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Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V

(a Titles & Air Dates Guide)

Last updated: Wed, 10 Jan 2024 3:00
Show Details:
Start date: Apr 2014
End date: Mar 2017
Status: cancelled/ended
Network(s): TV Tokyo (JP)
Run time: 30 min
Episodes: 148 eps
Genre(s): Animated, Children, Drama, Fantasy
Episode list & details from:  TVmaze
Episode # Original
Air Date
Season 1
1.1-1 06 Apr 14Swing Into Action: Part 1
2.1-2 13 Apr 14Swing in to Action Part 2
3.1-3 20 Apr 14Trade Bait: Part 1
4.1-4 27 Apr 14Trade Bait: Part 2
5.1-5 11 May 14Toying Around: Part 1
6.1-6 18 May 14Toying Around: Part 2
7.1-7 25 May 14Mr. Mystery
8.1-8 01 Jun 14Bad Business
9.1-9 08 Jun 14Dueling with the Stars
10.1-1015 Jun 14You Show 'Em
11.1-1122 Jun 14Going,Going,Going
12.1-1229 Jun 14Battle Under the Big Top
13.1-1306 Jul 14Circus Surprise!
14.1-1413 Jul 14The Show Must Go On
15.1-1520 Jul 14The Aim is the Junior Youth Championsip!!
16.1-1627 Jul 14Genius Master Chef
17.1-1703 Aug 14Fast Disclosure! A Fulfilling Meal!
18.1-1810 Aug 14The Two Shadows of Rebellion
19.1-1917 Aug 14The Universe of Knowledge
20.1-2024 Aug 14Attack Duel Quiz
21.1-2131 Aug 14At the Front of Pendulums
22.1-2207 Sep 14A Date With Fate: Part 1
23.1-2314 Sep 14A Date With Fate: Part 2
24.1-2421 Sep 14For Our Tomorrows
25.1-2528 Sep 14Battle Between Buddies: Part 1
26.1-2605 Oct 14Battle Between Buddies: Part 2
27.1-2712 Oct 14Challengers Assemble
28.1-2819 Oct 14Something's Fishy
29.1-2926 Oct 14Fusion Foes
30.1-3002 Nov 14Gong the Strong
31.1-3109 Nov 14The Pendulum Swings Both Ways: Part 1
32.1-3216 Nov 14The Pendulum Swings Both Ways: Part 2
33.1-3323 Nov 14Making the Cut: Part 1
34.1-3430 Nov 14Making the Cut: Part 2
35.1-3514 Dec 14Sora's Secrets: Part 1
36.1-3621 Dec 14Sora's Secrets: Part 2
37.1-3728 Dec 14A Dark Reflection
38.1-3811 Jan 15Warped
39.1-3918 Jan 15Imperial Wrath Awakening
40.1-4025 Jan 15Stealth Warriors
41.1-4101 Feb 15Bracing for Battle
42.1-4208 Feb 15Battle Fields
43.1-4315 Feb 15Fire and Ice
44.1-4422 Feb 15Danger Zones
45.1-4501 Mar 15Obelisk Assault
46.1-4608 Mar 15Dragon's Vengeance
47.1-4715 Mar 15Identity Crisis
48.1-4822 Mar 15Battlefronts
49.1-4929 Mar 15Fighting for Fun
50.1-5005 Apr 15The Chosen Lancers
51.1-5112 Apr 15Raise the Banner of Revolution - Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon
52.1-5219 Apr 15The Revived legendary Leader!!
53.1-5326 Apr 15Smiling Duels: Smile World!
54.1-5404 May 15Synchro Dimension: The City
55.1-5511 May 15Public Order Enforcement: Duel Chasers!
56.1-5617 May 15Completely Surrounded by Security
57.1-5725 May 15Black Whirlwind: Crow Hogan!
58.1-5831 May 15An Invitation to Darkness Duels
59.1-5907 Jun 15Underground Riding Duel!!
60.1-6014 Jun 15No Cards, No Pardon
61.1-6121 Jun 15The Man who Threw Away a Draw
62.1-6228 Jun 15Great Entertainment Duel Tournament!!
63.1-6305 Jul 15King of Captors - Goyo King
64.1-6412 Jul 15Duel King - Jack Atlas
65.1-6519 Jul 15The Shattered Entertainment
66.1-6626 Jul 15Opening Duel!! Crow vs Gongenzaka
67.1-6702 Aug 15The Light and Shadows of the City
68.1-6809 Aug 15All-Out Rebellion – B Force
69.1-6916 Aug 15The Sprinting Divas
70.1-7023 Aug 15An Out-Of-Reach Shout
71.1-7130 Aug 15The Sword of White Silver
72.1-7206 Sep 15Slaying the Dragon!! Yugo vs Sawatari
73.1-7313 Sep 15The Crawling Losers
74.1-7420 Sep 15Mask of the Clown
75.1-7527 Sep 15Curse of the Resistors
76.1-7604 Oct 15King's Gambit
77.1-7711 Oct 15The Beauty of Destruction
78.1-7818 Oct 15Storm of Revolution
79.1-7925 Oct 15The Enlightened Paladin
80.1-8001 Nov 15Reunion that Exceeds Dimensions
81.1-8108 Nov 15Each of Their Battles
82.1-8215 Nov 15The Ultimate Falcon VS The Black-Feathered Thunder
83.1-8322 Nov 15The Bond Between Teacher and Disciple
84.1-8429 Nov 15The Destiny Dice-Roll
85.1-8513 Dec 15Crystal Wings
86.1-8620 Dec 15Unyielding Resolve
87.1-8727 Dec 15Memories of the Beast
88.1-8810 Jan 16The Thunder Strikes!
89.1-8917 Jan 16A Fierce Assault! The Obelisk Force
90.1-9024 Jan 16The Beacon of Revolution
91.1-9131 Jan 16A Fateful Encounter
92.1-9207 Feb 16A Tragic Reunion
93.1-9314 Feb 16The Destructive Duel Machine
94.1-9421 Feb 16The Right Arm that Carved Souls
95.1-9528 Feb 16The Duel You Believe In
96.1-9613 Mar 16Borrowed Words
97.1-9720 Mar 16The Noble Supreme Paladin
98.1-9827 Mar 16Towards the Lone Path
99.1-9903 Apr 16The Eternal Duel
100.1-10003 Apr 16The Metropolis of Despair - Heartland
101.1-10110 Apr 16Galactic Eyes
102.1-10224 Apr 16The Heartless Hunter
103.1-10301 May 16The Brilliant Machine Angels
104.1-10408 May 16The HERO Bearing the Name of D
105.1-10515 May 16The Bonds of the Resistance
106.1-10622 May 16Arc Area Project
107.1-10729 May 16The Duel-Starved Amazoness
108.1-10805 Jun 16Amazoness Trap
109.1-10912 Jun 16The Falcon Perishes on the Battlefield
110.1-11019 Jun 16The Torn Smile World
111.1-11126 Jun 16Pendulum Heart
112.1-11203 Jul 16Toward a City Filled with Smiles
113.1-11310 Jul 16The Thirst for Carnage
114.1-11417 Jul 16The Supergalaxy Shining in the Darkness
115.1-11524 Jul 16Duel Pirate Captain Solo
116.1-11631 Jul 16Guardians of the Sun and Moon
117.1-11707 Aug 16The Sinister Bell's Chime
118.1-11814 Aug 16Survival Duel
119.1-11921 Aug 16The Little Bird Trapped in Darkness
120.1-12028 Aug 16The Battle Beast
121.1-12104 Sep 16The Wicked Brand
122.1-12211 Sep 16Glory on the Academia!
123.1-12318 Sep 16The Glorious Machine Dragon
124.1-12425 Sep 16The Revived Phantom Knights
125.1-12502 Oct 16The Blazing Dragon
126.1-12609 Oct 16The Day the Devil was Born
127.1-12716 Oct 16Revival Zero
128.1-12823 Oct 16Decisive Battle! Spirit Tech Force
129.1-12930 Oct 16Glimpse of the Supreme King
130.1-13006 Nov 16The Greedy Venomous Dragon
131.1-13113 Nov 16The Light Shining in Eternal Darkness
132.1-13220 Nov 16The Peerless Entertainer
133.1-13327 Nov 16A Dazzling Entertainment Show
134.1-13411 Dec 16Allure of Darkness
135.1-13518 Dec 16The Trembling Dimensions
136.1-13625 Dec 16Reign of the Supreme King Dragon
137.1-13708 Jan 17The Rebellious Supreme King Dragon
138.1-13815 Jan 17The Shadow-Winged Dragon
139.1-13922 Jan 17The Eyes Tainted by Darkness
140.1-14029 Jan 17Pendulum of the Soul
141.1-14105 Feb 17Junior Youth Championship
142.1-14212 Feb 17Overflowing Memories
143.1-14319 Feb 17Soul of the Supreme King
144.1-14426 Feb 17The Cursed Gear Mask
145.1-14505 Mar 17Unending Rebellion
146.1-14612 Mar 17Dimension Highway
147.1-14719 Mar 17The Unleashed Dragons
148.1-14826 Mar 17The Miracle Drawn by the Pendulum
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