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aired from: Sep 1994 to: May 2000 141 eps CBS 60 min stereo closed captioned


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    1st Season 1994

  1. "Pilot"
    gs: Margaret Colin [ Dr. Karen Antonovich ], John Finn [ Dr. Trevor Filburn ], Louis Guss [ Joseph Colitto ], Carolyn Seymour [ Board Member ], Joan Copeland [ Unknown ], Kate Simmons [ Marsha Quinlan ], Tony Carlin [ John Quinlan ], Anna Berger [ Mary Colitto ], Susan J. Schelling [ Anesthesiologist ], Brittany McConnell [ Quinlan Twin ], Briana McConnell [ Quinlan Twin ], Jonathan Kohl, M.D. [ Anesthesiologist #2 ], Linda Klein [ O.R. Technician ], Kathleen Arc [ Thurmond's Secretary ], John Robertson, M.D. [ Dr. Roberts ], Gail Cohen [ N.D. Technician #1 ], Gerald McCullough [ N.D. Technician #2 ], Ping Wu [ MRI Technician ], Peter Gregory [ N.D. Doctor #1 ], Shunil Bailey [ N.D. Doctor #2 ]

    Siamese twins are flown to Chicago Hope for a separation procedure. Geiger claims that its nearly impossible for both twins to survive. The parents insist on a difficult operation to try to save both twins. Watters removes Thurmond in the middle of surgery after Thurmond's shaky hands nick an artery.

    b: 18 Sep 94 pc: 2M79 w: David E. Kelley d: Michael Pressman
  2. "Over the Rainbow"
    gs: Paul Dooley [ Walter McTeague ], Victoria Dillard [ Dr. Nadine Winslow ], Ken Lerner [ Jonathan Saunders ], Lynne Moody [ Yvette White ], David Newsom [ Doctor in Asylum? ], Arthur Taxier [ Austin Hackett ], Kent Minault [ Dr. Harry Ronning? ], David Selburg [ Dr. Peter Farringer ], Charles Duke [ David ], Drancy Jackson [ Raoul ], Graham Galloway [ Waiter ], Les Podewell [ Jerry ]

    rc: Laurie Geiger

    Dr. Geiger convinces a grieving widower to permit his late wife's body to be used in a test of a mechanical heart. Geiger faces the consequences when the husband threatens a lawsuit, prompting the hospital board to threaten Jeffrey with dismissal unless he apologizes. Dr. Shutt operates on a woman with a large tumor behind her nose. Dr. Thurmond tries to convince Phillip to put him back in the surgical rotation.

    b: 22 Sep 94 pc: 2M01 w: David E. Kelley d: Michael Dinner
  3. "Food Chains"
    gs: Earl Billings [ John Lanier ], Melinda Culea [ Dina Russell ], Bruce Gray [ Mr. Wynn ], Elaine Kagan [ Vicki Hackett ], Arthur Taxier [ Austin Hackett ], Jonathan Hincks [ Police Officer ], Michael Kopelow [ Pederson ], Steve Lanza [ Patient ], Layne Beamer [ EMT #1 ], Stirling Bradley [ EMT #2 ], Cassi Davis [ Nurse #1 ], Ron Pitts [ Reporter #1 ], Brian Carpenter [ Reporter #2 ], Amy Powell [ Reporter #3 ], Candace Jimmett [ Reporter #4 ], Paul Ehrmann [ Reporter #5 ], Big Daddy Wayne [ Security Officer ], Michelle LeBrun [ Nurse #2 ], Michael Fiske [ Orderly ], Thomas Wagner [ Technician ], Max Trumpower [ Nurse #3 ], Jerry Penacoli [ Anchor Person ]

    rc: Dr. Daniel Nyland

    Geiger and Thurmond vie for the right to use a baboon in an experimental procedure. Geiger hopes to transplant its heart into a dying man, extending his life a little longer. Dr. Thurmond wants to perform an experimental AIDS test. Hackett dies while wedged inside an MRI machine with Angela.

    b: 29 Sep 94 pc: 2M03 w: David E. Kelley d: Jeremy Kagan
  4. "With the Greatest of Ease"
    gs: Richard Romanus [ Anthony Travelli ], Victoria Dillard [ Dr. Nadine Winslow ], Louis Guss [ Joseph Collito ], Mark Lonow [ Unknown ], Jamie Rose [ Det. Stacy Halmora ], Bianca Rossini [ Jeanette Travelli ], Bradford English [ Unknown ], Anna Berger [ Mary Collito ], Stirling Bradley [ EMT ], Cynthena Sanders [ Receptionist ], Michael Pressman [ Dr. Marvin Rosenweig ], Roslyn McKinney [ Nurse ]

    rc: Nyland

    A troupe of circus acrobats, The Flying Travellis, is brought into the ER following a fall. While their youngest member battles for his life, Dr. Watters attempts to convince the head of the family to give up the act. Jeffrey bashes a driver's windshield with a golf club in a dispute over a parking space. Dr. Shutt clashes with a patient who insists on a Jewish doctor instead of Dr. Winslow.

    b: 6 Oct 94 pc: 2M02 w: David E. Kelley d: James Frawley
  5. "You Gotta Have Heart"
    gs: Lauren Tom [ Nurse Julia ], Margaret Colin [ Dr. Karen Antonovich ], Nina Siemaszko [ Gloria McKinnon ], Deirdre O'Connell [ Ellen Wheeler ], Tsai Chin [ Board Member ], Philip Baker Hall [ Mr. Wellington ], Tommy Redmond Hicks [ Mr. Bill? ], Tuck Milligan [ Mr. Wheeler ], Brian Grant [ Paramedic ], Michael Jace [ Resident ]

    rc: Nyland

    The staff is between a rock and a hard place when they have both a 'headless' baby and an infant with a bad heart. The original plan to transplant the good heart falls through when the child's mother refuses to give up her child. Watters enlists Thurmond's aid to preserve his interim chief of staff position when he's challenged for bringing yet another charity case into the hospital.

    b: 13 Oct 94 pc: 2M04 w: Michael Braverman d: Tim Hunter
  6. "Shutt Down"
    gs: Margaret Colin [ Dr. Karen Antonovich ], Allen Garfield [ Raymond Kadalski ], Richard Brooks [ Henry Lavelle ], Charlayne Woodard [ Unknown ], Cynthia Martells [ Unknown ], Brenden Jefferson [ Marcus Lavelle ], Wafeeq Hampton [ Antoine Metcalf ], Jeffrey King [ Steinhorn ], Bert Rosario [ Anesthesiologist ], Sherman Augustus [ Paramedic ], Ed Stone [ Process Server ], Bari K. Willerford [ Orderly ], Johanna Denis [ Candy Striper ]

    rc: Nyland, Judge Harold Aldrich

    A teenage boy walks into the ER and opens fire, shooting randomly until a security guard brings him down. Dr. Shutt operates on the shooter against his better judgment. During the surgery, he offhandedly suggests that it might be better if the boy died on the table. After the boy subsequently dies, Aaron faces legal action and begins doubting whether he did everything to save his patient. Dr. Antonovich accepts a position at the hospital.

    b: 20 Oct 94 pc: 2M06 w: Michael Nankin & Michael Braverman s: Michael Braverman d: Steve Miner
  7. "Genevieve and Fat Boy"
    gs: Margaret Colin [ Dr. Karen Antonovich ], Ron Karabatsos [ Anthony Pellicanto ], Deirdre O'Connell [ Ellen Wheeler ], Taylor Nichols [ Dr. John Bradley ], Jon Favreau [ Dr. Tim Carney ], Christopher Curry [ Special Agent Tom Jerryman ], Kristen Johnson [ Dr. Wendy Smythe ], Michelle Shay [ Dr. Susan Forsley ], Dennis Cockrum [ Kenneth Kirk ], Kelly Cunnante [ Gina Pasquale ], Anthony Moses [ Tony Pasquale Jr. ], John H. Brennan [ Brad ], Carlease Burke [ Nurse ], Jim Chiros [ Cardiologist ], Sherman Augustus [ Paramedic ], Johanna Denis [ Candy Striper ]

    rc: Nyland

    Dr. Antonovich suffers a seizure during a moment of passion with Aaron. Watters forces Dr. Geiger to treat an overweight mob informant. Meanwhile, younger doctors, tired of Geiger's relentless persecution, plot revenge.

    b: 3 Nov 94 pc: 2M05 w: Michael Nankin and Dennis Cooper d: Oz Scott
  8. "Death Be Proud"
    gs: Margaret Colin [ Dr. Karen Antonovich ], Allen Garfield [ Raymond Kadalski ], Jamie Rose [ Det. Stacy Halmora ], Ken Lerner [ Jonathan Saunders ], Christine Avila [ Mrs. Pertierra ], Jon Favreau [ Dr. Tim Carney ], Salome Jens [ Board Member ], Bernie McInerney [ Professor Hogan? ], Yadira Caceres [ Juanite Perrierra ], G. Eric Miles [ Resident ], McNally Sagal [ Nurs Smitt ], Carlease Burke [ O.R. Nurse ], Leigh J. McCloskey [ Soap Doctor ], Jacklyn Zeman [ Soap Nurse ]

    rc: Dr. Geri Infante, Nyland, Nurse Maggie Atkisson, Aldrich

    Shutt and the staff are prepared to euthanize Karen Antonovich when a young nurse alerts management. Watters stops the procedure and gives orders that Antonovich is not to be touched. Dr. Shutt and the Eel go to court to argue Antonovich's right-to-die. A caustic new plastic surgeon, Dr. Geri Infante, brings a Venezuelan girl with a cleft palate to the hospital for surgery.

    b: 10 Nov 94 pc: 2M07 w: Dennis Cooper d: Michael Schultz

    NOTE: Cast members Mandy Patinkin and Hector Elizondo appeared as their characters on the 11 Nov 94 episode of Picket Fences. Abrasive attorney Douglas Wambaugh, who appeared on Chicago Hope later in the season, fell ill and was brought to Chicago Hope hospital.
  9. "Heartbreak"
    gs: Teri Polo [ Nurse Sarah Jane Petty ], Nehemiah Persoff [ Rabbi Ben Taubler ], Doris Belack [ Mrs. Taubler ], Todd Field [ Josh Taubler ], David Margulies [ Unknown ], Jamie Rose [ Det. Stacy Halmora ], Richard Gilbert-Hill [ Harvest Doctor ], Michael Ennis [ Mr. Lewis ], Joyce Guy [ Nurse ], Tom Dugan [ O.B. ], Jeffrey Marcus [ Process Server ], Estelle Harris [ Mourner at Funeral (uncredited) ]

    rc: Nyland

    Camille recognizes an incoming patient as the rabbi that performed her wedding to Aaron. During Rabbi Taubler's heart transplant operation, Camille accidentally drops his new heart, sending it skidding across the floor. Dr. Thurmond fires a young nurse due to her jitters, only to hire her back after she pleads her case. The new nurse files a sexual harassment complaint against Thurmond after she feels he came on to her.

    b: 1 Jan 95 pc: 2M08 w: Michael Nankin d: Bill D'Elia
  10. "The Quarantine"
    gs: Leah Maddrie [ Reporter #1 ], Michael McKenzie [ Reporter #2 ]

    rc: Nyland, Maggie

    Half the staff is quarantined after a patient with the Ebola virus passes through the hospital. Nyland and Geiger are quarantined because they treated the patient. Humorous situations arise as character after character joins the party. Birch relishes his position as 'acting chief of staff'.

    b: 2 Jan 95 pc: 2M09 w: David E. Kelley d: Thomas Schlamme
  11. "Love and Hope"
    gs: Lauren Tom [ Nurse Julia ], Jeremy Piven [ Godfrey Nabbot ], Sarah Trigger [ Melissa ], Stephen Root [ Trumpet Playing Mental Patient ], Brent Hinkley [ Heckling Mental Patient ], O-Lan Jones [ Unknown ], Robert Kerbeck [ Mr. Dollof ], Catherine Palone [ Sandra ], Brian K. Grant [ Paramedic ]

    rc: Laurie, Nyland, Geri, Maggie

    A patient comes into the ER with an odd problem. He inhaled some sort of drug to aid him in his 'first night' with his girlfriend. The patient becomes irate after more and more problems pile up. Aaron and Camille have their first date since their break-up. Dr. Geiger leads a Christmas pageant at his wife's asylum.

    b: 9 Jan 95 pc: 2M10 w: David E. Kelley d: Michael Dinner
  12. "Great White Hope"
    gs: Heather McComb [ Melissa Connel ], Ivory Ocean [ Martin Sutton ], Karen Ludwig [ Dr. Susan Riker ], Vicellous Shannon [ Lannie Sutton ], Alvin Walker [ Lt. Myers ], Doug Yasuda [ Paramedic #1 ], Joyce Guy [ Labor Nurse ], Carlease Burke [ Nurse #2 ]

    rc: Nyland

    Dr. Watters treats an aspiring boxer who suffered a seizure while in the ring, discovering evidence that the boxer's father may have been injecting steroids into his son. Alan Birch tries to find a home for a teenage girl's child while helping her cope with labor pains.

    b: 16 Jan 95 pc: 2M11 w: John Tinker d: Claudie Weill
  13. "Small Sacrifices"
    gs: Fyvush Finkel [ Douglas Wambaugh ], Jeremy Piven [ Godfrey Nabbott ], Richard Edson [ Anthony Tedesco ], Pruitt Taylor Vince [ Walter Platt ], Ken Lerner [ Jonathan Saunders ], Robert Kerbeck [ Alan Dollof ], Catherine Palone [ Sandra ], Brian K. Grant [ Paramedic ]

    rc: Geri, Dr. Billy Kronk, Nyland, Aldrich

    The victim of a mugging, a concert flutist, is brought into the ER minus a finger. Watters and visiting surgeon Billy Kronk remove the finger from the mugger's stomach. Dr. Infante reattaches the finger only to discover it's not the flutist's finger. Godfrey Nabbott sues Chicago Hope for emotional distress resulting from his disastrous stay. Watters invites Kronk to join the staff.

    b: 23 Jan 95 pc: 2M12 w: David E. Kelley d: David Jones

    NOTE: Fyvush Finkel crosses over in his role from another David E. Kelley series, Picket Fences.
  14. "Cutting Edges"
    gs: Jeff Perry [ Gilbert Weeks ], Elise Neal [ Tamara Parnett ], LaTanya Richardson [ Mrs. Parnett ], Haunani Minn [ Dr. Kim Oyama ], Annette Helde [ Technician ]

    rc: Laurie, Billy, Dr. Dennis Hancock, Geri, Aldrich

    Dr. Kronk operates on a 17-year-old with breast cancer. Laurie Geiger tells Jeffrey she's going to divorce him and marry a fellow mental patient. Shutt agrees to perform a partial lobotomy which may leave Laurie incapacitated. Laurie's fiancée goes to court to contest Geiger's guardianship.

    b: 6 Feb 95 pc: 2M13 w: David E. Kelley & Dennis Cooper & Toni Graphia d: Mark Tinker
  15. "Life Support"
    gs: Chris Penn [ Kevin Fitzpatrick ], Allen Garfield [ Dr. Raymond Kadalski ], Jon Polito [ Det. Bill Ranford ], Scott Burkholder [ Explosive Expert Edward Robb ], Herb Mitchell [ Michael Brouder ], Monte Russell [ Officer Dominic Hasek ], Richard Gilbert-Hill [ Dr. Ron Tugnutt ]

    rc: Geri, Billy, Dennis

    A man, Kevin Fitzpatrick, takes an OR hostage when his brother is passed over yet again for a heart transplant. Fitzpatrick demands that his brother receive the heart or he'll start shooting. Meanwhile, Nyland undergoes surgery after exploding bullets in the body of a wounded police officer go off, severely damaging two fingers. Aaron and Camille work very carefully to remove the remaining bullets.

    b: 13 Feb 95 pc: 2M14 w: David E. Kelley and John Tinker s: John Tinker d: Lou Antonio
  16. "Freeze Outs"
    gs: Obba Babatunde [ Charles Ellis ], Johann Carlo [ Mrs. Concannon ], Mary Kay Place [ Joanna Kenneally ], Sherman Augustus [ Paramedic #1 ], Gerry Del Sol [ Camera Technician ], Lorey Hayes [ Reporter #3 ], Matt Koruba [ Brian Concannon ]

    rc: Billy, Dr. Diane Grad, Dennis, Geri, Maggie

    Chicago Hope is flooded with reporters when a boy trapped in freezing water for three hours is brought into the ER. The boy's ear accidentally comes off during life-saving procedures. Dr. Infante throws herself at Geiger.

    b: 20 Feb 95 pc: 2M15 w: David E. Kelley & Dennis Cooper d: Dennis Dugan
  17. "Growth Pains"
    gs: Allen Garfield [ Dr. Raymond Kadalski ], Todd Graff [ Dalton Robertson ], Leo Burmester [ Louis Bagley ], Ann Dowd [ Mrs. Robertson ], Joe Maher [ Board Member ], Nicholas Pryor [ Board Member ], Ben E. King [ Himself ], Thom Barry [ Walter ], John Cappon [ Paramedic ]

    rc: Billy, Geri, Maggie

    The staff is stunned when a man walks into the ER with a metal bar through his skull. The bar damages the man's frontal lobe, severely changing his personality. Nyland treats a man with a hair-eating disorder. The patient refuses treatment until he mistakes Camille for the reincarnation of Judy Garland. Kadalski persuades Camille to dress like Dorothy and sing 'Over the Rainbow', enraging the more sedate members of the psychiatric unit, who call for Kadalski's dismissal.

    b: 27 Feb 95 pc: 2M16 w: David E. Kelley d: Thomas Schlamme
  18. "Informed Consent"
    gs: Mia Sara [ Annie Rueman ], Carroll Baker [ Sylvie Tannen ], Allan Rich [ Ned Tannen ], Ken Lerner [ Jonathan Saunders ], Montrose Hagins [ Mildred Snell ], Darryl Rocky Davis [ Reporter #2 ]

    rc: Billy, Diane, Dennis, Geri

    Aaron and Jeffrey perform simultaneous operations on an ailing man. Aaron needs to 'freeze' the body to remove an aneurysm, while Jeffrey needs to strengthen the patient's weakened heart. Rayfield Health, Dr. Hancock's HMO, terminates his contract when he refuses to raise rates. The Eel goes to court to get Dennis reinstated. Dr. Kronk discovers that his girlfriend used to be a man.

    b: 13 Mar 95 pc: 2M17 w: David E. Kelley & John Tinker & Dennis Cooper s: David E. Kelley & Kim Newton d: Bill D'Elia
  19. "Internal Affairs"
    gs: Marcia Gay Harden [ Unknown ], David Marshall Grant [ Stephen Tomilson ], Sally Murphy [ Unknown ], David Barry Gary [ Unknown ], Susan Gibney [ Deputy D.A. Johnson ], Bernard Hocke [ Photographer ], Miguel Perez [ Officer Plumb ]

    rc: Billy, Diane, Dennis, Maggie

    Billy faces possible criminal charges after he uses a chainsaw to amputate the leg of an accident victim. Aaron plans to perform a controversial procedure, harvesting a fetus for its tissue to stave off Parkinson's disease. Nyland and Geiger have their hands full with Allyson, one of Nyland's old flings, who seemingly has a microscopic tumor.

    b: 20 Mar 95 pc: 2M18 w: David E. Kelley s: David E. Kelley & Wayne W. Grady d: Michael Dinner
  20. "The Virus"
    gs: Matt McGrath [ Unknown ], Ken Jenkins [ Unknown ], Margaret Gibson [ Sandra Broten ], Walter Addison [ Mr. Combry ], Caroline Lagerfelt [ Nurse Holder ], C.J. Bau [ Mr. Goloff ]

    rc: Billy, Diane, Geri, Aldrich

    A panic runs through the hospital when three patients die from post-operative infections. A health inspector threatens to shut down Chicago Hope over Watters' vigorous objections. A resident contracts a variant of the 'flesh-eating virus' after being bitten.

    b: 8 May 95 pc: 2M19 w: Dennis Cooper & John Tinker & David E. Kelley s: David E. Kelley & Thomas M. Heric, M.D. & D. Garth Wooton, M.D. d: James C. Hart
  21. "Full Moon"
    gs: Jeff Perry [ Gilbert Weeks ], Obba Babatunde [ Charles Ellis ], Cotter Smith [ Dr. Bob Marinak ], Stephen Tobolowsky [ Dr. Ted Joseph ]

    rc: Laurie, Diane, Dennis, Geri

    Geri persuades Geiger to broaden their relationship. Jeffrey invites Geri, as well as Aaron and Camille, to have dinner with he and Laurie in an effort to exorcise whatever demons are holding Jeffrey back. The meal goes poorly, sending Jeffrey into a downward spiral of madness. Meanwhile, Dennis treats a dying AIDS patient.

    b: 15 May 95 pc: 2M20 w: David E. Kelley & Dennis Cooper d: James Frawley
  22. "Songs from the Cuckoo Birds"
    gs: Dean Stockwell [ Robert St. Clair ], Jeffrey Nordling [ Unknown ], Charles Cioffi [ Unknown ], Stephen Tobolowsky [ Dr. Ted Joseph ]

    rc: Laurie, Billy, Dennis, Geri

    Geiger's medical license is suspended after Dr. Joseph files a report with the state medical board describing Jeffrey's actions at Russo's. His professional future is at stake as Jeffrey's conduct...and sanity is reviewed.

    b: 22 May 95 pc: 2M21 w: David E. Kelley d: Michael Dinner

    47th Annual Prime Time Emmy Awards

    Category                          Winner  Nominee
    Outstanding Drama                   N     Chicago Hope
    Lead Actor                          Y     Mandy Patinkin
    Supporting Actor                    N     Hector Elizondo
    Cinematography                      Y     "Over the Rainbow"
    Directing                           N     Lou Antonio: "Life Support"
    Single-Camera Editing               N     "Pilot"
                                        N     "The Quarantine"
    Main Title Theme Music              N     Mark Isham
    Sound Mixing                        N     "Internal Affairs"

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