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Cast Photo
aired from: Sep 1995 to: May 1998 55 eps, 7 unaired ABC / NBC 30 min stereo closed captioned


  • Téa Leoni as Nora Wilde
  • Holland Taylor as Camilla Dane
  • Chris Elliott as Bradley Crosby [ season 3+ ]
  • Amy Hill as Suji [ season 3+ ]
  • Tom Verica as Jack Sullivan [ season 3+ ]
  • Jim Rash as Harris Van Doren [ season 3+ ]
  • Amy Ryan as Chloe Banks, Nora's stepdaughter
  • Mark Roberts as Stupid Dave
  • Jack Blessing as Mr. Donner, manager of Nora's apartment house [ episode ??+ ]
  • George Wendt as Les [ season 2 only ]
  • Jonathan Penner as Nicky Columbus [ season 1 & 2 ]
  • Darryl Sivad as T.J. [ seasons 1 & 2 ]

    When photojournalist Nora Wilde divorces her philandering millionaire publisher husband, she refuses alimony, only to discover that her ex has blackballed her in the newspaper industry and the only job she can get is for the sleazy tabloid The Weekly Comet. Reluctantly becoming part of the team of Los Angeles paparazzi hounding celebrities, Nora is appalled to discover that despite her moral scruples, she actually begins to enjoy the work. (The audience is left to deduce that her former career may have been due more to her husband's power than to her talent.)

    A promising black comedy premise undercut by a curious reluctance to follow through on the necessary bad taste. Téa Leoni, both hilarious and devastatingly sexy on the failed sitcom Flying Blind, is very appealing as Nora, and Holland Taylor wickedly funny as the unscrupulous Camilla; the romantic subplot developing between Nora and Nicky has potential. However, the other characters remain undeveloped: Chloe might as well be Nora's neighbor rather than her stepdaughter; the annoying Mr. Donner appears out of nowhere halfway through the series; and Mark Robert's performance as the apparently mentally challenged Stupid Dave makes uncomfortable viewing (it is scarcely credible that a bewildered innocent could function professionally in this environment).

    Various celebrities agreed to kid themselves in cameo appearances, notably Betty White, Tom Hanks and Bob Saget, but these entertaining in-jokes diminish in the later episodes.

    The series is quite popular in Britain, where the gutter press plumbs depths unknown to American tabloid readers.

    NBC has announced that it will pick up the series for the 1996-1997 season as a mid-season replacement, reportedly without the participation of creator/executive producer Thompson.

    Other credits for the show are:
    Brillstein/Grey Entertainment
    Executive producers: Brad Grey, Bernie Brillstein, Chris Thompson
    Created by: Chris Thompson
    Producer: Nancy Haas
    Associate producer: Robin Weiner
    Supervising producers: Rob Edwards, Jeffrey Klarik
    Co-producer: Drake Sather
    Creative consultant: Kevin Rooney

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      1st Season 1995 ABC

    1. "The Naked Truth (a.k.a. Wilde Again)"
      gs: Anna Nicole Smith [ Herself ]

      Nora is forced to apply for a position as photographer for the sleazy tabloid "the Comet" after refusing her wealthy husband's divorce settlement and then discovering he has blackballed her from work with respectable newspapers.

      b: 13 Sep 95 pc: 100 w: Chris Thompson d: Michael Lessac
    2. "Bald Star in Hot Oil Fest!"
      gs: Tom Hanks [ Himself ], Peter White [ Mr. Hillerman ], Debra Mosko [ Charree Cola ]

      Nora's one of a kind photo of a big star sans toupee could earn her the big bucks she needs to help out her drought-ridden Latin American foster child, if only she could quiet her pesky conscience. Meanwhile, a restaurant job interview with a serious newspaper is interrupted by a risqué photo-op with Tom Hanks, whose fly is stuck open. ("Give it up, Gump!" Nora screams while dancing on a tabletop shooting pictures.)

      b: 20 Sep 95 pc: 102 w: Rob Edwards d: Michael Lessac

      NOTE: Tom Hanks, Holland Taylor and executive producer Chris Thompson all worked together previously on Bosom Buddies.
    3. "Elvis is Coming!"
      gs: Larry Drake [ Dr. Bryce Fromm ], Brighton Hertford [ Unknown ], Betty White [ Herself ]

      It's an Elvis sighting of the most unusual kind - a scientist reveals that he has a frozen vial of the King's preserved sperm, and Camilla thinks Nora would make a great mother of a little King of rock 'n' Roll. In a cameo appearance, Betty White accedes graciously to Nora's request for a photo opportunity - then pushes her out of a moving car.

      b: 27 Sep 95 pc: 103 w: Lauri Parres d: Ted Bessell
    4. "Woman Jokes While Husband Croaks!"
      gs: Michael York [ Leland Banks ], Kat Cressida [ Unknown ]

      Nora's ex-husband visits to discuss financial matters and seduces Nora, who might be convinced to give him another chance - until she meets his fiancée.

      b: 4 Oct 95 pc: 101 w: Chris Thompson d: Alan Myerson
    5. "Sex Crazed Sitcom Zombie Gropes Shutterbug (In Midnight Morgue Orgy)!"
      gs: Rip Taylor [ Papa Jack ], Geoffrey Lower [ Unknown ], Chris Bonner [ Unknown ]

      When Camilla and Nora sneak into a morgue to get exclusive shots disguised as medical staff, Nora is called upon to begin an autopsy on a recently deceased television personality - who revives under her touch.

      b: 18 Oct 95 pc: 105 w: Gary Janetti d: Arlene Sanford
    6. "Hero Pig Goes Hog Wild!"
      gs: Sarah Purcell [ Herself ], Robert Donner [ Unknown ], Raymond Singer [ Unknown ]

      Nora plays power broker when a pig she's saved from the slaughterhouse becomes a commodity in the entertainment industry.

      b: 1 Nov 95 pc: 106 w: Bruce Eric Kaplan d: Arlene Sanford
    7. _"Real Life Henry Higgins Turns Dork Into Duke!"
      gs: Tawny J. Kitaen [ Herself ], Cameron Watson [ Unknown ], Michael Alaimo [ Unknown ], Nicholas Cascone [ Unknown ]

      b: 8 Nov 95 pc: 107 w: Kevin Rooney d: Art Dielhenn
    8. "Star and Comet Collide! Giant Bugs Invade!!"
      gs: Suzanne Somers [ Herself ], Betty White [ Herself ]

      When Nora decides to throw a party for her former society friends, trouble crawls out of the woodwork; meanwhile, a lawsuit against "the Comet" has Camilla fuming.

      b: 15 Nov 95 pc: 104 w: Jeffrey Klarik d: Peter Bonerz
    9. "Girl Buys Soup While Woman Weds Ape!"
      gs: George Segal [ Doc ], Dyan Cannon [ Mitzi ], Bob Saget [ Himself ]

      Nora is thrown into turmoil after her parents' unexpected visit affects not only her sex life but her professional life as well: after interrupting a tryst with Nora's new interest (and advising him to masturbate when he gets home), Nora's parents buy her a new couch, find her a new townhouse, and arrange to get her a new job teaching at UCLA. Meanwhile, Nora covers an anthropologist's marriage to an ape, and helps the gang get photos outside a porn theater of an irate Bob Saget.

      b: 29 Nov 95 pc: 108 w: Chris Thompson d: Art Dielhenn
    10. "Woman Weds Siamese Twins!"
      gs: Victoria Jackson [ Darla ], Todd Merrill [ Twin #1 ], Steve Kehala [ Twin #2 ]

      Nora's double date of sorts with Siamese twins backfires, leaving Camilla without a story; a discussion of motherhood could cost Chloe her friendship with Nora.

      b: 6 Dec 95 pc: 110 w: Chris Thompson d: Dennis Erdman
    11. "Comet Nails Star and Vice Versa!"
      gs: D.W. Moffett [ Dylan Michael Michaels ], Catherine Bell [ Unknown ]

      Big-time movie actor Dylan Michael Michaels begins wooing Nora - and claims that it's not just because she has compromising photos of him.

      b: 13 Dec 95 pc: 111 w: Chris Thompson d: Dennis Erdman
    12. "Sewer Gators, Swordplay, Santa from Hell!"
      gs: Tim Curry [ Sir Rudolph Hailey ]

      The holidays are anything but happy for Nora: she's stuck in a sewer looking for giant alligators, she misses her family, and her slip of the lip with "the Comet's" owner has just cost Camilla her job by revealing that she let scruples persuade her not to publish Chelsea Clinton's private diary.

      b: 20 Dec 95 pc: 109 w: Paul Lieberstein d: Peter Bonerz
    13. "Shocking Tales of Hollywood Gunplay!"
      gs: Christian Meoli [ Unknown ]

      T.J.'s van is hijacked while Nora and Dave are in it, sending Nora in search of self-defense training - and Dave is search of a new best friend.

      b: 3 Jan 96 pc: 112 w: Lauri Parres and Paul Lieberstein d: Pamela Fryman
    14. "Woman Loses Space Alien, Finds God!"

      Nora's new boyfriend loses his appeal when he reveals that he is from another galaxy; Nora runs into an old friend who has become a nun.

      b: 10 Jan 96 pc: 113 w: Mark Wilding and Gary Janetti s: Chris Thompson d: Rob Schiller
    15. "Man Wakes Up With Stranger in Pants!"
      gs: Peter Berg [ Unknown ], Sheryl Crow [ Herself ], Maury Saterling [ Unknown ], Dean Fortunato [ Unknown ], Danette Michele Tays [ Unknown ], Heather James [ Unknown ], Jeffrey von Meyer [ Unknown ]

      A bar fight lands Nicky in the hospital with a broken finger, but a mistake sends him home a new man with an unwanted circumcision - and the female hormones he must take until he heals expose a feminine side that Nora finds irresistible.

      b: 17 Jan 96 pc: 114 w: Drake Sather d: Peter Bonerz
    16. "The Bubble Show"
      gs: Rob Lowe [ Himself ], Larry Poindexter [ Unknown ], Carol Androsky [ Unknown ], Carmen Thomas [ Unknown ]

      Nora's good intentions are put to the test when she agrees to wear a bubble suit to help find a cure for a rare diseases - and then learns some troubling facts about the doctor in charge of the experiment.

      b: 31 Jan 96 pc: 115 w: Jon Vitti d: Peter Bonerz
    17. "Women Rises in World, Falls on Face!"
      gs: George Hamilton [ Himself ], Traci Adell [ Unknown ], Danny Hartigan [ Unknown ], Devika Parikh [ Unknown ]

      Nora finds the mantle of responsibility to fit uncomfortably when her promotion at "the Comet" puts her in charge of T.J., Dave and Nicky, but she can't get any respect from her co-workers.

      b: 7 Feb 96 pc: 116 w: Chris Thompson d: Leonard R. Garner Jr.
    18. "Sisters In Sex Triangle With Gazillionaire!"
      gs: Sally Kellerman [ Felicia ], Tim Curry [ Sir Rudolph Hailey ]

      Camilla has plans for the tabloid's newly divorced owner, but her scheming sister Felicia seems to have beaten her to the punch, bringing their long-standing sibling rivalry to a head.

      b: 14 Feb 96 pc: 117 w: Gary Janetti d: Shelley Jensen
    19. "Man Loses Load While Woman Can't Dump!"

      Dave gets a visit from his shady twin brother Intelligent Dave, who has big plans for the huge inheritance check Dave just received; Nora can't get rid of an annoying boyfriend.

      b: 21 Feb 96 pc: 118 w: Paul Lieberstein d: Michael Lembeck
    20. "Hollywood Honors Male Prostitute!"
      gs: Philippe Bergeron [ French Filmmaker ], Maggie Baird [ French Filmmaker's Wife ], Russ Fega [ Unknown ], Tom Meadows [ Unknown ]

      Romantic sparks fly between Nora and Nicky when they impersonate a pair of French filmmakers to sneak into a gala awards show - she with a camera hidden in her bra and he with one hidden in his crotch.

      b: 28 Feb 96 pc: 119 w: Mark Wilding d: Michael Lessac

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      2nd Season Winter 1997 NBC has picked up series as a mid-season replacement.

    21. "We're At NBC Now"
      gs: Tim DeKay [ John ], Peter Jason [ Senator Wilburn ], Timothy Elwell [ Gene ]

      Les takes over and wastes no time making some changes. Among them: Nora is shifted from photographer to advice columnist; and the magazine is going to become (gasp!) respectable.

      b: 16 Jan 97 pc: _________ w: Maya Forbes d: Gail Mancuso
    22. "Woman Gets Plastered, Star Gets Even"
      gs: Tom Arnold [ Himself ], Mark Tymchyshyn [ Troy ], J. Patrick McCormack [ The Maitre 'd ], Jenna Lynn Wexler [ The Girl ]

      Tom Arnold punches Dave for taking his picture on the street. But when Nora writes an article about the incident, Arnold decides to show her how the other half lives.

      b: 23 Jan 97 pc: _________ w: Ed Yeager and Philip Vaughn d: Gail Mancuso
    23. "Itching For A Cat"
      gs: Mo Gaffney [ Fern ], Julianne Christie [ Penelope ], John A. Bradley [ Jack ], Michael Kagan [ The Pound Guy ]

      Nick and Nora pose as husband and wife so that Nora can adopt a cat from a paranoid breeder who wants her kittens to grow up in a "nurturing environment."

      b: 30 Jan 97 pc: _________ w: Jenny Bicks d: Arlene Sanford
    24. "The Sister Show"
      gs: Mary Tyler Moore [ Catherine ], Paula Cale [ Lizzie ], Frankie Jay Allison [ The Dealer ], Bill Ferrell [ The Pit Boss ], Richmond Harrison [ Man #1 ], George Segal [ Fred ]

      Nora's parents pay a surprise visit, but they're the ones who are surprised when they learn that younger daughter Lizzie has broken off her engagement and taken off for Las Vegas.

      b: 6 Feb 97 pc: _________ w: Miriam Trogdon d: Arlene Sanford
    25. "A Year In the Life"
      gs: Mary Tyler Moore [ Catherine ], Ken Hudson Campbell [ Roland ], Bill Campbell [ Luke ], Mark Fite [ The Repairman ]

      Nora prepares to celebrate her 29th birthday, but the cake is one candle short-Catherine tells her daughter that she's really about to turn 30.

      b: 13 Feb 97 pc: _________ w: Marsh McCall and Tom Matin d: Arlene Sanford
    26. "The Dating Game (a.k.a. Roommates)"
      gs: Paula Cale [ Lizzie ], David Lee Smith [ Mark ], Keythe Farley [ The Waiter ], Yasmine Bleeth [ Natalie ]

      Heaven help the sister who comes between Lizzie and her mister-in this case, Dave. But Nora wants to nip that romance in the bud.

      b: 20 Feb 97 pc: _________ w: Robert Cohen and Leslie Caveny d: Matthew Diamond
    27. "Comet Lands In Man's Garage"
      gs: Robert Mailhouse [ Pete ]

      Nora throws a barbecue to celebrate an increase of 20,000 in the Comet's circulation; but the fire goes out when she learns that Les has been buying the additional copies himself.

      b: 27 Feb 97 pc: _________ w: Scott Bank d: Arlene Sanford
    28. "The Scoop"
      gs: Jon Lovitz [ Acer ], Joseph D. Reitman [ Billy ], Susan Wood [ Carla ]

      Nora's chance to prove herself as a photographer doesn't develop into much, especially since a reporter for a competing magazine seems to know her every move.

      b: 14 Mar 97 pc: _________ w: Jenny Banks and Tom Martin s: Miriam Trogdon and Marsh McCall d: Robby Benson
    29. "The Birds"
      gs: Steven Tobolowsky [ Vincent ], Kelly Lange [ Herself ], John Del Regno [ Perkins ], Patrick Thomas O'Brien [ Lab Man ], Jimmy Pardo [ Detective #2 ]

      A bald eagle finds its way to a tree outside Nora's bedroom window and doesn't know how endangered it is when its squawking keeps her awake all night.

      b: 21 Mar 97 pc: _________ w: Carol Leifer d: Robby Benson
    30. "The Debt"
      gs: David Lee Smith [ Mark ], Carol Leifer [ Sissy Daniels-Polonsky ], Krikor Satamian [ The Janitor ], Alex Nevil [ The Server ], Tasha Taylor [ The Hotel Guest ]

      It's the least wonderful time of the year; tax time, and Nora owes a bundle. So to earn some extra cash, she moonlights as a food server with a catering company.

      b: 27 Mar 97 pc: _________ w: Tom Martin and Philip Vaughn d: Rob Schiller
    31. "The Parents (1)"
      gs: Mary Tyler Moore [ Catherine ], David Huddleston [ Ulysses ], David Lee Smith [ Mark ], George Segal [ Fred ]

      We'll take parental guidance for $100, Alex. Les's dad shows up to run the Comet, and Nora's folks arrive so Fred can try out for "Jeopardy!"

      b: 3 Apr 97 pc: _________ w: Ed Yeager d: Pamela Fryman
    32. "The Spa (2) (a.k.a. The Parents (2))"
      gs: Mary Tyler Moore [ Catherine ], David Lee Smith [ Mark ], Don Sparks [ Dr. Chuck ], Krissy Carlson [ The Naked Girl ], Bradford English [ The Trucker ], Kevin Fry [ The Guard ], George Segal [ Fred ]

      When Les assigns Nora to follow a celebrity to a health spa, she uncovers a nudist colony-and a couple of familiar faces.

      b: 3 Apr 97 pc: _________ w: Jenny Bicks & Tom Martin s: Marsh McCall d: Pamela Fryman
    33. "The Source"
      gs: David Lee Smith [ Mark ], Kenneth Mars [ The Judge ], Blaire Baron [ The Well-Dressed Woman ], Robert Cohen [ The Delivery Man ], Dot-Marie Jones [ Sheila ], Eric Fleeks [ The Server ], Steve Kramer [ Duchovny's Lawyer ], John Mansfield [ The Comet Lawyer ]

      Nora runs with a tip she gets about a TV star's infidelities. But when the star sues for libel, Nora must identify the story's source-or go directly to jail.

      b: 14 May 97 pc: _________ w: Leslie Caveny & Tom Martin s: Robert Cohen d: Matthew Diamond

      NOTE: The TV stars whose infidelity is in question is David Duchovny's. The episode featured in-jokes as Téa Leoni was dating David at the time. Since the episode was made, Téa and David have tied the knot.

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      3rd Season 1997

    34. "Things Change"
      gs: Ian McShane [ Leland ], Christopher Michael Moore [ The Policeman ]

      Camilla takes the reins at the National Inquisitor and hires Nora to be the top reporter. Meanwhile, Nora's ex wants another chance at romance.

      b: 22 Sept 97 pc: __________ w: Michael Saltzman d: Robby Benson
    35. "Her Girl Friday"

      Hey, jealousy! The staff suspects that Nora gets special treatment from Camilla. But a plan to quell the envy backfires when Camilla starts abusing Nora "like any other employee."

      b: 29 Sep 97 pc: __________ w: Allan Heinberg d: Robby Benson
    36. "Bully For Dave"
      gs: Norman Fell [ Himself ], Charo [ Herself ], Paul Parducci [ Doug ], Rachel York [ Christy ], Kayla Marie Murphy [ Lucy ], Brooke Garrett [ Meg ]

      Reports by Nora that Norman Fell is dead are greatly exaggerated, and the TV-star shows up in person to tell her. Meanwhile, Dave runs into his "big crush" from high school.

      b: 6 Oct 97 pc: __________ w: Jon Sherman d: Robby Benson
    37. "Liesl Weapon"
      gs: Shannon Kenny [ Liesl ], Jo Deodato Clark [ Doree Ziskin ]

      Jake meets Nora's beautiful college roommate, who's one ferocious Fraulein. But while he's out romancing the Hun, Nora is stuck doing his work.

      b: 13 Oct 97 pc: __________ w: Tom Palmer d: Robby Benson
    38. "Bridesface Revisited"
      gs: Ian McShane [ Leland Banks ], Morgan Fairchild [ Herself ], Rachel Reenstra [ Laura ], Ana Auther [ Renata ], Cheryl Bianchi [ Patrice ], David Willis [ Waiter ], Garry Marshall [ Himself ], Virginia Mayo [ Herself ]

      Nora's ex-husband, Leland, is remarrying and invites her to the wedding. But upon meeting the bride, Nora swears she's seen that face before.

      b: 20 Oct 97 pc: __________ w: Ken Keeler d: Robby Benson
    39. "We Almost Had Paris"
      gs: John Tesh [ Himself ], Cindy Katz [ Nancy Glickman ], Wendy Pitts [ Sherry Fisher ], Carolyn Hennesy [ Flight Attendant ]

      Nora and Jake pose as newlyweds to stake out a Paris-bound plane that's supposed to have a reclusive celebrity booked in first class.

      b: 10 Nov 97 pc: _________ w: Tom Martin d: Matthew Diamond
    40. "Look At Me! Look At Me!"
      gs: Sarah Silverman [ Ali Walters ], Matthew Huhn [ Jason ]

      When a beautiful but temperamental celebrity adopts Nora as her "new best friend," Camilla smells a story and orders Nora to "stick with her until you find it."

      b: 17 Nov 97 pc: _________ w: Jim Valley and Kevin Dornan d: Robby Benson
    41. "Going Mein Way"
      gs: Christopher Neame [ Dr. Schmekler ], Jeannie Austin [ Woman ]

      Amid a flurry of favor-doing, Harris ends up researching a genealogy and learns that Bradley is not related to der Bingle, but to der Fuhrer.

      b: 24 Nov 97 pc: _________ w: Rachel Sweet d: Matthew Diamond
    42. "He Ain't Famous, He's My Brother"
      gs: Debra Mooney [ Eleanor ], John Reilly [ King ], Megan Mullally [ Vanessa ], Bill Daily [ Doc ], Christopher Carroll [ Good Samaritan ], Doris Hess [ Passenger ], John Hawkes [ Duane Baldwin ]

      Nora finally gets her chance to write a cover story: a profile of the Baldwin brothers based on an interview with Duane, the "loser Baldwin."

      b: 8 Dec 97 pc: _________ w: Matthew Weiner d: Matthew Diamond
    43. "The Unsinkable Nora Wilde"
      gs: Bill Erwin [ Victor ], Basil Langton [ Alf ], Linda Porter [ Edwina ], Harper Roisman [ Nigel ]

      Nora hopes she can stay afloat while interviewing four survivors of the Titanic. Meanwhile, Jake is bothered by a ribald dream.

      b: 15 Dec 97 pc: _________ w: Tom Palmer d: Matthew Diamond
    44. "Hooked on Heroine"
      gs: Lyle Waggoner [ Himself ], Steven M. Porter [ Frankie Zimmer ], Eric Smeraldo [ The Young Guy ], Barry Wiggins [ Jim The Anchorman ]

      Nora gets some strange looks-and an unusual sense of confidence-when she's lassoed into wearing the original Wonder Woman costume for an evening.

      b: 26 Jan 98 pc: _________ w: Rachel Sweet d: Rob Schiller
    45. "Women on the Verge of a Rhytidectomy"
      gs: Mark Capri [ Dr. Martin Talley / Dr. Jerry Talley ], Heather James [ The Nurse ], Vince Lozano [ The Orderly ], Jim Morris [ The Voice Of Nixon ]

      Camilla and Nora check out a tip that a plastic surgeon to the stars has been lifting more than faces: he likes to peek at the celebs while they're out cold on the table.

      b: 2 Feb 98 pc: _________ w: Allan Heinberg d: Robby Benson
    46. "8 1/2"


      Nora fudges whether Mary Kay of Mary Kay Cosmetics owns eight dogs or nine dogs. At her request, Harris lets it slide and the Inquisitor is sued. The publisher brings in an incompetent ombudsman to oversee Harris' every move and decision. (Favorite joke: Harris and the fact checker argue over whether a tomato is a fruit or a vegetable. Camilla calms them by exclaiming, "Gentlemen, please! We had the same argument about J. Edgar Hoover when he slipped into a coma.") Nora feels guilty and agrees to do a favor for Harris in return. Harris asks her to get eight of a specific type of bird from pet stores around town. On her mission, Nora learns the importance of being precise as she encounters one instance of misinformation and incompetence after another. She ultimately fails to bring Harris the precise number of birds he requested, but learns an appreciation for the exactness of his life and work.

      Jake and Camilla decide to act on Jake's sexual dream about her. But first, Camilla insists he perform a series of erotic and bizarre tasks to prove he's up to being her sexual partner.

      b: 9 Feb 98 pc: _________ w: Ken Keeler d: Robbie Benson
    47. "The Neighbor of Bath"


      Dave complains about his long commute to Nora, who suggests he check out the apartment across from her which is now vacant. He takes it. Nora's jealous of the huge bath in Dave's apartment and he offers to let her use it whenever she wants. He also springs some exciting news on her -- he's engaged to Christy -- his old high school flame that he hooked up with in "Bully For Dave." Nora insists on throwing them a party. The next night when Dave comes home, he finds Nora in his bathtub. Christy walks in on them and assumes they're having an affair. Dave tries to convince her and Nora helps, suggesting that she doesn't find Dave at all sexually attractive. In fact, he looks like Fred Mertz. Christy's fears are put aside -- but when Dave goes to kiss her, all she can hear is Nora's comparison of him to Lucy's bald, fat, old neighbor. Dave is beside himself as the days go on. She won't even sleep with him. He insists that -- at their engagement party -- Nora come on to him, to show Christy he's sexually desirable and get the Fred Mertz notion out of her head. Nora reluctantly agrees, making a fool out of herself and Dave. Christy, however, while watching Dave shake a margarita, inexplicably becomes attracted to him again. She finally asks Nora why she's coming on to Dave. Nora explains everything, again placating Christy. She assures her there's nothing going on between her and Dave and that Christy's lucky to have such a warm, loving fiancée -- even if he shakes a margarita like Dom DeLuise. That night -- as they prepare to make love -- Dave shakes a margarita for Christy. And visions of the large-sized DeLuise pop into her head. But she ignores them and embraces Dave passionately.

      Suji rejects, but ultimately, accepts the advances of Leo, the odd, nerdy lover of Asian women she first met in "The Seer & The Sucker" (But which aired months later, West Coast only). Also, Camilla and Jake fear Harris is wise to their secretive affair.

      b: 9 Mar 98 pc: _________ w: Jon Sherman d: Robbie Benson
    48. "Day of the Locos"


      Bradley stuns the office by selling a screenplay for a million dollars. Nora can't believe such a no-talent could actually be considered a writer. Bradley overhears and is devastated. The next day he gets notes from the studio -- and they agree with Nora. Nora offers to help Bradley. Collaborating with Bradley, however, proves more difficult than she imagined -- as they have to overcome his mannered, ineffective work habits and inane story sense. Eventually, she gets him to incorporate a very personal story of her youth to deepen the film. The studio ends up hating the new draft, however, and, in desperation, Bradley suggests throwing in a talking horse. Nora's horrified. But the studio loves it. The show ends "a year later," where Bradley and Nora watch the movie play out. It's Nora's personal story done with a talking horse. And she's moved.

      Dave's poker ace sister comes to town and takes an immediate liking to Jake. Dave gets Jake to take his sister out. She aggressively insists Jake sleep with her. He refuses. She threatens to tell the whole office about him and Camilla -- she picked up on their affair immediately. Jake refuses and the next day, as promised, Dave's sister announces to the whole office that Jake and Camilla are having an affair. Once she disappears on the elevator, however, Jake and Camilla pay off the "office," who are nothing but a hired batch of temps.

      b: 25 May 98 pc: _________ w: Matthew Weiner d: Robbie Benson
    49. "Muddy for Nothing"


      Nora infuriates a powerful publicist when her car splashes mud on the woman. Camilla insist Nora apologize or the paper risks the wrath of this harpy. They try to apologize, but the publicist refuses to accept. Indignant, Nora insults her -- bringing down the woman's full anger on them. The Inquisitor is frozen out by everyone in town and -- with a deadline fast approaching -- has nothing for their cover. Desperate, everyone fans out to find something: Jake and Harris go undercover as men's' room attendants in a posh Beverly Hills hotel; Dave and Suji pose as husband and wife to meet with Pamela Lee and Tommy Lee's therapist; Nora meets the most pathetic PR man in Hollywood; and Bradley dresses up in his old Bigfoot costume. Nothing works and Nora decides to swallow her pride and grovel to the PR maven. An apology isn't enough, however. The PR woman insist that Nora work out on the over-sized woman's Stair-Master while singing "Yankee Doodle Dandy" -- while the woman throws mud at her. Nora agrees to the humiliation. She returns to the office, covered in wet mud -- but with a Julia Roberts exclusive. Too late, Camilla exclaims, they've got their cover. "Bigfoot beaten up by James Brolin." Bradley -- in costume -- tried to crash Barbra Streisand's estate.

      b: UNAIRED pc: _________ w: Humphrey MacDougal d: Robbie Benson

      NOTE: This was actor Mark Robert's last episode.
    50. "Born to be Wilde"


      Jake enters a celebrity pool tournament to see if it's rigged or not. Nora goes with him as a "chalk girl." While hot-dogging it in a match with Gary Coleman, however, Jake whacks himself in the eye with a cue stick. Nora must take his place -- and her deep secret is revealed. She's a pool shark with a nasty competitive edge. After wiping the floor with Gary Coleman, she works her way to the finals to face Trisha Yearwood. Jake convinces her to throw the match to salvage their story. Nora reluctantly agrees. But when Trisha Yearwood gloats about her skill, Nora can't take it and a brawl ensues. Philosophical back at the bar, each nursing their separate bruises, Nora challenges Jake to a game of pool. Jake is just as bad as before and Nora offers to show him how to shoot better. There's a brief connection between them as she holds his hands, gliding the pool stick.

      Suji and Harris both want a deceased worker's office. Suji suggests they emulate a van contest she saw at a mall, where whoever stays in physical contact with a desk in the office the longest, wins the office. A grueling marathon of wills and deception mark the next 48 hours as each battles the other for possession of the desired room.

      b: UNAIRED pc: _________ w: Kate Nielson d: Robbie Benson
    51. "The Seer and The Sucker"


      Nora challenges Harris' skepticism of all things mystical and takes him to see a tarot card reader. Harris is unimpressed with the reader's seemingly keen insights into him. Nora, however, is devastated when the seer tells her she will "never find true love. Ever." Trying to get Nora out of her funk, the office decides to pull names out of a hat for the New Year's Eve Party at Wong's Restaurant (resurrected from the first season) with each person bringing a blind date for the other. Things work out badly for everyone -- especially Nora, who, through Bradley's error, ends up not getting a date at all. Ready to throw in the towel, Nora opens her fortune cookie, which reads, "You will find true love." Ecstatic, Nora leaves to phone her mother. Everyone opens their fortune cookies and finds the same fortune. Harris admits to "rigging the cookies," but refuses to be dubbed a sentimentalist by the others.

      b: UNAIRED pc: _________ w: Ken Keeler d: Matthew Diamond

      NOTE: According to Executive Producer Michael Saltzman,
      This show was actually shot between "Going Mein Way" and "The Unsinkable Nora Wilde." It was an intended New Year's episode that eventually aired, I think, sometime in June (only on the West Coast). We kept joking that we should dub in the appropriate holiday in a bad voiceover every time they said "Happy New Year."

    52. "Can't We All Just Get Along?"


      Tensions at the office reach the boiling point. Nora suggests bringing in a group therapist to help. Everyone gets angrier at having to give up their Saturday for the therapist and a session meant to provoke honest communication deteriorates into a nasty, name-calling, finger-pointing affair. Nora leaves, angry and disappointed in the others. When she returns to work on Monday, she finds a changed office of nice, friendly people helping each other. Jake explains that after she left, everyone was shamed into trying to make the workplace a little more hospitable. Unfortunately, nice people don't make great tabloid reporters and the paper's newest edition is terrible. Camilla is furious at Nora for wreaking havoc on a system that worked and rallies the group to be the awful people they were born to be. Nastiness is what makes them special. It's their gift. Nora has to admit Camilla's got a point.

      b: UNAIRED pc: _________ w: Tom Martin d: Matthew Diamond
    53. "Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice, Except With Different Names (1)"


      Jake's old rival -- Colin -- is having an illicit affair with Nora. When the office finds out, they're infuriated. He works for a tabloid TV show as a reporter -- he might steal a story from them through Nora. Nora's insulted at the suggestion. Meanwhile, Jake and Camilla's secret affair becomes very public knowledge when they become inadvertently locked outside after a late night tryst on the balcony. They are found naked the next day by a stunned collection of workers. Nora lambastes Camilla for her hypocrisy about secret affairs, but they make up and agree to all go out to dinner together. While at dinner, it comes out that Colin and Jake competed over everything. And that one of the reasons Colin went after Nora was that he heard Jake thought she was attractive. Jake denies it, but Nora won't let it go, grilling Colin about whether he's dated her because of her or because of Jake. Meanwhile, Camilla tells Jake they have to break things off. Now that they've been discovered, the thrill is gone for her. Jake understands and thanks her for a great time. That night at Nora's apartment, Colin finally owns up that, yes, maybe initially he went after Nora to best Jake. But then he fell in love with her. Infuriated, Nora throws him out of her apartment. She calls Jake on the phone. To Be Continued...

      b: UNAIRED pc: _________ w: Ken Keeler d: Rob Schiller

      NOTE: This episode never aired -- not even on the West Coast. It was scheduled, but a golf match went too long. NBC went right into the 2nd episode -- the 2nd half of this two-parter with no explanation.
    54. "Jake Or Fake? (2)"


      Jake and Nora drink "Scotch floats" in her apartment and share their tales of broken relationships -- Jake with Camilla and Nora with Colin. Upon leaving, they have an unintentional goodnight kiss. The next day at work, things are awkward and both decide to pretend as if it never happened. Colin comes to Jake desperate. He's in love with Nora. Jake's got to help him. Jake supplies Colin with advice on the things Nora likes -- which Colin is clueless about -- and how to win her back. He surprises himself with how much he actually knows about her. Colin sets about wooing Nora back -- and succeeds. All is forgiven. Suji reprimands Jake for doing this. It's obvious he's got a thing for Nora. And if he doesn't act on it, he'll always regret it. Jake agrees and finds Nora at the restaurant she's meeting Colin at. He explains to her that he told Colin what to do and how to win her back, but Nora dismisses it as part of their stupid competitiveness. Jake leaves, disgusted. Colin arrives and over dinner presents Nora with a charm bracelet. She asks how he knew she liked those. Colin lies. Nora realizes Jake was telling the truth and leaves. At her apartment, she finds Jake waiting for her. It turns out Nora knows as much about Jake as he does about her. They realize there's something between them. And they share a deep, romantic kiss.

      Bradley's mother comes to town with a request -- she wants Bradley to kill her. She's losing her memory and doesn't want to be a shell of what she was. Bradley can't bring himself to do it, which first angers his mother. But then she realizes what a great son she has, if he loves her too much to kill her. She promises to spend more time than ever with him. At which point, Bradley considers smashing her head in with a paper weight... but then reconsiders.

      b: UNAIRED pc: _________ w: Rachel Sweet d: Rob Schiller
    55. "Up, Up, And Away"


      The show opens at night, with everyone sitting in a hot air balloon. Nora dictates into a tape recorder that they are lost and no longer with food or water. She sets about explaining how they got there. We dissolve back in time and find Jake and Nora in bed together -- having the worst sex either has ever had. After talking it over, they try again -- with no improvement. Debating about trying a third time, they're called to work at this ungodly hour by their beepers. At work, Camilla explains that Barbra Streisand is getting married today in Malibu. It's the tabloid story of the year. Unable to get there by any other means, they decide to infiltrate by hot air balloon. Suji's boyfriend, Leo (from "Neighbor of Bath") operates one. The balloon strays horribly off course. Not only are they not going to get their story -- it looks like they might die as well. Scared and depressed, they confront their fate -- discussing their regrets in life and their fear of what lies ahead. Nora admits that her biggest disappointment is not what she did or didn't do in life, but being robbed of her future. Jake paints a picture of Nora as an old woman reflecting on a beach in Maine, realizing that her "life was good and one worth living." Moved, Nora thanks him and suggests the previous night might have gone better if they'd done this first. Bradley insists they not take their fate lying down. He suggests they sing. And they do -- badly harmonizing on "The Sloop John B." "Let me go home. I want to go home. This is the worst trip I've ever been on..."

      b: UNAIRED pc: _________ w: Michael Saltzman d: Rob Schiller

      NOTE: According to Executive Producer Michael Saltzman,
      This is the last show of the series and was meant to either be a cliffhanger -- if the show returned or an appropriately metaphoric "up in the air" ending for a series that was never really given a consistent shot at success. I suppose they all die at sea. But if the "one year later" tag at the end of "Day of the Locos" is true, they must have found a way to survive, after all.

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