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State Trooper

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Based on true cases from the files of the Nevada State Police, an undercover investigator for the state helps local law enforcement bring criminals to justice in 1950s Nevada.
Show Details:
Start date: Sep 1956
End date: Jun 1959
Status: cancelled/ended
Network(s): syndicated (US)
Run time: 30 min
Episodes: 104 eps + pilot
Genre(s): Crime/Mystery, Drama
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Episode # Prod Code Original
Air Date
Pilot (aired as an episode of NBC's "Star Stage")
P- 01700 3 Feb 56Killer on Horseback
Season 1
1.1- 1ST101A25 Sep 56The Red Badge of Death.
2.1- 2ST102A 2 Oct 56The Paperhanger of Pioche
3.1- 3ST103A 9 Oct 56Meeting at Julia's
4.1- 4ST104A28 Nov 56Jailbreak in Tonopah
5.1- 5ST105A 4 Dec 56The Hills of Homicide
6.1- 6ST106A 7 Dec 56From Here to Molokai
7.1- 7ST107A11 Dec 56What Price Gloria?
8.1- 8ST108A12 Dec 56Weep No More O'Grady
9.1- 9ST109A18 Dec 56Nevada Boy, Pride and Joy
10.1-10ST110A25 Dec 56One Way to Tahoe
11.1-11ST111A31 Dec 56Room Service for 321
12.1-12ST112A15 Jan 57The Cash Out
13.1-13ST113A29 Jan 57Trail of the Dead
14.1-14ST114A 6 Feb 57Rocking Chair Bandit
15.1-15ST115A13 Feb 57Coate of Many Colors
16.1-16ST116A20 Feb 57Boulder Joe's Bottle House
17.1-17ST117A27 Feb 57Who Killed Doc Robbins?
18.1-18ST118A 3 Mar 57Buck Fever
19.1-19ST119A17 Mar 57No Fancy Cowboys
21.1-20ST121A27 Mar 57Violets on Mt. Rose
21.1-21ST122A 2 Apr 57The Last Stage Robbery
22.1-22ST123A 3 May 57The Silver Duke
23.1-23ST124A 6 May 57Death on the Rock
24.1-24ST125A 7 May 57The Last War Party
25.1-25ST126A14 May 57Voice of the Bug
26.1-26ST127A17 May 57The One That Didn't Get Away
27.1-27ST128A24 May 57Cinder Jungle
28.1-28ST129A24 May 57Diamonds Come High
29.1-29ST130A29 May 57Jail Trail
30.1-30ST131A11 Jul 57The Only Girl on Boot Hill
31.1-31ST132A11 Jul 57No Blaze of Glory
32.1-32ST133A18 Jul 57Beef a la Murders
33.1-33ST134A18 Jul 57Ride 'Til You Die
34.1-34ST135A 8 Aug 57Madman on the Mountain
35.1-35ST136A 8 Aug 57Safe on a Boat
36.1-36ST137A 9 Aug 57Fury on Freemont Street
37.1-37ST138A23 Aug 57The Live Shell Game
Season 2
38.2- 1ST201A19 Sep 57A Penny Saved
39.2- 2ST202A15 Sep 57Out of Line
40.2- 3ST203A17 Nov 57The Black Leaper
41.2- 4ST204A 1 Dec 57The Talking Corpse
42.2- 5ST205A15 Dec 57The Gandy Dancers of Steptoe Valley
43.2- 6ST206A22 Dec 57The Sound of Death
44.2- 7ST207A29 Dec 57The Dancing Dowager
45.2- 8ST208A 3 Jan 58Diamonds in the Rough
46.2- 9ST209A12 Jan 58Cable Car to Tombstone
47.2-10ST210A19 Jan 58The Perilous Picnic
48.2-11ST211A26 Jan 58Grudge Race
49.2-12ST212A23 Feb 58Dangerous Honeymoon
50.2-13ST213A 9 Feb 58The Doll Who Couldn't Sleep
51.2-14ST214A 2 Feb 58Full Circle
52.2-15ST215A15 Feb 58Death on Wheels
53.2-16ST216A 8 Sep 58The Bride Wore Bullets
54.2-17ST217A22 Feb 58The Sweetheart of Sigmund Kaye
55.2-18ST218A11 Aug 58Crisis at Comstock
56.2-19ST219A13 Feb 58The Case of the Happy Dragon
57.2-20ST220A13 Feb 58Wild Green Yonder
58.2-21ST221A 1 May 58Stay Lost, Little Girl
59.2-22ST222A23 Mar 58The Widow Makers
60.2-23ST223A30 Mar 58The Mystery Sniper
61.2-24ST224A15 May 58312 Vertical
62.2-25ST225A11 May 58Another Chance
63.2-26ST226A 6 Apr 58710 Hysteria Street
64.2-27ST227A 4 May 58Firebug
65.2-28ST228A20 Apr 58Kitchen Kill
66.2-29ST229A20 Apr 58The Last Waltz
67.2-30ST230A25 May 58Still Water Runs Red
68.2-31ST231A 1 Jun 58No, My Darling Daughter
69.2-32ST232A10 Sep 58Hard Rock Man
70.2-33ST233A22 Jun 58Key to a Killer
71.2-34ST234A 8 Jun 58The Woman Who Cried Wolf
72.2-35ST235A15 Jun 58Inherit a Bullet
73.2-36ST236A21 Jul 58The Winnemucca Weskit
74.2-37ST237A 4 Aug 58Joker's Dead
75.2-38ST238A28 Jul 58You Can't Run Forever
76.2-39ST239A18 Aug 58Sweet and Gentle LTD.
77.2-40ST240A 1 Sep 58When the Cat's Away
78.2-41ST241A25 Aug 58The Clever Man
79.2-42ST242A18 Jan 59The Silver Spiral
80.2-43ST243A12 Feb 59Travel Now, Slay Later
81.2-44ST244A31 Jan 59Lonely Valley
82.2-45ST245A20 Jan 59Excitement at Milltown
83.2-46ST246A 8 Jan 59The Trap That Jack Built
84.2-47ST285A14 Feb 59Fiddle Dee Dead
85.2-48ST248A13 Jan 59This One'll Kill Ya
Season 3
86.3- 1ST301A 1 Jan 59The Prettiest Dress in Goldfield
87.3- 2ST302A16 Jan 59What's Mine is Mine
88.3- 3ST303A 3 Mar 59Larceny and Old Age
89.3- 4ST304A20 Mar 59Carson City Kitty
90.3- 5ST305A 2 Apr 59The Man from Solitary
91.3- 6ST306A 9 Apr 59The Choker
92.3- 7ST307A 2 Apr 59The Judas Tree
93.3- 8ST308A19 Mar 59Hard Money, Soft Touch
94.3- 9ST309A17 Apr 59Let 'Em Eat Smoke
95.3-10ST310A30 Apr 59The Patient Skeleton
96.3-11ST311A16 Apr 59The Case of the Barefoot Girl
97.3-12ST313A 7 May 59Pistols for Two
98.3-13ST315A21 May 59So Early in the Morning
99.3-14ST316A28 May 59Love on the Rocks
100.3-15ST317A14 May 59While Jerome Burned
101.3-16ST318A 4 Jun 59And Baby makes Two
102.3-17ST319A18 May 59The Night has a Thousand Eyes
103.3-18ST320A11 Jun 59Everything Else Is Bridgeport
104.3-19ST321A25 Jun 59The Girl on Cloud Nine
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The series pilot entitled "Killer on Horseback" aired on 3 February 1956 as an episode of the NBC anthology series "Star Stage". It was later re-packaged with the rest of the episodes under the new title "Rodeo Rough House".

DVDs are available:

Season 1
(4 discs)
Seasons 2 & 3
(6 discs)