launch Into Space
81.2-3710 Oct 12Ikaros Descends
82.2-3817 Oct 12Capturing Paradise
83.2-3924 Oct 12The Ultimate Power, Zeus
84.2-4031 Oct 12Adam and Eve's Awakening
85.2-4107 Nov 12Countdown to Doom
86.2-4214 Nov 12InaDan Autum Explosive Combined Special! !
87.2-4321 Nov 12The Boy with the Glowing Eyes
88.2-4428 Nov 12Devil in the Sky
89.2-4505 Dec 12Perfect World
90.2-4612 Dec 12The Ultimate Prototype
91.2-4719 Dec 12Retrieving the Blueprints
92.2-4809 Jan 13Sure Kill! The Luminus Shooter
93.2-4916 Jan 13Life-or-Death Struggle in the Mine
94.2-5023 Jan 13The LBX-less City
95.2-5130 Jan 13The Super-Complete O-Legion!
96.2-5206 Feb 13The LBX of Hope
97.2-5313 Feb 13Break Trough Destiny Gate
98.2-5420 Feb 13Mizel's Secret
99.2-5527 Feb 13The Birth of Two Power
100.2-5606 Mar 13The Wicked Trial
101.2-5713 Mar 13Final Showdown - Tokio City
102.2-5820 Mar 13LBX for Eternity
Season 3 Danball Senki Wars
103.3-1 03 Apr 13The Day We Arrived on the Battlefield
104.3-2 10 Apr 13Dreadful War Time
105.3-3 17 Apr 13The Violet Devil of Death
106.3-4 24 Apr 13Entrusting the New Weapons
107.3-5 01 May 13The Black Wind Camp Trap
108.3-6 08 May 13Formation Attack
109.3-7 15 May 13The Fort Tank, Eld Hand
110.3-8 22 May 13Deploy the Riding Armor
111.3-9 29 May 13LBX Graveyard
112.3-1005 Jun 13Large Droid Invades
113.3-1112 Jun 13Old Tales
114.3-1219 Jun 13Bandit, the Intruder
115.3-1326 Jun 13Where I Belong
116.3-1403 Jul 13Battle at Angel Piece
117.3-1510 Jul 13Fated Showdown
118.3-1617 Jul 13The Sleepy Giran Forest
119.3-1724 Jul 13The Formless LBX
120.3-1831 Jul 13The Revealed Truth
121.3-1907 Aug 13For the Sake of the World
122.3-2014 Aug 13Battle in the Death Forest
123.3-2121 Aug 13Awakening! Overload
124.3-2228 Aug 13A New Unit
125.3-2304 Sep 13Targeted Hikaru
126.3-2411 Sep 13Porton's Pride
127.3-2518 Sep 13Road to Recovery
128.3-2609 Oct 13Doubt the Second World
129.3-2716 Oct 13Resurrected Soldier
130.3-2823 Oct 13Clash! Muraku vs Kyouji
131.3-2930 Oct 13Revival of the Violet Devil
132.3-3006 Nov 13Seledy's Identity
133.3-3113 Nov 13Our Own World Alliance
134.3-3220 Nov 13The Moment the World Changes
135.3-3327 Nov 13Arata's Decision
136.3-3404 Dec 13True Battle
137.3-3511 Dec 13Real Wars in the Box
138.3-3618 Dec 13Final Battle
139.3-3725 Dec 13To Our Future
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