2nd Season 1995

  1. "Hello Goodbye"
    gs: Rip Torn [ Dr. Warren Shutt ], Brooke Langton [ Sandra Keyes ], Karen Malina White [ Jennifer Koosman ], Jon Gries [ Jack Kimball ], Kimberly Scott [ Dr. Kimberly Barnett ], Thomas F. Duffy [ Ralph King ], Neil Giuntoli [ Larry Maldoon ], James Paul Donchey [ Derrick ], John Moschitta, Jr. [ Auctioneer ], Don James [ Paramedic ]

    rc: Dr. Kate Austin

    Jeffrey is distinctly unpopular with his fellow surgeons in the wake of his psychological problems. Jeffrey operates on one of Hancock's patients. Nyland performs the wrong operation on a patient. Birch offends everyone in his parenting class by offering unsolicited advice. Shutt's father brings a patient to Chicago Hope in the hopes Aaron will operate on her. Dr. Kronk participates in a charity bachelor auction, where he's 'purchased' by Dr. Kate Austin, new CT surgeon at the hospital.

    b: 18 Sep 95 pc: 3M01 w: David E. Kelley d: Michael Dinner
  2. "Rise from the Dead"
    gs: Rosalind Chao [ Allison Granger ], Diane Baker [ Ellen Granger ], Patrick Y. Malone [ Victor Brokton ], Booth Colman [ Father Fatima ], Nika [ Nikki Hodge ], Shavar Ross [ Drummer ]

    rc: Austin

    The wife of a comatose patient seeks to impregnate herself to preserve her husband's legacy. Nyland squares off against a patient when he refuses to fill her Demerol prescription. An inquisitive Kronk discovers that Nyland is the one who got the patient hooked on the drug in the first place. It's a battle of egos when Geiger meets with Austin. Aaron and Camille mutually agree on divorce. Alicia, Alan's child, has her baptism.

    b: 25 Sep 95 pc: 3M02 w: John Tinker d: Donald Petrie
  3. "A Coupla Stiffs"
    gs: Michael Jeter [ Bob Ryan ], Bill Nunn [ Unknown ], Julia Nickson [ Unknown ], Marcus Chong [ Unknown ], Jack Ong [ Unknown ], Robert Neches [ Unknown ], Kevin Maloney [ Unknown ], Pat Li [ Landlady ], Jonathan Slavin [ Bike Messenger ], Benny Urquidez [ Referee ], Mary Rings [ Nurse ]

    Watters causes permanent damage when he participates in a charity boxing match. Diane intervenes when Billy wants to amputate a patient's leg. Dr. Grad suggests sewing maggots into the leg. Aaron and Camille make their divorce final.

    b: 2 Oct 95 pc: 3M03 w: John Tinker d: Jerry London
  4. "Every Day a Little Death"
    gs: Carrie Snodgress [ Mrs. Weber ], Lynne Moody [ Yvette White ], Giovanni Ribisi [ Michael Weber ], Jack Laufer [ Weber's Lawyer ], Kimiko Gelman [ Nurse Amy ], T.J. Evans [ Unknown ], Gary Cervantes [ Nurse Lopez ], Michael J. Cutt [ Fireman ], Alexa Vega [ Sara ], Maggie Murphy [ Katie ]

    rc: Austin, Maggie, Aldrich

    Kronk and his dog move into Nyland's posh apartment after Billy's place burns down. Yvette White (ep. #2) initially agrees to donate her late son's organs to others, but withdraws her consent when she discovers his heart will go to a Nazi-in-training. Birch finally gets up the nerve to invite Diane to lunch.

    b: 9 Oct 95 pc: 3M04 w: Patricia Green d: James Frawley
  5. "Wild Cards"
    gs: Robert Cornthwaite [ Harry Brunner ], Doreen Lang [ Unknown ], Ivonne Coll [ Unknown ], Christian Meoli [ Luigi ], Bert Rosario [ Anesthesiologist ], Daniel Gonzales [ Michael Ponce ], Santos Morales [ Rudy Ponce ], Bradley Lockerman [ Dr. Jake Luft ]

    rc: Laurie, Austin

    Jeffrey becomes even more antagonistic towards Austin, believing she's out to get him. Camille considers heading up a new outpatient program. Birch gets up the nerve to express his feelings to Diane when her old boyfriend shows up. Aaron grapples with his feelings for both Camille and Kate.

    b: 16 Oct 95 pc: 3M13 w: Sara B. Charno d: Michael Schultz
  6. "Who Turned out the Lights?"
    gs: Lise Hillboldt [ Cindy ], Vincent Berry [ Unknown ], Ben Siegler [ Unknown ], Alexander Folk [ Hospital Engineer ], David Youse [ Paramedic No. 1 ], Helena Lewis [ Paramedic No. 2 ], Dean Rader-Duval [ Transient Man ], Raymond Williams [ Hurt Boy ], John Paul Saurine [ Boy No. 1 ], Angelo Vacco [ Boy No. 2 ]

    rc: Austin, Maggie

    The staff is forced to operate under duress when the lights go out and the building begins leaking. Billy and Maggie team up against Nyland after Danny throws Billy out of his house. New obstetrician John Sutton joins the staff.

    b: 30 Oct 95 pc: 3M05? w: John Tinker d: Joe Napolitano
  7. "From Soup to Nuts"
    gs: Richard Libertini [ Unknown ], Gailard Sartain [ Unknown ], Jeff Perry [ Gilbert Weeks ], Jenny Gago [ Unknown ], Jim Metzler [ Unknown ], Lillian Lehman [ Unknown ], Brad Baldridge [ Anesthestiologist ]

    rc: Laurie, Austin

    Laurie invites Jeffrey, Aaron, and Camille to her wedding, which needs to be held soon due to the minister's impending transfer out of the asylum. Dr. Sutton operates on a fetus. Birch and Watters testify at a hearing on medicare, but are surprised when they're ambushed by a politically-minded senator. Camille displays signs of depression.

    b: 6 Nov 95 pc: 3M07 w: David E. Kelley & Jennifer Levin & Mark Tinker d: Lou Antonio
  8. "Leave of Absence"
    gs: Gregg Daniel [ Detective ], John F. O'Donohue [ Det. Pirro ], De'Aundre Bonds [ Gary Polter ], Nick Kusenko [ Anesthesiologist ], Robert Covarrubias [ Security Guard ], Helena Lewis [ Paramedic ], Amy Garcia [ Clady ]

    rc: Austin

    Alan Birch is shot during a mugging while Diane watches. Diane can't control her rage toward the shooter. Camille cares for Alicia while Alan recuperates. Jeffrey begins to reconsider his priorities. Camille asks Hancock for sleeping pills.

    b: 13 Nov 95 pc: 3M08 w: David E. Kelley d: Jeremy Kagan
  9. "Stand"
    gs: Richard Pryor [ Joe Springer ], Carol Kane [ Marguerite Birch ], Rain Pryor [ Unknown ], Phyllis Lyons [ Dr. Phyllis Larkin ], Carey Eidel [ Unknown ]

    Dr. Watters remains 'sick' three days after Birch's death. Alan's sister Marguerite surprises Phillip, striking up an immediate friendship with him. Dr. Austin, the interim 'interim chief of staff', abuses her power to first stop a procedure, then give it the go-ahead. The unconventional procedure, performed on Multiple Sclerosis patient Joe Springer, goes forward. Diane, still suffering from the effects of the shooting, is sent home by Kate. Austin later reveals that she was raped many years ago, trying to let Diane know that she knows what it feels like to be powerless. The new obstetrician throws a 'healing' party to try to help the staff attain closure with Jeffrey.

    b: 20 Nov 95 pc: 3M09 w: Kevin Arkadie d: Mel Damski
  10. "The Ethics of Hope"
    gs: Tyrin Turner [ Ricky Jackson ], Micole Mercurio [ Peggy ], Jordan Charney [ Unknown ], John Finn [ Dr. Trevor Filburn ], James Hong [ Dr. Tsu ], Joey Dedio [ Unknown ], Tangie Ambrose [ Unknown ], Terence Mathews [ Paramedic Johnson ], John Chandler [ Mr. Ray ], Carlos Cervantes [ Nurse ], Adrian Ricard [ Old Woman ], Garth McLean [ Technician ], Lloyd Watts [ Patient ], Gary A. Rodriguez [ Orderly ]

    rc: Aldrich

    Dr. Austin is to blame when she inadvertently leaves a clamp inside a patient that later dies. Kate struggles over the dilemma of whether to stay silent and protect both herself and the hospital, or tell the patient's parents. Billy and Danny search for a street 'doctor', after one of his patients is brought in with severe internal damage. Dr. Grad successfully inoculates an ape with the AIDS virus using a vaccine she created. Harold Aldrich is temporarily hired as Birch's replacement. Camille asks Nyland to write her a prescription for sleeping pills.

    b: 27 Nov 95 pc: 3M10 w: David E. Kelley d: Michael Watkins
  11. "Christmas Truce"
    gs: Kevin Tighe [ Harry Kincaid ], Phillip Casnoff [ Unknown ], Tyrin Turner [ Ricky Jackson ], Stephen Furst [ Dr. Elliott Axelrod ], John Livingston [ Unknown ], DeJuan Guy [ Unknown ], Willie C. Carpenter [ Unknown ], Pancho Demmings [ Officer ], Rick LaFond [ Pathology Technician ]

    Nyland and Hancock deliver a Christmas present to Ricky Jackson for Kronk. Gunfire erupts while they're in the apartment, forcing the doctors to stay until the gunfire abates. While there, Nyland does his best to save a man impaled on a pipe, while Dennis braves bullets to bring in medical assistance. Diane worries that she might have contracted HIV from Bam-Bam, a laboratory animal. Camille is brought in after suffering a seizure while dancing. Billy treats a high-school baseball phenom with possible colon cancer.

    b: 11 Dec 95 pc: 3M11 w: Kevin Arkadie d: James C. Hart

    NOTE: Stephen Furst reprises his St. Elsewhere role, Dr. Elliott Axelrod.
  12. "Transplanted Affection"
    gs: Dan Lauria [ Henry Alden ], J.A. Preston [ Judge ], Robert Clohessy [ Robert Malzone ], Anne DeSalvo [ Attorney Jamie ], Vasili Bogazianos [ Unknown ], Barbara K. Whinnery [ Unknown ], Terence Mathews [ Paramedic Johnson ], Susan Vee [ Cynthia Malzone ]

    rc: Jeffrey Geiger, Tommy Wilmette, Sara Wilmette

    Kate's ex-husband, Tommy Wilmette, sues for custody of Sara. A possible heart transplant comes to the hospital. With Austin tied up in court, Nyland 0-1 in transplants (ep #9), and Kronk inexperienced, Phillip calls Jeffrey in to perform the transplant. Jeffrey's titanic ego meets its match in Wilmette's. The new OB brings in a 'hidden patient', a woman six months brain dead, kept alive to deliver her unborn child.

    b: 8 Jan 96 pc: 3M12 w: David E. Kelley d: Michael Dinner
  13. "Three Men and a Lady"
    gs: Annabeth Gish [ Amy Peletier ], Bill Macy [ Murray Robbins ], Stu Charno [ Dr. Lloyd Chernow ], Harold Ayer [ Mr. Poltrack ]

    rc: Aldrich

    Aldrich begins acting bizarrely, leading the staff to conduct a series of tests to figure out what's wrong. Nyland's 'love of his life', Nurse Amy Peletier, comes back into his life and disrupts Camille with her radically different ideas.

    b: 15 Jan 96 pc: 3M06? w: John Tinker d: Thomas Schlamme
  14. "Right to Life"
    gs: Sandra Bernhard [ Sheila Truitt ], Gregg Henry [ Board Member ], Sarah Koskoff [ Unknown ], Vince Grant [ Unknown ], Andrew J. Ferchland [ Sam Tate ], Leeza Vinnichenko [ Unknown ], Jazzmun [ Cherchez La Femme ], Loren Freeman [ Unknown ], Erica Ortega [ Unknown ], Louisa Abernathy [ Unknown ], Vince Melocchi [ Abbot ], Sharon Omi [ Reporter #1 ], Jeff Austin [ Reporter #2 ], Richard Gilbert-Hill [ Anesthesiologist ], Will Rice [ Patient 1 ], Orly Kate Sitowitz [ Patient 2 ]

    Dennis is vilified by the media when he performs an abortion to save a mother's life. The mother sues, despite the fact that she gave consent, plus the fact that the child was already dead. Dr. Kronk treats a female impersonator suffering from AIDS. Nyland has his hands full with an abandoned six-year-old.

    b: 22 Jan 96 pc: 3M14 w: Patricia Green d: Adam Arkin
  15. "Hearts and Minds"
    gs: Nathan Watt [ Eric Dipretto ], Dan Lauria [ Henry Alden ], Kathy Najimy [ Dr. Barbara 'Bix' Konstadt ], Robert Clohessy [ Robert Malzone ], Christina Solis [ Maria Ramos ], Tony Amendola [ Federal Agent Naramoore ], Lance August [ State Trooper ], Helena Lewis [ Paramedic ], Rebecca Lueng [ Nurse Lisa Chintz ], R.B. McKenzie [ Hooded Paramedic ]

    Aaron and psychiatrist Bix Konstadt plan to operate on a young boy with obsessive compulsive disorder in an attempt to cure him. Aaron worries when Bix admits she's a manic depressive off her medication. Watters, Nyland and Kronk have their hands full with a woman who may have been abducted by aliens. Heart transplant recipient Henry Alden (#34) is brought in complaining of pain. Alden insists on speaking to Robert Malzone, the husband of the woman who donated the heart.

    b: 5 Feb 96 pc: 3M15 w: John Tinker d: Martin Davidson
  16. "Women on the Verge"
    gs: Nathan Watt [ Eric Dipretto ], Mia Sara [ Annie Rueman ], Kathy Najimy [ Dr. Barbara 'Bix' Konstadt ], Gregg Henry [ Board Member ], Ryan Phillippe [ David Holgren ], Harriet Sansom Harris [ Mrs. Holgren ], Mariangela Pino [ Mrs. Dipretto ], Victor Bevine [ Mr. Dipretto ], Justin Burnette [ David's Brother ], Bert Rosario [ Anesthesiologist ]

    Annie Rueman (#18) comes back into Billy's life. Annie is worried that her estrogen pills aren't working. Kate treats a young man with a crush on her. Aaron and Bix present their proposed operation for Eric to the board, sending a very agitated Bix into a depressed state.

    b: 12 Feb 96 pc: 3M16 w: John Tinker s: Jessie Nelson & John Tinker d: Rodman Flender
  17. "Life Lines"
    gs: Carl Lumbly [ Michael Johnson ], Nathan Watt [ Eric Dipretto ], Kathy Najimy [ Dr. Barbara 'Bix' Konstadt ], Victor Bevine [ Mr. Dipretto ], Mariangela Pina [ Mrs. Dipretto ], H. Richard Greene [ Dr. David Stadson ], Jill Holden [ Konstadt's Sister ]

    Bix is reduced to a mere shell of herself without her lithium. Aaron goes ahead with the procedure on Eric Dipretto. Kronk files a sexual harassment suit against Austin after she bullies him yet again. Nyland and Billy try to perform an intestinal transplant against Austin's and Watter's wishes. Dr. Austin campaigns for head of surgery.

    b: 26 Feb 96 pc: 3M17 w: Sara B. Charno & Jennifer Levin d: Dennie Gordon
  18. "Sexual Perversity in Chicago Hope"
    gs: Ethan Phillips [ Bob Stewart ], Camryn Manheim [ Marge Stewart ], Gregory Itzin [ Dr. Kyle Mitchell ], Anna Gunn [ Megan Stanard ], Mark Benninghoffen [ Dr. Robert Lawrence ], Yareli Arizmendi [ Detective? ], Jessica Alba [ Florie Hernandez? ], Vito D'Ambrosio [ Unknown ], Carlos Sanz [ Pablo Martinez ], Erica Ortega [ Mrs. Hernandez ], Helena Lewis [ Paramedic ], Robert Covarrubias [ Security Guard ], Todd Hawk [ Student ]

    Four stories of sexuality make up the plot of this episode. Camille comforts a rape victim while Austin, who is a colleague of the accused rapist, refuses to believe the alleged victim. Billy and Diane counsel a newlywed couple on the best ways to engage themselves in bed. Sutton is in disbelief when he discovers Dennis has been tolerating a 30-year-old dating and living with a 14-year-old. Finally, Shutt is the victim of mistaken identity when a 3rd year resident mistakenly assumes Shutt is gay.

    b: 11 Mar 96 pc: 3M18 w: Jennifer Levin & Sara B. Charno d: Bill D'Elia

    NOTE: Camryn Manheim acts in another Kelley series The Practice.
  19. "Sweet Surrender"
    gs: James Eckhouse [ Peter Morissey ], Alyson Reed [ Linda Morissey ], Jena Malone [ Stacy Morissey ], Monique Edwards [ Unknown ], Bel Hernandez [ Unknown ], Shishir Kurup [ Anesthesiologist ], Dion Basco [ Marco Perez ], Yvette Cruise [ Martina Perez ], Maggie Murphy [ Katie Murphy ]

    Kronk and Grad wake up in bed together. Diane finds out about Kronk's night with Kate. Dr. Watters treats a young girl suffering from kidney damage. Watters tries to bring her feuding parents together to help her psyche. Kate discovers her ex-husband plans to move to Boston with Sara. Camille invites Dennis on a date.

    b: 18 Mar 96 pc: 3M19 w: Mary A. Byrd d: Michael Engler
  20. "The Parent Rap"
    gs: George Gaynes [ Brook Austin ], Paul McCrane [ Bob Broussard ], Cynthia Lynch [ Gail Broussard? ], John Apicella [ Baby Doctor ], Shizuko Hoshi [ Baby Doctor ], Paul Tuerpe [ Unknown ], Eve Brenner [ Unknown ], Stu Charnow [ Dr. Lloyd Chernow ], Michael Christensen [ Dr. Stubs ], Heide Karp [ Dr. Funny Bones ], Philip Hart Briggs [ Bud ], Maggie Murphy [ Katie Murphy ]

    rc: Geiger

    Dr. Austin struggles to make her father, a Christian Scientist, listen to reason when he refuses to let her operate on his heart. Aaron grapples with his feelings toward his father in the wake of his death. Meanwhile, Dr. Sutton delivers a child of indeterminate gender, forcing the infant's parents to make a difficult decision. Jeffrey Geiger provides comic relief, returning as a member of a performing clown troupe.

    b: 29 Apr 96 pc: 3M20 w: Kevin Arkadie & Sara B. Charno & Jennifer Levin d: Arvin Brown
  21. "Quiet Riot"
    gs: Tyrin Turner [ Ricky Jackson ], Rusty Schwimmer [ Unknown ], Richard Schiff [ Mark Sarison ], Joel Polis [ Dr. Joel Bronson ], Dion Anderson [ Mr. Melton ], Chris D'Elia [ Luke Sarison ], Ellen Bry [ Veronica? ], Monique Edwards [ Unknown ], Akuyoe [ Unknown ], Helena Lewis [ Paramedic ], Sharon Omi [ Nurse ], Derrick Freidman [ Sammy ], Michael Christensen [ Dr. Stubs ]

    rc: Geiger

    Dr. Geiger and his clown troupe entertain injured children. Ricky Jackson, Billy's ghetto protege, visits the ER for a look at real medicine. A psychotic, abusive, insane family of four pays a visit to the ER when a session with their therapist really goes bad.

    b: 6 May 96 pc: 3M21 w: Peter W. Berg d: Randy Roberts

    NOTE: Reportedly, CBS refused to air this episode again after its original broadcast. Any information on this?
  22. "Ex Marks the Spot"
    gs: Tamlyn Tomita [ Tina ], Mia Korf [ Valerie Farr ], Stephen Caffrey [ Jack Calverton ], Julie Cobb [ Unknown ], Laraine Newman [ Unknown ], Phyllis Lyons [ Dr. Phyllis Larkin ], April Grace [ Elizabeth Tally ], Ramsay Midwood [ Andy Tally ], Marcus Smythe [ Unknown ], Erica Ortega [ Unknown ], Bert Rosario [ Anesthesiologist ], Helena Lewis [ Paramedic ]

    Dr. Sutton is shocked when his three ex-wives arrive at the same time, two of him tell him they're lovers, the other is admitted to the ER. Austin pursues the chief of surgery office with zeal. Hancock's sister comes in after being beaten by her husband. Danny Nyland hits on the fiancée of a wealthy patient.

    b: 13 May 96 pc: 3M22 w: Kevin Arkadie & Patricia Green d: Michael Watkins
  23. "Last One Out, Get the Lights"
    gs: Stephen Caffrey [ Jack Calverton ], Mia Korf [ Valerie Farr ], April Grace [ Elizabeth Tally ], Ramsay Midwood [ Andy Tally ], Mitch Carter [ Adrian Lester? ], Rosie Malek-Yonan [ Reporter #1 ], Brian Carpenter [ Reporter #2 ], Maggie Murphy [ Maggie Murphy ], Shunil Bailey [ Mr. Roj ]

    rc: Tommy Wilmette

    Kate is incensed when her ex-husband, Tommy Wilmette, announces plans to buy the hospital. Danny treads thin ice when he continues his relationship with Valerie. Kate tries to convince wealthy patient Jack Calverton to buy Chicago Hope before Wilmette does. Hancock's brother-in-law visits his battered wife, taunting Dennis.

    b: 20 May 96 pc: 3M23 w: John Tinker s: John Tinker & Thomas M. Heric, M.D. d: Bill D'Elia

    48th Annual Prime Time Emmy Awards

    Category                          Winner  Nominee
    Outstanding Drama                   N     Chicago Hope
    Lead Actress                        N     Christine Lahti
    Supporting Actor                    N     Hector Elizondo
    Guest Actor                         N     Michael Jeter: "A Coupla Stiffs"
                                        N     Richard Pryor: "Stand"
                                        N     Rip Torn: "Hello Goodbye"
    Guest Actress                       N     Carol Kane: "Stand"
    Cinematography                      N     "Leave of Absence"
    Directing                           Y     Jeremy Kagan: "Leave of Absence"
    Hairstyling                         N     "Right to Life"
    Main Title Theme Music              N     Mark Isham
    Makeup                              N     "Quiet Riot"
    Single-Camera Editing               N     "Leave of Absence"
    Sound Mixing                        N     "Quiet Riot"
    Casting                             Y     Debi Manwiller

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