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Show Details:
Start date: Apr 1983
End date: Mar 2006
Status: cancelled/ended
Network(s): Nippon (JP)
Run time: 30 min
Episodes: 270 eps
Genre(s): Animated, Children, Comedy, Science Fiction
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Episode # Original
Air Date
Season 1
1.1-1 03 Apr 83Messenger from Planet Kinniku/The Man from America
2.1-2 10 Apr 83The Target is Nessie!/Save Planet Kinniku!
3.1-3 17 Apr 83Space Monster Invasion/Kinnikuman's Great Hustle
4.1-4 24 Apr 83Groovy Natsuko/Annoying Part-Time Jobs
5.1-5 01 May 83Kinkotsuman and the Battle of Flesh and Blood/Kinnikuman's Broken Heart
6.1-6 08 May 83Kinnikuman is Sexy!?/The Competition's Japanese Representative
7.1-7 15 May 83Hero Olympics/Kinkotsuman's Trap
8.1-8 22 May 83Space Marathon/Deciding Match Battle Royal
9.1-9 29 May 83Natsuko Becomes Giant/The Hidden Secret
10.1-1005 Jun 83Gong on the Tournament Finals/Watch Out Terryman
11.1-1112 Jun 83The Great Reversal/Ice Top Death Match
12.1-1219 Jun 83The Deadly Camel Clutch/ It's Showing! The Spirit of the West
13.1-1326 Jun 83Terryman's Demonic Transformation/The Killer Boston Crab
14.1-1403 Jul 83Zangyaku Appears!/Kinnikuman Advances to the Finals
15.1-1510 Jul 83Secret Snowy Mountain Training/Ramenman's Great Outburst
16.1-1617 Jul 83Let's Go! Fighting Style/It's Here! The Human Rocket
17.1-1724 Jul 83Terrifying! Robin's Killer Techniques/Course of Death
18.1-1831 Jul 83The Electrifying Hellish Message/Can Kinnikuman Turn It Around?
19.1-1907 Aug 83Kinnikuman Flies the World/Hawaii! The Enigmatic Kamehame
20.1-2014 Aug 83The 7 Second Fall!/No Rope Death Match
21.1-2128 Aug 83Kinnikuman's One-Shot Fight/Finishing Move - Fuu Rin Ka Zan
22.1-2204 Sep 83The Choujin League Collapses!/Watch Out Suguru
23.1-2311 Sep 83The Terrible Magician Appears/The 4 Murderous Techniques
24.1-2418 Sep 83Tendon vs. Kinnikuman/The Secret of Skull Bozu
25.1-2525 Sep 83Robin Mask Returns/Duel! Amazon Grand Canyon
26.1-2602 Oct 83Skies of Hell Death Match/Robin Mask's End
27.1-2709 Oct 83The Choujin Olympics Again/The Super Strong Rikishiman Appears
28.1-2816 Oct 83The Trapping Choujin Sieve/The Challenging Gasoline Pool
29.1-2923 Oct 83Kinniku-ban - Young and in Love/Shove the Bullet Train
30.1-3030 Oct 83Final Preliminary - The Choujin Ravine Match/The Deadly Roller Game
31.1-3106 Nov 83Deadly Struggle Before the Goal/The Choujin Pachinko Balls
32.1-3213 Nov 83Warsman - The Iron Claw/It's Appeared! The Murderous Defense
33.1-3320 Nov 83Blocken Jr.'s Challenge/It's Here! Kinnikuman's Finishing Move
34.1-3427 Nov 83Concrete Death Match/Blocken Jr.'s Fierce Attack
35.1-3504 Dec 83Secret Technique - The Great Wall of China/The American and Soviet Choujin Clash!
36.1-3611 Dec 83Benkiman's Trap/Ramenman the Genuine Choujin
37.1-3718 Dec 83Sumo Choujin Rikishiman/Gamble at the Edge!
38.1-3825 Dec 83Casket Death Match/Fighting Computer Choujin
39.1-3908 Jan 84The Deadly Bear Claws/Scrambled Soft Recovery
40.1-4015 Jan 84Mask Removal Death Match!/Ramenman and the Promise
41.1-4122 Jan 84The Tearing Paro Special/It's Here! The Kinniku Buster
42.1-4229 Jan 84Decisive Battle Under The Sun!/What is Barracuda's True Identity!?
43.1-4305 Feb 84Beware the Computer Choujin!/The Battered Mask
44.1-4412 Feb 84Critical Point - Kinniku Guard/The Greatest Pinch!
45.1-4519 Feb 84Robin Mask's Revenge/Burning Inner Strength!
46.1-4626 Feb 8490 Minute Struggle! The One-Shot Match/Give Up, Kinnikuman!?
47.1-4704 Mar 84Come Like a Miracle, Flaming Spirit!!/Historic First! V2
48.1-4811 Mar 84Arrival!! The Seven Devil Choujins/Meat Has Been Seperated
49.1-4918 Mar 84The Devil Choujin Series Begins/The Hellish SteCase King
50.1-5025 Mar 84Devil's Symphany/Secret Technique! Three Minute Murder
51.1-5101 Apr 84Devil Choujin Black Hole/Terrible Fourth Dimensional Wrestling
52.1-5208 Apr 84Shadow Hitman! The Split-Image Technique/Life or Death!? The Hole of Darkness
53.1-5315 Apr 84Hooray!! The Yellow Hole/I am Indestructible!!
54.1-5422 Apr 84Idol Choujins vs. Devil Choujins/The Devil Choujins Full-On Attack!!
55.1-5529 Apr 84The Terrible Devil Tomboy/Great Underwater Tactics
56.1-5606 May 84Beware The Mummy Package!!/Finishing Move!! The Hellish Fang
57.1-5713 May 84The Mysterious Truth of the Choujin!?/The Valuable Trump Blade - The Bear Claw
58.1-5820 May 84The Resurrection of the Human Spirit/Double Bear Claw
59.1-5927 May 84Terryman Falls Into the Canyon/The Mysterious Red Spots!
60.1-6003 Jun 84The Binding Devil Choujin Blood/The Intense St. Helens Eruption
61.1-6110 Jun 84Meat Helps Kinnikuman/Mysterious Choujin Mongolman
62.1-6217 Jun 84Shower of Hell/10 Million Power at Full Throttle!
63.1-6324 Jun 84The Secret of the Long Horn/The Fiery Reversals
64.1-6401 Jul 84The Tattered Ring/It's Here! The New Kinniku Buster
65.1-6508 Jul 84The 1 Second Time Limit!!/The Ring of Frienship
66.1-6607 Oct 84The Legend of the Gold Mask/Challenge of the Devil Knights
67.1-6714 Oct 84Outrageous! The Hellish Crocodile/Changing Choujin Sneagator
68.1-6821 Oct 84The Fiendish Frill-Necked Lizard!!/Sneagator's True Form
69.1-6928 Oct 84Come Like a Miracle Silver Mask/The Mortal Entrance
70.1-7004 Nov 84Planetman's Space Hell/Is the Justice Choujin Done For?!
71.1-7111 Nov 84Geronimo's War Cry/Chased to the Bottom of Hell
72.1-7218 Nov 84The Deadly Five-Story Ring/Junkman's Counterattack!
73.1-7325 Nov 84It's Here! The Robin Strategy/The Ninja's Binding Spider Web
74.1-7402 Dec 84Hooray! The Red Rain of Berlin/Hellish Technique Ashura Buster
75.1-7509 Dec 84Both Arms Stolen/Watch Out Warsman!
76.1-7616 Dec 84Terryman's Deadly Resolution/Geronimo's Fierce Attack!
77.1-7723 Dec 84The Murderous Hell's Pyramid/The Immortal Choujin Spirit
78.1-7830 Dec 84Mystery of the Gold Mask/Akuma Shogun Appears
79.1-7906 Jan 85The Explosive Hell's Guillotine!/Buffaloman's Revival!
80.1-8013 Jan 85Come Like a Storm Hellish Spider Web/The Devastating Kinniku Buster!
81.1-8120 Jan 85The Crushing Ashura Buster/Buffaloman's Rebellion!
82.1-8227 Jan 85Harsh Training! The New Finishing Move!!/Direct Hit! The Skull Crush
83.1-8303 Feb 85Akuma Shogun the Hollow Choujin/The Explosive Neo Kinniku Buster
84.1-8410 Feb 85Explosive Diamond Power/The Fiery Megaton Punch
85.1-8517 Feb 85Survivor Death Match/The Chairman's Friendship
86.1-8624 Feb 85Kinnikuman vs. Akuma Shogun/Victory of Justice and Friendship
87.1-8703 Mar 85The Dream Tag Tournament/Challenge of the Three Gates!
88.1-8814 Apr 85Kinnikuman Great Appears/Great Riot! The Hellish Combo
89.1-8921 Apr 85The Dreadful Fourth Dimensional Trap!/Watch Out Kinnikuman Great!
90.1-9028 Apr 85The Miraculous Muscle Docking/The Terrible Perfect Choujins!
91.1-9105 May 85The Hellish Blood-Spilling Screw/The Bosses Appear
92.1-9212 May 85Big the Budo's True Form/Rough Technique! The Robin Special
93.1-9319 May 85The Non-Removable Mask/Robin Mask's Counterattack!
94.1-9426 May 85Birth of a New Terryman/Take That! The Hell's Tornado
95.1-9502 Jun 85The Cursed Roller Strategy/The Hell's Sand Ball
96.1-9609 Jun 85Terryman's Resurrection/The Blood Spilling Devil's Combo
97.1-9716 Jun 85The Explosive Hellish Clothesline/Kinnikuman Great's True Identity
98.1-9823 Jun 85The Semi-Finals Begin!/Lumber Jack Death Match
99.1-9930 Jun 85Terryman's Anguish/Kinnikuman Great's Come-Back
100.1-10007 Jul 85Sunshine Magnum/Essential Point! The Sleeping Technique
101.1-10114 Jul 85The Prince of Hell/Beware of Ashura's Fireball Bullets
102.1-10221 Jul 85The Crushing Cursed Roller/Akuma Shogun's Resurrection!?
103.1-10328 Jul 85The Burning Devil Spirit/Ashuraman Weeps!
104.1-10404 Aug 85The Friendship Combination/The End of Sunshine
105.1-10511 Aug 85The Harsh Barbed-Wire Match/Watch Out Mongolman!
106.1-10618 Aug 85Return of the Long Horn/The Mountain Ring Collapses!
107.1-10706 Oct 85The Pyramid Ring Arrives!/Jump for the Skies of Hokkaido!
108.1-10813 Oct 85Mystery of the Pyramid Ring/The Vicious Thunder Sabre!
109.1-10920 Oct 85Buffaloman's Friendship/The Magnetic Cross Bomber
110.1-11027 Oct 85Ramenman's Deadly Defeat!/Kinikuman's Theft
111.1-11103 Nov 85Long Horn of Friendship/The Finals! Sword Death Match
112.1-11210 Nov 85No-Limit Best-of-Three Match/The Fiery Mind Tricks
113.1-11317 Nov 85Mask Hunt - The Last 30 Seconds/The Explosive Magnetic
114.1-11424 Nov 85The First Defeat!/Ashuraman's Friendship
115.1-11501 Dec 85Revival of the Machineguns!/Mask the End
116.1-11608 Dec 85It's Here! Kinnikuman's Uncovered Face/Neptune King Makes His Appearance
117.1-11715 Dec 85Terryman is Skewered!/Come Like a Miracle, Power of Friendship
118.1-11822 Dec 85The Fiery Uneven Sides/The Mysterious Apron Window
119.1-11929 Dec 85Trapped in the Ancient Graveyard/The Shining Trophy!
120.1-12005 Jan 86The Prince Kinniku Capsizes/The Psycho Choujin Army Appears
121.1-12112 Jan 86The Strategist Yama Khan Appears/Transforming Choujin Kareiyasu
122.1-12219 Jan 86Kinnikuman Melts Away/Great Melee! Where is Mari?
123.1-12326 Jan 86They're Here! The Psycho Jaws/The Fighting Yama Khan
124.1-12402 Feb 86The Strongest! Psycho Warp/The Justice Choujin is Immortal!
125.1-12522 Apr 86Kinnikuman the Doubleman/Protect the Sword of Justice!
126.1-12629 Apr 86Pallbearer Dirty Baron/The Sparking Hellish Ring
127.1-12720 May 86The Volcano's Great Explosion!?/The Foggy Wild Bakuto
128.1-12827 May 86Bakuto's Heinous Trump!!/Dirty Baron's Fresh Appearance
129.1-12917 Jun 86The Dreaded 3D Trump/Terryman is Tattered!
130.1-13001 Jul 86The Shocking New Long Horn!/Buffaloman's Devilish Burn
131.1-13115 Jul 86Ramenman's Determination/Finishing Move - The Great Chinese Water Wheel
132.1-13222 Jul 86Ramenman is Skewered!/Szechwan - The Great Rising Dragon!
133.1-13329 Jul 86Disadvantaged! The Irregular Tag Match/Great Monster Sky Devil
134.1-13402 Sep 86Robin Mask's Desperate Situation!/The Murderous Superhuman Grind of Blue Docky
135.1-13516 Sep 86Blocken Jr.'s Anger!/Threatening! The Seven Tools of the God of Death
136.1-13623 Sep 86It's Here! The Biggest Battle of the Century/Burning Inner Strength
137.1-13701 Oct 86The Long Horn's Disturbing Strike!/Whose Hand Wields the Sword of Justice!?
Season 2 Kinnikuman: Kinnikusei Oui Soudatsu Hen
138.2-1 06 Oct 91Disaster at the Planet Kinniku Royal Coronation!!
139.2-2 13 Oct 91Battle Over the Castle! The Plot of the Evil Gods!!
140.2-3 20 Oct 91Bang the Gong! The 5 on 2 Decisive Battle
141.2-4 27 Oct 91The Dreadful Choujin Hawkman!
142.2-5 10 Nov 91Danger! Burning Inner Strength
143.2-6 17 Nov 91The Miracle! Escape from the Choujin Cemetary
144.2-7 24 Nov 91Meat's Great Battle! Grabbing the Victory
145.2-8 01 Dec 91Is It in Time? The Power of Friendship at Full Throttle
146.2-9 08 Dec 91The Dream Union! The Muscle Firendship League
147.2-1015 Dec 91The Mysterious Light!? Burning Texas Spirit
148.2-1122 Dec 91Certain Death! The Muscle Revenger
149.2-1212 Jan 92Robin's Shield! Outburst from the Past
150.2-1319 Jan 92The Snow White Mat is Dyed Scarlet
151.2-1426 Jan 92Unexpected Rivals!? The Choujin Blood Brothers Arrive
152.2-1502 Feb 92Save the Friend! Warsman is Revived
153.2-1609 Feb 92Aa! The Stormy Scattering of Blood in the Ring
154.2-1723 Feb 92Life or Death!? Twice the Power of Friendship
155.2-1801 Mar 92Friend or Foe!? Bikeman the Doubleman
156.2-1908 Mar 92Alive Again! Ramenman Lives!!
157.2-2015 Mar 92The Huge Promise!? The 3rd Month of 1992...
158.2-2122 Mar 92The Promise Hits Home! Deadly Battle on the Road
159.2-2229 Mar 92The Devilish Angel!? Zebra's Dual Personalities
160.2-2305 Apr 92The Great Explosion!! The Fiery Power of Friendship
161.2-2412 Apr 92Until the Bone Melts! The Capillaria Ray
162.2-2519 Apr 92Farewell! Blocken Burns Out
163.2-2626 Apr 92It's Here? This is Pure Friendship Power!!
164.2-2703 May 92An Important Individual's Life! That Friendship!!
165.2-2810 May 92The Burning Promise! Soldier Disappears!!
166.2-2917 May 92Younger Brother! This is the Muscle Spark!!
167.2-3024 May 92Deadly Training! Hurry to the Great Decisive Battle in Osaka!!
168.2-3131 May 92Choujin Spirit! Never Give Up!!
169.2-3207 Jun 92Wisdom and Courage! Magic Camp Death Match
170.2-3314 Jun 92Is It Here!? The Complete Muscle Spark
171.2-3421 Jun 92The Legendary Blood! The Plot Comes Like Death
172.2-3528 Jun 924,000 Chinese Years! Pyramid Power
173.2-3605 Jul 92Choujin Hunter! The Omegaman Appears
174.2-3712 Jul 92Searching! Proof of the False Prince!!
175.2-3819 Jul 92Is He a Friend!? Meeting the Samurai
176.2-3926 Jul 92Farewell! Noble Robin
177.2-4009 Aug 92He's Here! The Hellish Transforming Choujin
178.2-4116 Aug 92The Showdown with Master Kamehame
179.2-4223 Aug 92Bibinba's Confession of Love!?
180.2-4306 Sep 92Message of Love and Death!
181.2-4413 Sep 92Final Battle! Justice or Evil
182.2-4520 Sep 92Never Give Up!!
183.2-4627 Sep 92Kinnikuman is Forever!!
Season 3 Kinnikuman II Sei
184.3-1 09 Jan 02A Legend Reborn
185.3-2 16 Jan 02Generation-Next
186.3-3 23 Jan 02Making the Cut
187.3-4 30 Jan 02Like Father Like Son
188.3-5 06 Feb 02Dial Up Danger
189.3-6 13 Feb 02Mask of Terror
190.3-7 20 Feb 02Call Waiting
191.3-8 27 Feb 02Trouble Afoot
192.3-9 06 Mar 02Fury of the Scorned Shoe
193.3-1013 Mar 02Unmellow Yellow
194.3-1120 Mar 02The Hand That Bites You
195.3-1227 Mar 02Cold War
196.3-1303 Apr 02Checkmate!
197.3-1410 Apr 02Feeling No Pain
198.3-1517 Apr 02The Student Rebellion
199.3-1624 Apr 02The Final Move
200.3-1701 May 02Roxanne Rocks!
201.3-1808 May 02Cutting the Slack
202.3-1915 May 02The Muscle League vs. The Muscle League
203.3-2022 May 02Water Damage
204.3-2129 May 02A Bad Sign
205.3-2205 Jun 02Road Rage
206.3-2312 Jun 02From Bad to Worse
207.3-2419 Jun 02Ultimate Courage
208.3-2526 Jun 02Ink or Swim
209.3-2603 Jul 02The Kid vs. the Squid
210.3-2710 Jul 02Fight for the Finals
211.3-2817 Jul 02A Generation Xed
212.3-2924 Jul 02Eskara vs. Kid Muscle
213.3-3031 Jul 02Kinniku-busted
214.3-3107 Aug 02A Desperate Situation
215.3-3214 Aug 02The Champion of Planet Earth
216.3-3321 Aug 02The Ultimate Challenge
217.3-3428 Aug 02Checkmate Returns
218.3-3504 Sep 02Hanzo vs. Ninja Ned
219.3-3611 Sep 02The Ninja Alliance
220.3-3718 Sep 02Tatami or Not, Here I Come
221.3-3825 Sep 02Bone Cold Day in Paradise
222.3-3902 Oct 02For Meat's Sake
223.3-4009 Oct 02The Ultimate Victor
224.3-4116 Oct 02The Chojin Crown
225.3-4223 Oct 02The Prince and the Pauper
226.3-4330 Oct 02Rock, Paper, Chojin
227.3-4406 Nov 02Three Feet Heat
228.3-4513 Nov 02The Poison Six-Pack
229.3-4620 Nov 02Tag! You're It!
230.3-4727 Nov 02Cheek to Cheek
231.3-4804 Dec 02On Poison Pond
232.3-4911 Dec 02The Final Grudge Match
233.3-5018 Dec 02Kid Muscle Max'd Out
234.3-5125 Dec 02Sleep Fighter
Season 4 Kinnikuman II Sei: Ultimate Muscle
235.4-1 07 Apr 04Resumed! Chojin World Grand Prix
236.4-2 14 Apr 04Violent Fight! Mantaro Steps Forward
237.4-3 21 Apr 04Wash Ass' Demonic Toilet Flush
238.4-4 28 Apr 04Mantaro's Counterattack! Sure-killing Galbi Bowl Marching Song?!
239.4-5 05 May 04Great Crisis! Kevin Mask vs. Chijimiman
240.4-6 12 May 04Barrierfreeman's Stormy Old Man Attacks
241.4-7 19 May 04Old Man Power Explodes! Mantaro in Danger!
242.4-8 26 May 04Settled! Mantaro vs. Barrierfreeman
243.4-9 02 Jun 04The Red Assassin! Ilioukhine Arrives
244.4-1009 Jun 04Blocks Clone Attack
245.4-1116 Jun 04Revival! Kevin Mask's Great Counterattack
246.4-1223 Jun 04Death Match! Jade vs. Ricardo
247.4-1330 Jun 04The Worst Situation! What is the Verdict?!
Season 5 Kinnikuman II Sei: Ultimate Muscle 2
248.5-1 04 Jan 06A Cold Reception (Part 1 of 4)
249.5-2 11 Jan 06Electrolix (Part 2 of 4)
250.5-3 18 Jan 06The Comeback Kid (Part 3 of 4)
251.5-4 25 Jan 06The Power of Friendship (Part 4 of 4)
252.5-5 01 Feb 06Fear of Flying (Part 1 of 2)
253.5-6 08 Feb 06Maelstrom Power (Part 2 of 2)
254.5-7 15 Feb 06Hola El NiƱo
255.5-8 22 Feb 06Like Father, Like Son (again)
256.5-9 01 Mar 06The Final Match (Part 1 of 5)
257.5-1008 Mar 06Lifting the Mask (Part 2 of 5)
258.5-1115 Mar 06Honor Thy Family (Part 3 of 5)
259.5-1222 Mar 06Don't Give Up (Part 4 of 5)
260.5-1329 Mar 06And the Winner Is... (Part 5 of 5)
S01.1-0 14 Jul 84Movie 1 - Kinnikuman (1984) (50 min)
S01.1-0 07 Apr 84TV-Special - Showdown! The Seven Seigi Choujin vs. The Space Bandits
S01.1-0 22 Dec 84Movie 2 - Kinnikuman: Great Riot! Justice Superman (50 min)
S01.1-0 16 Mar 85Movie 3 - Kinnikuman: Justice Superman vs. Ancient Superman (50 min)
S01.1-0 13 Jul 85Movie 4 - Kinnikuman: Counterattack! Hidden Space Superman (50 min)
S01.1-0 21 Dec 85Movie 5 - Kinnikuman: Hour-of-Triumph! Justice Superman (50 min)
S01.1-0 15 Mar 86Movie 6 - Kinnikuman: New York Close Call! (50 min)
S01.1-0 26 Dec 86Movie 7 - Justice Supermen vs. Fighter Supermen (50 min)
S03.3-0 14 Jul 01Movie 8 - Kinnikuman II Sei (Second Generations) (50 min)
S03.3-0 20 Jul 02Movie 9 - Kinnikuman II Sei (Muscle-Man Competition!) (50 min)
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